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Monday, September 30, 2019

Saturn's Day 21 Sept 19. Haven't opened for Lyres in 20-odd years, Kirkland Cafe if'n "my memory serves me well" (FANTASTIC Leslie West group on Facebook and that first Mountain album with "This wheel's on fire'; "Mississippi Goddam!) ("ever since I've known Ken he's always talked in song titles"; Helena Terrace, The Rock Record, April 1974). Soundcheck was fun: bass for GliDER, I started riffin' on "Bad Scene" by Ten Years After (thanks to Lyres bassist Dave, that rig was TOTALLY Mal Schachter....why is this reading like my 1973 fanzine? Movie stars Patricia Ragan/Miss Lyn hadnt "punkefied" me yet!), so then Jeff Connolly started singing "Spoonful" with GLiDER! I was "Manically Depressed" we didnt do it for 16 minutes! (Now "THAT is rocknroll"!). Also, before GLiDER set, table of Jeff Connolly/me/Captain easychord/Mr Gail Corcoran (he'd recorded with my sixth cuzzin (Dead People facts - VULCHER!) Kevin Michael Allin!!!) and Pete Stigmatic all discussing acts: manchester NH (founded by ma's Blodgett cuzzin!) club and when Ed Lynch said he recorded with GG '87-ish; Jeff: "the golden years!" ("dont slander me" but if print it, it's libel? contact M. Bliss, esquire!). Folks wuz there early for GliDER, Blowfish already reviewed by, like Chain Link fence ca '84, we were "stoppin' on a dime" (ONLY coz I watch Schmel Herbie Hind, whose Armenian surname means "prince" or "leader"; we ARE both Aries and blind in one eye!).

Blood sugar headache (cure: listen to fuckin' BLOODROCK and "call me in the morning",Miss Ross!) so I helped Schmel move gear; kudos to Cal Cali for putting on this early ONCE show, a lot of good promotion "yeah yeah yeah"....talkin' to Gee Julie now in New Bedford for a benefit for Sabbath Drums; this Spartan was in ICU, totaled car and drums and STILL drummed TWO HOURS of Judas Priest tribute band in a neck brace! Gee Julie found a cool store new club bought a Judas Priest comp thang; gotta go check out this record store! name at present; Hopelessly Obscure!). Lyres doin' "How do you know" and "dont give it up now" and the sound in the Dunkin' Donuts loo is fantastic! Try it sometyme! I shit you not! (wish I could say same for me)....."Bus Stop" with Matt from Harlequin, record mogul Steevee Ricardo (Johny Jumper Cable tried courting him at rat in '80s, but no cables on Enigma, but he is still a great guy....I'd pass (gas) on us too! and you two! and U-2 especially!). also Alvan Long, November Group! Got to J and J's Portegei restaurant but half hour til closing (do you REALLY give a good Funk? reading Jim Sullivan's James Brown book now....wahhhhhhh!!!! Good God!) Bronwyn und "Deutschland uber alles!" Der Waitresses (von Ohio?) knew me and it was "Boobs a lot" in dyrndals und leiderhosen plus in the oom pah pah band! Granted GliDER/Lyres are good bands, but as a sixth-generation German-American, "taking a hog",non-alcoholic Becks,"Boobs a lot" und der musik....Das ist himmel!!!!!!"

Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Sonntag 22 SEPT 19. From a facebook link from SAINT SAVA SERBIAN ORTHODOX CATHEDRAL. so i caught Sunday of a Serbian festival and "all I got was this lousy t-shirt!". Food, Serb music that echoes Dick Dale's Lebanese roots ("series of two'; Schmel herbie Hind and his oud-playing kinfolk!) One of them big ole $20 meat and three sides neo-Greek plates and Gee Julie enjoyed Grachanitsa Serbian Folk Dance Ensemble (like them on facebook and all Gee Julie got "was two lousy t-shirts" (from years past; I got "such a deal!"). Sonntag festival was 1100-5 pm but I needed to get to mad painter practice! which went well and wait'll you hear our version of "Love is blue"! (youtube Jeff Beck doing "Love is Blue"). Flynn Young's knee is better from his fall at Heroes BUT "I'd go to Heroes even if i was in a wheelchair".....well, it IS a good quote!!!

Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Sara & Scaliwags
"Thor's day 26 sept 19. O' brien's Pub. Ken and Gee Julie sample the shitload of Korean restraunts now on Harvard Ave., Allston, so I missed Sara and Scaliwags. DID catch New netherland's The Ritualists (like them on facebook!) They had blue lamé jackets and a glam/goth sound that Flynn Young's Club Elektrik may dig. From an interview, influences are Ziggy and Roxy; that's enuff! But also Doors/Velvets and early Cult! And when they did Doors "Crystal Ship' b-side, I swore it was ian Astbury aping Morrison. Blue sequin jacket, jumping about...."Be More Flamboyant"? Purchased a cd for $10 for Club Elektrik (Flynn's birthday gift? Shit no! This is PAYOLA!!!!!!) and discovered the keyboardist "I'm from the Midwest",so I went "Bloomington, Indiana" psychic/psycho powers amaze me! Gave him the LEGEND "of the Gizmos",so maybe a "21st century Gizmos fan"? GLiDER continually stop on a dime performing their album BUT special guest on drums was Sara Billingsley! For "Loose" and "Caroline Says". So we were a Cal cali rhythm section! "Kenne do you know "Loose"?"...."I bought it for $3.49 Vince's Record shoppe, Main Street, Brockport NY October '71"...and "when my mind's gone' (Mott the Highland) it's forever engraved on the second interview of my life in FFannzeen online! "Kenne Highland; reluctant superstar"; that was 1978!Look what "Fame" did to my distant cuzzin Kurt Cobain! "and I swear that I dont have a gun".....coz my fucken M-16 was locked up in the Goose Creek, South carolina marine barracks armory!!! besides:"this is my rifle/this is my gun/one is for killing/the other's for fun"....did that draft dodger ted Nugent ever say that?! 'Nuff Said and Make mine MARVEL!"

Thursday, October 3, 2019

Eric Stumpo
Freitag 27 sept 19. waiting for the tube, check facebook on phone, Tom Champlin from plan (played Sabbath's "fairies wear boots" with Hopelessly Obscure, dealin' with the dead lp release rat June '84) had posted that Eric Stumpo of Plan Nine had died. (Read his obituary here)That's like Ken highland of the Gizmos croaking; fearless leader and all. hit "share' folks are in disbeleif etc BUT not ONE bad word said about him; just re-nem-buh's from "Nine Heads" about the "Jerry" of the band...well, until I run outta caffeine, "here 'Tis!" november '82 maybe, me and JB, manics drummer (RIP) went to see Eddie Walker at Storyville (with Asa Brebner (RIP!)). What blew me away was a Gizmo-esque octet with FOUR lead guitars and from the first note of chorus of "Crackin' Up" by The Wig, I "borrowed" the chorus to begat "She's My best Bette" and thus formed Hopelessly Obscure Mach II. My first Hopelessly Obscure gig with Plan Nine was July '83, Inn Square S and S deli; they LOVED us! I write all this in appreciation. Stumpo played with a Leslie West tone, I used to watch his fingers thus that HEAVY! sound I emulate; I " progressed" beyond Chuck berry, but dont tell Ken kaiser. A bunch 1984 rat appearances: I read "dealin' with the dead' poem on Plan Nine live lp (Midnight) and once did the solo on "dealin' with the Dead"...the HONOUR of being Plan Nine's fifth guitarist! Again, thank you Eric Stumpo for asking me! The last tyme I saw eric Stumpo, he and keyboard wife Deborah Demarco were brought to Kirkland cafe 1 April 94 by reed Lappin of In Your ear; later that night I was de-kilted and banned! So hadnt seen them for a spell but seems rest of Plan Nine is on facebook, so, to quote Slim and the Supreme Angels "Give me my flowers/while I'm livin'!"..

Friday, October 4, 2019

saturday 28 sept 19. LP and Harmony, night club in brooklyn new york 15 miles from where i first played Jay Gruberger's bass on "under my wheels" and "I'm a man",29 avenue W, Sunday 3 June 73. Cal Cali strikes again! with a good "NY Punk" band. The Dick Jokes are a very powerful trio to which I Jay-ishly said: "you guys sound like Mountain!"; guitarist says "I love Mountain!". Schmel Herbie Hind, Wayland Groupie News says "Ginger Baker on drums!" Flashbacks of hanging out in NYC with Jay Gruberger in '70s when at CBGBs saturday 26 march 77, Live at the Rat showcase, we're still playing air guitar and bass to Cream's "NSU"....But these guys have "proto-punk" cred too: "Rock and roll queen", Mott the Hoople! as covered by Johnny and the Jumper Cables! The "kicker" was Stooges "Got my cock in my pocket" which I saw at Academy of Music 31 Dec 73 (see why "My head's in '73"?) but Mister Dick Joke (sorry I didnt catch guitarist name but LIKE them on facebook!) saw Stooges at some Michigan festival where after Dave Alexander, bass,was fired....that is very early on Stooges! Baabes were loud and fast, great hanging with; but someone tell Jason Ring (photo); "I need a fix not a kiss"! GLiDER were also stopping on a dime, nice, tight, fast etc. A fun tyme in New netherlands, hope to return next year!"....


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