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Tuesday, October 1, 2017

saturday 30 sept 17; dad's knotts ancestor (read Vulcher) arrived as a convicted felon in Virginia colony exactly 400 years ago, Ma's mother born 1886 and Gee Julie celebrated four years of me (I did same in USMC). (four years). I get a text: Indonesian food fest in copley square. New England Indonesian festival is on facebook as is ICONE cultural group. like both on facebook. Gee Julie turnt onto Indonesian food in "the port of Amsterdam" (Jacques Brel Bowie b-side) and (also Bowie!): Berlin. we had a layover before going to Gizmos memphis 2014 discovered a Indo restaurant near port authority but now closed but is one in village. Music was good also, kinda reggae plus gamelan sounds like the kenz impersonating Fable Grazer. Pierre le Coutre, Flensburg Groupie News, sent me some youtube of Indonesian rock bands that sound like the beachmasters. and the van halen's ma is an Indonesian-born Eurasian mother, Eugenia van Beers. they were also giving out free bi-lingual books, swatches of batik maybe and white golf hats so if you see my stylin' and profilin' in the hood, mah lid was free, yo! altogether Gee Julie had a great tyme after suffering four years of me"....

Wednesday, October 2, 2017

"I watched the new Poldark on masterpiece theater, channel two, loved it and went to youtube for the 1975 edition which i also enjoyed. Cornwall in late 1700s, early 1800s a lot different from Doc Martin (show on telly, not the bluidy boots!). Scenes i like: a party scene and these Puritan acting folks come in and start condemning it, though it says they were based on the wesleys that begat Methodism. There's a miner's strike and the strikers are stealing bread coz they're starving; Poldark himself is FOR the proletariat but some Upper Crust looks down on them all as rabble...ok that was 200 years ago and Gee Julie says i should be teaching Gizstory! and speaking of her line, looks like her mother's people and the hylands were in Sussex UK in the 1500s, then Ashford kent late 1700s, same tyme as Poldark in Cornwall. New dead People fact: Gee Julie's Sussex ancestor became a freemason and a shoemaker in Woolwich, Kent 1810 whilst us hylands were agricultural labourers signing X on our marriage certificate....this is NOT my Dad's royal descent line! (that's my Connecticut Yankee great-great-grandmother Highland). either way Poldark is an enjoyable view then ('750 and now!"......

Thursday, October 3, 2017

Reddy Teddy
"so somehow on youtube, german soap operas maybe, i found Sam' s Ankunft. it's a cheesy soap opera teaching basic German on an educational channel but i actually learned something! Sam is an American nerd, German mother, whose German is "katastropik". stuff like "the dog's in the oven" when it's actually the clothes hamper. Blonde fraulein on exercise bicycle says to der hund "Gib mie die poste!" as he sits there mail in mouth (of course ANYONE coulda figgered out that!" Finally Sam takes shower, wears towel, no glasses and he's a "hunk" and fraulein und freund have "Goo Goo Eyes" (good reason to quote Reddy Teddy!). Funny and you can learn Deutsch too!"....



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