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Wednesday, Oct. 5, 2022

"Monntag 3 october 2022. "Holiday, such a holiday" about 150 pm. WNTN 1550 AM, newton Mass. Itali-Echo so what did i hear in Italian? Laura Branigan's 1982 hit "Gloria" BUT this musta been the original by Umberto Tozzi! (going to Geets Romo record geek/geets, so just keep scrollin'....)....wikiedpikipedia; his "Gloria" "became a major hit in Italy in 1979 and 1980. " discogs lists it for twenty cents and there's a youtube of Gloria/Aria Di Lei (the b-sides man!) I may explore more of his catalogue at a later date BUT, it being holiday, i picked up the ole acoustic and hammered out the four chords when it's a cross between "sonic reducer' (E chord fifth, fifth fret then the B has the keith Richard pinky trick and a downstroke ala "street fightin man" and/ or "jumpin jack flash'...I COULD cover it!".....


Thursday, Oct. 6, 2022

"Dienstag 4 ocotber 2022. disco dance party WNTN. 1250 'flat on my back" listening to WNTN Newton (no Boob done) and i sez "Good Tymes by Chic!' WRONG! "rapper's delight"! ALWAYS a joy....writin' yer own words on top of someone else's music; (LYRICS!!!) like Ma's distant Mayflower cuzzin Brian Wilson did to Chuck berry! "sweet lil 16' versus "Smurfin USA"). then day of Wodin 5 October 2022, on break dancin') at work, FOURTH cup of coffee!!!! disco dance party played "bad luck" by harold melvin and blue notes. let me become, again, Record Geeks Romo; THIS early 1975 could very well have been played by rene sampson at the Other Side whom DID play "i will always love my mama", (It's I'll Always Love My Mama"!!-ed)went on discogs and I DID have the album with "where are all my friends", bought in '80s (?) from Diskovery allston mass RIP Yolanda"......

Friday, Oct. 7, 2022

"Freitag 7 October 2022. maybe i have three items. coast to coast AM 680 AM, WRKO. George Noory goes glam! 0200: "Lady stardust", bowie Ziggy album. 0400; Lou reed's "satellite of love"! bumper music. Since "My head's in '73", mad painter on WMFO wednesday 26 october 2022. trying to book a recording session for Kenne Highland Air Force. Last, Dead people fact geni. whatever has both John Waters and Divine's family trees stretching back to colonial Maryland! There are no coincidences" i was stationed at Fort meade maryland 300 years after the fact! AND Divine's Milstead ancestors from a lil village five miles from ASHFORD, kENT UK like us Hylands (signed marriage certificate with x). Neighbours, but not kin...."..



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