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Monday, October 4, 2021

Lyres Photo: Tom Despres
"Saturday 2 October 21. Stopped by Middle East for Lyres et al. Modifiers opened up, added an extra bloke on guitar; good lead player! Replacements meet the Wipers/ still sounding '80s. last song had Chris Perry rubbing his guitar on amp feedbacking and drummer kicking over stands all ala the Who "my generation" at Monterey. MISTER Carl Biancucci put me on guest list so I better tell you how great the Classic Ruins were! know ye, Vera lee, frank Rowe is three score and ten and STILL rockin' (still workin' too; "I been blessed with gud health"; "Gudbuy T' death!"). Pretty much same set as Midway birthday party and (payola: $12): Carl Biancucci played cream's "tales of brave Ulysses" BETTER than jay Gruberger (RIP). (hoots mon! sounds like permanent/Permafrost guest list!). As for Lyres, it was the Cantonian Preservation Society of folks for whom I am Grateful AINT Dead (I might spend $35 Somerville Thee-ate-er for that Dead/Airplane SupaGroup with Tom Constaten, my favourite Dead era til I bought Funhouse). Everybody from EVERY Bob Roos band that Matt Robinson plays bass in was there (even Chuck Yeager's distant cuzzin! "don't fly the Lear jet baby/ don't fly the Lear yet")..Frank Rowe and I did New Math: young Matt was CONCEIVED when I got out of the korps and frank was a Lyre (april 1980). Teaming up with Paul Murphy's powerful drumming was two generations of one solid rhythm section. Steve Aquino did some good wailing leads here and there and lastly Jeff Conolly sang with TWO microphones ala Eric Burdon on some 1965 r&b film I saw at Off the wall cinema when Ronald Reagan was president, on the same street where I recorded for Pep Lester and friends. Lyres are back! Glad I went, glad I saw whom I saw,,,AND in kenne news, Cal Cali inform me Brian Young played "Dead Boston Clubs" by Kenne Highland's Air Force and Stevie "Go Go" Gomez played keyboards in a band with Laurent Bigot ("un batteur"! Sandy Nelson; "Let there be batteur"! French release!) whom interviewed "Le Roi de Musique Boston for ugly Things. And lastly, what a joy it was discussing the Rising Storm album with jeff Conolly. Last bus to Inman Square after 0100, waiting for "Last train FROM Clarksville" (like my one dollar copy of Damantion of adam blessing), dropping me off at Ryles almost 0200....a night of MUSIQUE WORTH missing parts of coast to Coast AM for!".....


Tuesday, October 5, 2021
"Monday 4 Oct 21. 720 PM Somerville Thee Ate Er senior ticket $8.00. The Many Saints of Newark New jersey. Like Godfather II perhaps, showing the early days of Tony Soprano. Starts in 1967; people gittin' whacked, Newark NJ race riots, great clothes, great music coming out of American cars etc. Depending on Italian or black, the car blasted Italian crooners and/or vintage soul. The soundtrack is amazing! (this IS a music magazine!). When it becomes the '70s. my kinda classic rock blares through: "sway' by Stones (they wrote it about the guy in Happy the Clown) and seeing a young Tony Soprano sitting between two big-ass speakers listening to "never in my life" spinning on VINYL and seeing album cover for Mountain Climbing...Jay Gruberger woulda been proud! There's an uncle in prison for whacking a made man; he wanted a Miles Davis album "coz I'm a jazz nut'; REFUSED Al Hirt albums: "that aint jazz!" music/sex/violence/ hot Italian wife of aging mobster with her Amy Weinhaus 'do...Two hours of me WIRED on coffee staying awake through all the ultra-violence, me droogies"....

Wednesday, October 6, 2021
Dienstag 5 Oct 21. Like my Beach Boys cuzzins, I went surfin' and smurfin' and WIPEOUT on seven dollar Kendall Square cinema Tuesdays! ("I call that a bargain"/ lssenin' to Who's Next on EIGHT TRACK in the Brockport NY high parking lot back in '72!). Getting Mcbang for McBuck; 645 pm two hours thirty six minutes of Love Story (2021) in Telugu! This tamil film had FOUR singles released from the soundtrack. While waiting for a 69 bus near Portugalia at 10 pm last night, I researched tamil culture in India (like I'm an expert textbert?) and the caste system is in place so this Romeo and Juliet type tale of opposing castes (AND two different religions also!) parental disapproval both sides and the inter-caste inter-faith couple try to elope...a tale as old as Portuguese settlement in India but still recent! Need to research Fresh Pond schedule for their indian movies: Hooray For Bollywood!"..

Thursday, October 7, 2021

Kenne Highland's Airforce
"day of Wodin 6 October 2021. A VERY great practice last night for Kenne Highland's Air Force at Pete's Grille 15 October 21 1130 pm. The frank Rowe Midway set PLUS "The family" a poet by Christina Angelopolous (RIP), music by Larry Newman: it was UNANIMOUS that with sax and keyboards the music sounded like Roxy Music! (My great-great- grandmother Highland and James Taylor have the same Eno ancestor; "there are no coincidences"! Schmel herbie Hind (guitar) said my vocal was Leon Russell (born April 2) and WC Fields...Schmel musta hit a "Head On Curve" "drivin' the wrong way down a One Way Street" (my great-great-great grandfather Highland buried in Salem Michigan, 15 miles due north of Iggy's boyhood trailer). This led into a jam on "Delta lady": Schmel on guitar, Lt Newman on bass, captain Easychords on keyboards, Al Hendry-drums and Keegan on sax (me: "who's John?" as larry points; "alta kaka rocka!") sounding like the Grease band in the rain at Bethel York State. One more practice on ye next day of Wodin! Going beserk! Skol!"....


Friday, October 8, 2021

day of Thor 7 octoberfest 21. Somerville thee-ate-er 730 PM, eight dollar senior ticket. No Time To Die. I been watching previews of the latest Bond; if'n I'd spent eight bucks on a six pack Ida pissed it away and this movie was Bollywood length! Standard Bond kinda; locations, gadgets, quips, booze "shaken not stirred"! and Baabes in the Bar....Actor whom played Freddie mercury makes a GREAT villian but my favourite scene besides the nightclub in Jamaica, mon..."Havana Affair" and Bond meets a very beautiful Spanish lady in evening gown and stilleto sandals. What impress me more was she should dropkick the bad guys IN stilettos AND fire automatic weapons in an evening gown. THAT and the chase scenes are the most absurb/laff out loud moments. SO all you Cantonian Preservation Society seniors, spend the right bucks: I've wasted three hours of my tyme watching, mediocre bands and no, this movie isn't! (sic)".....


Saturday, October 9, 2021

June Millington
"Freitag 8 Oct 21. The brattle 7 pm. Fanny: the right to rock. FANTASTIC documentary on a band Solomon Gruberger (RIP) turnt me onto; I believe he reviewed Fanny Hill in my Rock On fanzine with Stooges on cover, Frank Lima and Carl Biancucci STILL have their 1973 copies! ("That's Amore!"). So Fiddy Years later after movie I get JUNE MILLINGTON Q and A and unplugged! What can I say? unplugged fanny toons; she should do this on MTV! GREAT tails...keepin' it short, telling John Sebastion how much she admired Zal's playing so a bit of "do you believe in magic"; playing five sets a night cover band 'we did songs like "the letter" (DONE! wait'll she hears my vanilla Fudge version on my next Dino release!), hangin' with John Lennon (maybe) BUT explaining how he LOVED the Bond themes and demonstrating how the "Hey BullDog' riff comes from there and lastly, from her BOOK "I went to the Fillmore and saw Jimi Hendrix and albert king; I was standing next to Carlos Santana"...more that I'm still trying to process BUT, I haven't forgotten; Thursday 14 June 21, mad Painter Union tavern 10 pm and Kenne highland's Air Force Friday 15 October 21 1130 pm at Pete's Grill, Quincy mass. See you there!"...


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