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Monday, October 7, 2019

Rock show - come to the rock show
"til tuesday 1 oct 19. RokKenne Erikson practice, me singing Roky with Triple Thick for 24 Oct 19 tribute gig at Thunder Road; "the club formerly known as Jaspers". Mitch Murphy tapes EVERYTHING; I would love to bootleg me on Hate/Vulcher in Italy! Schmel Herbie Hind, wayland groupie news: "is that you, mon???? you sound black!.....NY Dolls? David Johansen?....this sounds like the Rolling Stones!" ok, so I learnt how to sing off a mono copy of Out of Our heads back in '69....Greg Flanagan, formerly of Ali baba and 40 thieves and Ashara with "Jill" Kurtz (whom was in Triple Thick with Howie Fergusson at one point, Mitch Murphy giving me the gene genie).....was pulling off some gary Rossington-esque leads; Lynyrd Gizmo? (THOUGH Rossington admits HEAVILY to Paul Kosoff of Free as Major Influence; though not quite an influence on major Stars!). Treats were Korean non-sugar gum c/o Mrs Mitch! Afterwards ("tradition!"), "slabs" in honour of Dave Bass at Pinoccio's Pizza in Harvard Square; I told Mitch where I'd met Lester Bangs summer '80 (wherever Popcorn Records was) AND Henry Shaker III joined us! This practice was SO good, we wanna go FURTHER with this; in fact I COULD have sang with Triple Thick sunday 6 oct 19, midway cafe, but "A promise is a promise" (Lyres), so Mad painter practice instead.....everyone just fuggin PLEASE take a number with Mister Highland, "I can sing or dance or anything

Tuesday, October 8, 2019

DAY of thor 3 oct 19. first off, for tavern at end of world, a Cal Cali Band practice with "Clark Dark" on drums, which was awesome! Dylan AND 60s covers; lovin' it! Then "drop and roll" (schmel Herbie Hind-ism) at the Jungle and sadly I missed the Legendary Cazbats BUT when you read this, they'll be starting "60s dance party" at Jungle on Sundays 6-8 pm and a fine buncha Nuggets covers they do! Tsunami of Sound always excellent, especially "Misirlou". Triple Thick Mitch also there, lobbying for RoKENNE tribute band, gigs that COULD happen (well, I hustled Cazbats and Tsunami).....a fun night all around!

Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Kenne & The Muffs (Kim, Ron, Roy)
Freitag 4 oct 19. sadly heard Kim Shattuck of Muffs had died, via facebook. Bob "do the Boob" Colby had turnt me and Linda Garreau Highland onto them and we saw them TT the Bear's; John Felice, Real Kids, had walked into my immobile home (Disgraceland) and LOVED them. October '14, gizmos world Tour, WFMU, new jersey and the Muffs were in studio so the "Muff Divers" and Muffs took photo together. A nice lady, she was and my 'baby' sister age,"still iím sad". But on a more upper note, Gee Julie and I watching the Boston Groupie Cats,"TV eye on ME!" and SHE wanted to watch the Andy Griffth show! (I WAS Opie's age in North carolina so me and my cuzzin Ma usedter watch it). Gomer and Goober made appearances! "hey andy! watch Goober impersonate Cary Grant! aint he good?" and other ridiculous impersonations, on a level with me drunk off my ass 1981, dancing "better than james brown' to my Hot pants 8-track....Folllowed by Gomer Pyle! "LSD for breakfast and THAT was my military career!".....

Thursday, October 10, 2019

Frank Rowe
saturday 5 oct 19. Tavern at end of world. ever since 19 nov 77, Frank Rowe plays with me, only not Afrika Korps/baby's Arm BUT Frank solo, which is equally awesome; check out his finger-picking on guitar! One song he even ADMITTED he stole from Lovin' Spoonful's "Daydream"! Like Ma always says "my grandmother was a Rowe" (their village in England, due west of first Black Sabbath album ALL goes either Back to Sabbath or BACK "to Comm"!)....Sara and Scaliwags, another good set (I've almost seen 'em all!), she's getting more comfortable on stage, I compare to QFO a year ago....taking my advice and "Be More Flamboyant"! Though, between singing/drumming, it's the SONGS that are "Winner by Elimination". "Fisherman" sounded a little more country this tyme, but the b-side of the 45 should be "Oblivious". Tim Sprague Junta D'Amour was there: "come to Lilypad! sat 12 oct 19; benefit concert and art display for border crisis victims. CROW FOLLOW" may read this day after but you shoulda gone! ok, on this postcard I scrawled (reading "Highland glyphics!"): "Oblivious": 60s Airplane folk-rock. "she has funny cars". Bo Diddley. "Ballad of the Hip Death Goddess"...Bosstown sound J. Airplane-sounding band; MAYBE what i mean is cowboy chords by Schmel Herbie Hind and a husky Grace Slick intonation? "everything I say is cryptic/I'm so obscure"! Sara, write more songs!!! Lastly, Cal Cali does Dylan and Blowfish already rated him as front man (chet's after party at Once), but having blown harp since 1970 (Hohner coz i read Brian Jones played them in Hit parader! my first instrument! Miss Lyn will tell you how all harp players are drunken losers! Tales From Groupie Towers "how her naked ears were tortured" by me playing Disraeali Gears sat 12 mar 77 and snorting out hard liquor through my wee irish nose!)....Schmel herbie Hind and Captain easychord were Bloomfield/Kooper aping Mouse and the traps (this WAS garage Dylan ala Mouse AND terry Knight and the pack's "Dimestore Debutante"; I'm as proud to play with this combo as I am to play along with Floyd Dakil's "dance franny dance"!). rhythm section of me and Clark Dark was almost the bar Keys backing up Otis as Monterey! I mean, I play a lotta Jack bruce-cum-soul bass lines but Clark Dark is like Pistol Allen! GizMotown? sara scaliwag sang with Cal on Kinks/Yardbirds covers et al. HEY! James matthew Burns of V came back TWICE to Tavern with Beatle haircut Bob, so they MUST be fans! (They Might Be Giants! They Blinded me with science!")....I had so much fun I got back 'ome to the Boston Groupie Cats at 0300!"......

Friday, October 11, 2019

Tom Baker GOT it!!!
sonntag 6 Oct 19. over a cafe prive in der morgen, Gee Julie might have read to me from Facebook about Ginger Baker's demise. "sunshine of your love" was third 45 i bought, rochester democrat and chronicle morning paper route money and I have butchered it on at least TWO occasions! late 1976 with O. rex; besides butchering the first ramones lp (O. Rex cd on Gulcher) is also "sunshine of your love",me drumming with Gruberger brothers (Eddie Flowers released the whole cringe-worthy cover on O. Rex, Gulcher).....and if Solomon Gruberger sans guitar singing "sunshine of your love" at Fort Meade Maryland rec center (Slickee Boys opening!) isnt wretch-worthy, Ken kaiser getting out from behind drum set and standing in front whilst soloing; I HAVE seen a video! Rest in peace, Ginger and enjoy jamming with jay Gruberger and Eric Stumpo of Plan Nine! But "let the living flow" (NITZINGER!!!! 1972 capital records promo lp, i still dig it!) and "My head's in '73' with yet another mad painter practice! In addition to the lp, we jammed on Aphrodite's Child "Rain and tears", Deutschland's Randy Pie AND "a white shade of Procol"! That Alex Gitlin is a damn talented keyboardist, but Blowfish already wrote that. Just for "anarchy imn the UK" though was the Schmel Herbie Hind original I'm de-composing: "Pizza Delivery Moves"! (to paraphrase Pep Lester, a P chord is 13th fret (M) plus three more frets; D for delivery and E is 13th fret and letter (M); even Tom Baker GOT it at Bronwyn one nite (insert photo of Tom baker: he's GOT it!) and as Pep Lester DID say about '81: "B....E...and D....coz we're standing on a bed"....(and thank you Pep for hopelessly obscure live at maverick's 15 apr 83 plus also 1982 Radiobeat studio outtakes!)....My final thought for this week, thank you Schmel Herbie Hind: "Drivin' the wrong way down a one way street/ get outta my way, folks need pizza to eat! it's a pizza delivery move/ he's got pizza delivery moves/he needs pizza delivery/"! If handsome Richard manitoba LOVED Be More Flamboyant, this'n shirley bee The Dictators go Gizmo Krazee!!!!!!!".


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