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Tuesday, October 12, 2021
"Sonntag 10 Oct 12. Goethe Institut presents Deutsch Kino at Collidge Corner theatre monthly! (again!). 130 pm The German Lesson, SEVEN DOLLARS (for an import!). takes place in northern most point of Deutschland during Second war and even mentions Flensburg! Moin! The film fraulein von der Goethe said das buch came out 1968 ala gunter Grass Tin Drum where THAT post-1945 Deutsch Populi questioned what their parents did during the War. the premise is Berlin DEMANDS a painter quit painting (and it COULD happen here! with the arts, Garfunkel) but der poletezei's son helps the painter paint in secret and (shudder!) the daughter poses butt nekkid for the painter and it hits der newz (das ist nicht gut!). A lot of great shots of the North Sea; I have a Saxon DNA with a chap from Belize, whom says R-U-198 haplogroup had it's origins in Doggerland! (the Atlantis of the North Sea!)….cant wait til the sunday 14 Nov film and once that union Square MTA station opens, it's a clear shot to Coolidge Corner!".....

Wednesday, October 13, 2021
"Til Tuesday 12 October 21. Seven dollar movie tickets each Dienstag at Kendall Square cinema. Fever dream (trailer on youtube) at 715 pm. I was attracted coz how often you see a Chilean horror film? I slept through first half but second half DID get chills. Two mothers with children meet in rural Chile which kinda resembled southern Virginny. One son is (my words) "demonically pecular"; think Demon Seed or me and "winner by elimination" watching Omen Two after I graduated parris island boot camp in '76, Private highland, KE USMC! 16 year old gurlfriend, a granny now). lotsa write-ups on what I didn't 'get" (no coffee at Kendall= sleepy Kenne!). There's some kinda agricultural spray that makes the "children of the corn" 'strange"; a gang of 'em pass by a car and "is ANYONE in this town normal?" wasn't that children of the damned? A 1968 Nina Simone toon coming out of a car radio and during credits is a bonus. overall rating; gonna check out more Chilean movies!"...

Thursday, October 14, 2021

Kenne Highland's Airforce
"Day of Wodin 13 Oct 21. Dress rehearsal for Kenne Highland Air Force Friday at Pete's, Quincy Mass. John Keegan (sax/BGN/photos) TAPED me and schmel herbie hind on giz-tars, Captain Easychord (birthday boy Sunday last) on keyboards, Lt Larry Newman USMC, bass and Al Hendry drums. Larry: "This sounds like an iggy bootleg! This sounds like Kill City!". Gizmo Richard F Coffee mailed to L/Cpl Highland, KE at Fort meade Maryland Giz-mas '77 one copy of Kill City; I DID like the sax and keys THUS Captain and Keegan, as Libras keep all in balance! (like Solomon Gruberger? Monntag 18 oct 71, 70IF!). What's next? Len und Harry Vee, der sanger von der Broken Jug, mit der Kraut-rock music von berlin like Iggy Bowie? BUT the "famous last words' ist von Schmel herbie Hind: "If der fraulein ist nicht zaftig, Ich ist nicht interested"; "walk away" by the James gang as "we left in two separate cars" and Melrose was treated to "Tricked Again' BLASTING! "Kenne, Ich nicht sprechen sie Deutsch": cal Cali at Lyres, Middle East (Lyres: das ist gut musik!)".......


Friday, October 15, 2021

Tory Clay
"day of Thor 14 Oct 21. Union tavern. Einer transfrau Tory Clay was playing solo electric. She IS on line and WILL be playing Jacques; her being part of the deaf community, like Klein and Eisen of Kiss, I had to unmask so, like my cuzzin George Bush, she could read my lips about Jacques. Like frank Zappa, I was enamored by a Shaggs-like version of Kinks "Lola"; Jacques upstairs! The closest das ist Weimar republic Cabaret! Captain easychord did a short set with Schmel herbie Hind on guitar and Al Hendry on drums then I sang "Trickfugged" and "dead Boston clubs" (danke Brian Jung fur der airplay WMFO!) (listen to Jung und read das buch ub Karl Jung!). I turnt around and Alex Gitlin had joined in on HIS bass! I can see THAT Gliding into the Scalawags (he was THAT good!). Finally, after this musical chairs I was on bass and Alex Gitlin on keyboards, Schmel-guitar, Al-drums; der fraulein sangers MIA (aint she a rapper yo?) A TWO hour set of Heep-ishly Purple "Higher Ground" Mott music (I also riffed on "ready for love" during a ballad) BUT, because of the MENTALNESS of mit der "Mak Show!" ub der Beatles von Hamburg, we had Girls Gone Wild drinkin' SHOTS (there was no cover too, so we had some folks there!) requesting Fleetwood mac/Allman Brothers....finally we turnt into Scary-oke and let one drunken "Babe in the Bar" sing "American Woman" from her phone; I riffed on "hey bulldog',DANKE Jean Millington fur der skool! Captain easychord (Future/Now BGN writer/photo) had to bail her out; nuthin' like a Government Mule bailout! These ladies wuz DANCIN' to Alex's songs, so like Hubert Humphrey, I was "pleased as punch" (I never did speed with Tommy James and I only played "hanky panky' with John Macey at cantone's '78 BUT that flan dessert at macchu Picchu!). Lastly, our "dancin' Queen" proclaimed her liebe fur der Hieland and it wuz PAINTERMANIA! Sadly, mein schatzche, Ich ist ein Alta kaka Rocka; old enuff to be your zeite! The Men don't Ken but der kleiner fraulein understand! A "Real Cool Time' had by all with me getting back 0100 to listen to coast to coast (mit der Schmel; coast to Coast or der zaftlig Frau?). Lastly, an Exploding Pigeon gave me a picture of me, ken franken, Live at cantone's 13 march 82, Hopelessly Obscure with the Accidents scanned For your pleasure! (Dead People fact; YES! My great-great-grandmother Highland has an Eno ancestor1 escaped france ended up Threadneedle street and ''ow's your Byrd's lumbago?") BOLLOCKS TO THE WELLINGTONS!!!!"......


Saturday, October 16, 2021

Freitag 15 October 21. Pete's Grille, Quincy, mass. is a GREAT lil roadhouse! $13.95 BBQ Ribs! Sox on "TV Eye". ok, "Let the music do the talkin'": Tsunami of Sound opened up SO 1963 Ventures, I dig 'em. Jonee Earthquake were a surf-punk trio but then Jonee brought out a pedal steel! "Sleepwalk" (WHY wasn't Blowfish here?) and looks like that thang is open tuning...I learnt some pedal steel theory! Doug macDonald band, always excellent, Doug spewing out lyrics like "Subteraean Homesick Blues' on steroids and Patty Short (whom organize this night) drumming like Meg White on methampetatime. Kenne Highland's Air Force; folks DID dig my new songs (otherwise I WOULD have punched 'em! Middle east 1989) and Lt larry Newman USMC says "we came we saw we conquered" treatin' EVERY song like the marines at Iwo Jima! (call me SOBER Ira hayes!). Doug of clann Donald sums up best: "you sound like the 13th Floor Elevators"; guess he found a "caravan just like Noah surely led!" talk of Mcbee's grandson (me) and clann MacDonald led to "let's do it here!" (Pete's grille). "on behalf of the band and micelf I want to thank you all for coming; I hope we passed the audition". SHIT! Right before us was the Thigh Scrapers; Brian Young, like when I saw NY Dolls '74 "looking like he'd watched Gimme Shelter 1000 Tymes", J. Christopher James playing guitar as elegantly wasted as when I saw Alice Cooper '73/ NY Dolls '74/Stones' 75 (who bored the piss out of me,so Scrapers doin' "Live with me' was more like LIVEr Than you'll ever be). Stigmatics "The Creeper" on bandcamp: Gee Julie on vocals! produced by me. GO see Max Boras as Spinal Tap and Gretchen Shae as Souxie and banshees at Jungle sunday 31 oct 21 8 pm FREE!

And now my gigs: Mad Painter in Sunderland mass O's Bar Friday 19 Nov 21. Painter Mid east Corner Saturday 27 Nov 21. Sunday 26 Nov 21 mad Painter And Kenne Air Force Newburyport Brewing Company! I think that's it, getting 0100 or 0200 from gigs is ELDER ABUSE!!!"....

Doug McDonald Band
Jonee Earthquake Band
Thigh Scrapers


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