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Tuesday October 6, 2015

triple thick practice was MAJESTIC! these guys did their homework, Jim Seery said "kenne, you even sound like Roky", this will be a JUMPER CABLES quality gig with me "forgetting my guitar" and going into "preacher revival singing mode"; Roky DID have a very fundamental upbringing like me! Roger Kynyrd Erikson; RO-KY; kenneth edward highland= KEED Highland using first two letters of first and middle name!"..
Kenne ROky

Wednesday October 7 , 2015

a welcome respite from rock'n'roll = yankees winning AL wild card; Cubs/pittsburgh tonight, this is all WEEI-AM;WRKO is of course George Noory/coast to coast and he interviewed Jesse "the body" Ventura! HOW is this rock? answer: hopelessly obscure (arf!arf! version) backed up the mighty bill tupper, daddy, on Jesse's "the body rules"! the mighty tupper actually came into the Simmons (THE PANDORAS!) college mailroom to give me the picture disc 12-inch of this, '86, performed at Rat but NOT at rat beach party! (though it COULD happen!) James Straight called work about my dental appointment and the Wide Stance is no more! Joe Fagan of Slow Children has new band BUT memory lives on me and james straight doin' "Jean Genie" on youtube!

researching Roky Erikson's family tree just to "get in character" (hey, i did alice cooper and THAT worked!), so roky's grandmother kynyrd was a Greene; looks like scott county, virginia where carter family was born and rumour of being a fraction of Cherokee...I MIGHT even buy that coz look at 13th floor elevators on American bandstand (a former marine played bass on "youre gonna miss me" and "splash one"!); back to Daniel Boone-era Virginia, when I played Gonerfest in Memphis went through that whole Bristol, VA/Bristol, TN area; if you were born 1781 you'd surely have a Cherokee wife; Elvis decends from Morning Dove born 1800; this is all prior to Trail of Tears...lastly DO on youtube watch Roky documentary you're gonna miss me and roky's ma DOES look Cherokee-mixed....a lotta southern heritage in ole Roky, like 25% of Rok-Kenne

Thursday October 8, 2015

Beau Brummels
worked late, caught an art opening at french cultural center of paintings from SW France; picked up schedule; things to do in between gigs! Cubs on WEEI at 4th inning sounded like they were winning; coast to coast had more end of the world news AND WJIB cashed my check for contribution AND they played beau brummels "laff laff" ("I laffed out loud"?) and there's a G# to C# in it just like "i'm a happy person"! the Gruberger Brothers should sue

Friday October 9, 2015

Mark Drinkwater of fable grazer offered me a midway gig with his stoner-doom band VAT; also playing baylis band-psychedlic noise rock and modern voice-instrumental doom rock; negotitating with the Kaiser Klan if they wanna open; it's Jim Morrison's birthday AND the day Lennon got shot and Ken Kaiser and I WERE watching monday night football!

Tuesday October 12, 2015

unless i remember more, highlights of Rat Beach Party: Gee Julie heard Moose and Mudbugs do "iceberg lettuce";bob leger does the hits of 1965; Jon Macey sings "sweet jane" with me and fred pineau, entire love and flame set was excellent...

here's Macy's review! "the guitar and sax (JOHN KEEGAN!) on "sister ray" sounded like velvets meets first mothers of invention album; plus fripp-eno played on HEROES" (KH as 21st century Gizmo Man?) and that was THE best version of "waitin' for the man" i ever heard"; quotes kinda accurate! Fox Pass, good power-pop as always! and Liz Borden has Mo from Brooklyns singing harmonies! another good band...Sunday, Bills won and ambled down nantasket, caught Litehouse, Tony Kaczynski
Blasck Souls

Cam and Kim - Black Souls
playing a neo-Byrdland like detroit wheels-era jim mccarty! (my facebook friend, both!) Black Souls: the Barkays - Litehouse and Tony Kaczynski again! Cam and Kim Ackland sing together, great soul duet, imagine if Rufus and Carla Thomas were man and wife instead of father/daughter (ok, enuff inbreed jokes from me; Dan from Knock-ups reads this column, enjoys my historical facts!) superb covers: "i'm a hog for you", "why dont you smile now"...I was up and dancing! (7 cups of coffee that day, Kenne?) i like joe fagan's new country thang Highway Chapel doin' stones-type country/delta blues and a young lady drums on a SUITCASE! club linehan-ago-go highlight was Tony Kaczynski going "YES" when we busted into stones "citadel" (this is MJ quirk's version of PINUPS!) and when tony was dancin' during "black to comm", i handed my guitar to him so it was motor city madness! he's in 11 bands, this made 12; my birthday jam last year =13! a final jam with me singing blues with red house, joe fagan on guitar, john keegan on sax, me doin' my james brown moves; this DID get mental enuff! hope to do more again, beautiful weekend, walkin' with Gee Julie on beach...a dog walker: "hey man, saw you at the c-note last night, you rock!" (commander cody DOES play here!); i was happy watching Big Red, a big red irish setter runnin' 'round and free, Gee Julie to Giz-Mutt: "big red just wants to play!" Me: "like me! woof!""....

Wednesday October 13 , 2015

Hoot mon! I gave Ed Moose Savage $12 in front of C-Note for his litany of complaints cd (arf arf and thanks to john keegan!) coz gee Julie is such a big fan of "iceberg lettuce"; she also loves the road rage of "inconsiderate drivers"! i like the Gruberger-esque toons about money and the price of things, already and paul dionne's drumming=napoleon XIV and Ed has the most bizarre a capellas this side of Wild Man Fischer, so therefore eric lindgren = zappa; arf arf = bizarre/straight and like the Gizmos, this DOES "sound like jon richman and frank zappa recorded in a tin can"! all this=good review, buy the cd, I did, happy customer, Gee Julie laffing her ASS off uncontrollably over certain cuts...Music to De-Tazz-ify By!"

Thursday October 14, 2015


Weissensee Saga
Goethe Institut, Boston: The weissensee saga, $5, episode ein und zwei miniseries: east berlin, 1980 (Hello World? was I out of The Corps by then?), a young lady born in 1956 wants to defect, then changes her mind falling in love with cop; his family belong to stasi secret police; her mother a radical cabaret singer and guess what? they're brudder und schwesiter! spending the next two Til Tuesdays at Goethe! der snacks: pretzel, beer, wine, pickle, cracker, cheese, some kinda wurst...and I was asked in German did i want a bier? Me: "nein, wasser!" But du canst get wasser von mein haus....(das ist von Medway, Mass. same tyme frame!) ok, enuff pidgin German (here's the correct translation Kenne: Sie kann Wasser in meinem Haus zu bekommen- ed), let it be known that WEST Germans bought my records (and covered them: der Broken Jug!) when all this was happening...very, made for tv, dramatic, addicting and subtitled! Ich liebe!

Friday October 15, 2015

have a live on Wmfo PRODUCED by joel simches gravedancers cd from rat beach party; "jellyfish sea" has ian hunter vocals;"shakin' all over" and "cant explain" are live at leeds; Gee Julie: "he's good!" (Matt Gilbert of harlequin on guitar with whom i was jammin' when "whiskey bottle flyin' in the middle of the night"-"georgia skinheads must die"!);"Jam" is E to D like mountain's "nantucket sleighride". Matt Gilbert and Reno Daley (bass) of Harlequin, good power trio, early '70s sound!"....

Saturday October 16, 2015

listening on youtube to breakout '66, MC5 demos when they were Midwest teenage O. Rex Gizmos; demos made in Wayne Kramer's mom's basement; TRUE garage-rock! e.g. their cover of james brown's "I don't mind" is the who's my generation album version; same who album, the count V on THEIR album covered "my generation" b/w "out in the streets"; fleur de lys or something like that, jimmy page on guitar did "circles"...that would make a great comp, all the covers of the My Generation album"...

Sunday October 17, 2015

Club Linehan
Blub Linehan-a go-go
Photo: Arthur Freedman

club bohemia: club linehan-ago-go, what else CAN i say? MJ Quirk had had root canal and STILL sang; must be his MacDonald bloodline ("the bluid is strong lads!") a lotta Brian Jones-era Stones and Chuck Berry plus Terry Knight's "love love love" and MC5's "black to comm"; i used Dusty Numbnuts Hixx guitar and invited him up for "black to comm" and between him and MJ on double lead like kramer/smith, my iggy vocals and a POUNDING Quinn/Linehan rhythm section, jams were kicked out for our Hamtamack mama bartender! (her ma is my age, knew about alice cooper's pontiac, michigan farm etc.). Hixx has original drummer John Landy and did a lotta that first album that i knew and loved from MY SPACE; again, Gizmos meets Black Oak and "bitch stole my last beer", songs about trailers etc. yep; THE WAY LIFE SHOULD BE! rockin' his SAN ANTONIO roots (via Pittsford, NY where ma's grandmother was born) Drew Jonhston Townson (sans kilt!) and wearing a Dwight Yokum/Hank Jr. hat and shades did some GREAT twangy stuff; "ghost riders in the sky", "wichita lineman" (Gee Julie dining with Fable Grazer MISSED it!) and other toons of that ilk; sometymes the Tex-Mex equaled what Doug Sahm did! (Texas Tornados maybe?). not many folks but those there dug it and now my gigs: sunday 25 oct, singing roky with triple thick; the Korps at Jacques friday 30 ocotober and Halloween alice highland at a Big Ray and the Futuras party!"....

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