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Tuesday, October 13, 2020
'every day is saturday' 10 oct 20. Local kenne musik day! Alex Gitlin, Moscow Groupie News, had two quotable quotes. He was listening to my Labour Day four song demo, all me, acoustic guitar/electric guitar and vocals. "Tyranosaurus Rex acoustic meets electric T. Rex!" (though whatever album "elemental child" was on mixes both)...ok, I'll take it! (not that I'm fishin' for compliments; if i was, it's CATCH AND RELEASE!). Other quote re-Saturday's practice for Mad Painter: "best practice ever!" Alex-keys/Schmel Herbie Hind-guitar,me-bass, Al Hendry ("Scorpio KING!")-drums and gee Julie-vocals....I was making each run through like a take but NOT like I'm Phil Spector (more like Filled Spchinter!). Then texted Tom Hamilton at Lowell Street studios and now "the band" is listening to rough mixes of my "e.p.'s worth of tunes' (oughta have mah ole hound dawg produce..."hey Duke! what'd y'all think o' that take?" "Ruff!"...fine line between Jethro and Kenthro!). Hey, Lt larry Newman USMC/Nikki and Corvettes wife even likes the mixes! When we finish gonna be on my youtube page. This day was captain easychords birthday and Monday 12 October, Schmel Herbie Hind was gonna do a Thigh Scrapers gig...Alex Gitlin gonna pass on doing a Midway gig, but next Thigh Scrapers gig will have Kenne Highland's Air Force opening; the words from our Captain is "we'll gig after we finish the recording'....ok, sounds busy enuff! Dont mind a late Saturday night coz i sleep til forever on Sonntag!

Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Sunday 11 oct 20 and to quote Danzig's drummer Manny as he played Eddie's Lounge, teaneck NJ: "what about Columbus?". It's also scary movie tyme and channel surfin' with coffee number one, I found The Reptile on Turner classic Movies. a Hammer film (British) released 6 April 66 (I was reading mad magazine then...oh wait that's NOW!) (going through my 13th childhood!). A malayan curse turns the doctor's daughter into a snake woman. Special effects are SO fake, I call it "camp horror". But do watch ANY Hammer films!


Thursday, October 15, 2020
Kenne at large
Sontag 11 october 20. IFC (coffee number two) had Mystery Science Theatre 3000. a 1990 episode and the jokes proved it! ("should we consult nancy reagan's astrologer?"). The guy that wasnt a household appliance had Gizmotron on his breast label (sic). movie (on youtube!) was: Women of the Prehistoric World. released 15 april 66. Spaceship lands on planet where craft crashed, lady astronaut stays behind in love with primitive man (maybe I DO have a chance!) And Irene Tsu aint ugly none! She was also in Flower Drum Song AND How to Stuff a Wild Bikini; her American filmography is impressive PLUS we got John Agar! (after school I used to watch Chiller's Thee-ate-er, Rochester NY channel showing the same old horror/sci-fi I watch(ed) at Sci-Fi marathon. ok, this movie so good/bad ("one and a half stars"-Leonard Maltin! (IMdb gives it ONE star!-ed)) I put my laundry on hold til it was done! So youtube it AND the youtube has Mystery Science Theatre, Andre 3000!. GIZMOTRON!".....

Friday, October 16, 2020

Kenne at Large
"day of Thor ides of October 20. taking a listen again to the Asa Brebner tribute. Tonight's track is Natalie Flanagan singing Asa's "Ragged Religion". natalie "merely' sings in that whisphered Chrissie Hynde voice she evokes (sic) and not only does Charlie Leger of Sweet Chester resemble Brian Jones love child, he also plays guitar/mandolin/harmonica/keyboards (hey i want sitar/marimbas and "painting it schwarz, du teufuel"! Pat Wallace of the Swallows on bass. recorded in Ringo Studios, marblehead, mass. I played along with the cowboy chords of this tune and i find it to be a cross between "Dirty Old Town" (the Pogues), Rod Stewart's Gasoline Alley (acoustic tracks) and/or Childe ballads ala "Bells of Rhymney" and/or "Wild Mountain Tyme" off'n early Byrds albums (wonder how this song would sound on 12-string?). Sundays, you can also see Natalie at Shay's in Harvard Square AND dont forget to buy her LET album, dedicated to both God and kenne Highland, whom are NOT one and the same!"....

Saturday, October 17, 2020

"rock en caux 15 octobre 2020" "garage-rock presente!" monsieur Patryck Albert von Le Havre, where Gee Julie's Alsatian ancestors sailed from in the 1840s to say "Que pasa New York". thursday 15 oct 20. 8 pm-2020. Rock en Caux on R>V.L. 103.1 mhz F> M. besides Rum bar releases, the Hopelessly Obscure "Any Kind of Fish You Like" was played and here are Monsieur Patryck's comments; "I love yr Mlp for a while, it's a genius wax with very cool instro track!" (HARRY VEE, Broken Jug, bamberg, Deutschland felt same way about "Rain of Death". "My fave is instro track' (good! I know all the words as does ken kaiser!). "yes, i LOVE this cut ever"...."it's a perfect track!" (merci beacoup mon ami!) "Yes, i got it for a while....i bought it!"...i asked if he paid in francs, pre-Euro and all "yes i think, it was long tyme ago ('round 40 FF+ 7 bucks)"...."I call that a BARGAIN....the best I ever had"....I have informed Justine Covault of airplay here, so DO toon in! Obviously, I've had airplay before in Le havre, but still each tyme is always great! Now i am ready for mad painter practice tonight! (and Patryck DOES love "Rain and tears" by Aphrodite's Child....wait'll mad Painter record THAT!".....


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