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Tuesday, October 15, 2019

day of Wodin 9 Oct 19. John ono Lennon. "79 IF" but this was Alice Highland practice! on guitar: John Hess (Awakening Stick) and Mike Lyons (Stormbringer! Deep Purple cover band and "best guy evah"....forgot what his Sabbath tribute was), MJ Quirk-bass, Matt Burns of V-drums. Three songs for Heavy Leather SCAT tv; "18" b/w "is it my body' (coincidentally a 45!) and "under my wheels" (John Keegan on sax plus a false "Sufragette City" ending). Rest of tyme spent shootin' the shit as Mike Lyons played ZZ Top's "La grange' note perfect (hey, I got the ZZ beard.....)....On way "Take Me back 'Ome", MJ Quirk had garage/Sirius, whatever the Grand Funk....dig this! new alice cooper e.p. him paying tribute to boss Detroit bands! (1940 census: Alice's parents and my Highlands maybe five miles apart in Detroit City, living!) I heard "east side story', WHICH Port Charles Quintet covered Cantab nigh on ten year ago...."Good Taste is Timeless"! I believe the Good Rats said"......

Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Tiber Bomb's Lynda and Chris
sat 12 oct 19. sun tiki studios portland maine. formerly a tanning salon but now new Portland club, I saw lotsa old mates from Hoplessly Obscure gigs up there in '80s. sara and scaliwags; a good p.a. like the Jungle, Sara and cal Cali's harmonies blended well and guest drummer for their duet on "I Got You babe" was Screw-kaht's drummer whom said "Mach Kennedy sez hi". GLiDER did yet another tight set of their album with jack Bruce-ing all over the place...."Jack bruce #1!"-Jay Gruberger on Music to Kill By (Gulcher!). Tiger Bomb always fantastic; "Skunk/Astrologically Speaking": they ARE a Gemini On a Full Moon, like K. kaiser (she DID help me write that toon plus "everybody's a lyre', van goin' Rat '85 from Portland; she had couple ex-Broods there too!) and my homegurl, yo, Lynda Mandolyn "I was born in Detroit"....ok like my father, you go gurl....straight down Grand River! BUT "I'm an Aries"...."I wanna burnout"! She, Lynda, more melodic/poppy like Herr kaiser....we actually AGREED on this is 2016, Hopelessly Obscure/Tiger Bomb at that bowling alley there...and besides "talk to loretta", I DID "talk to the booker", so Hopelessly Obscure BACK in Portland in my lifetyme! (well, i cant very well play if I'm a ghostie, right?). Lyres: THREE states! Maine, Worcester/Boston AND Rhode Island! Jeffrey sang and played well, lotsa new Hopelessly Obscure toons I didnt know; Steve Aquino on a Tele, maybe, doin' Kinks-cum-yardbirds solos, bassist even sang a toon and jeff harmonise and Paul Murphy cant beat on that beat! (best David Robinson DID join Captain Swing!). Afterwards, 0300 brekkie at Denny's, where I been with Bebe Buell when she live there. Ran into one of her "ex-Bettes", whom hailed from Portland and "Bebe was kind to be in her book Rebel Heart" (me: best part is her beginnings as a marine brat and I DO salute her dad, an officer!). Last tyme I seen her and Charles hall (Moguls) was Bunratty's; "here's our address and phone, give us a holler when we move NY" drunk (1988 maybe?) lost the paper then Liv Tyler: shee-it! we're ALL Hopelessly Obscure compared to her. But, to quote garfield: "Big fat hairy deal!"....I'd rather lissen to "compared to what"! (youtube?)".........

Thursday, October 17, 2019

day of Thor 10 oct 19, captain easychord birthday at outpost 186, inman square, busker host: Leon Rich, whom was guitar for Anderson Marr (RIP). A fantastic night of talent; a fellow did Mississippi John Hurt songs, Leon and sister did "Leavin on a jet plane" (blood harmonies!), Sean Deidre and Kevin doing "boogie Oogie oogie and love train" (unplugged!?!? YES!), Easychord did a solo set and let's NOT leave out KENNE HIGHLAND! (saving the best for last!) Me and Captain did a Lou/Cale, guitar/upright piano(!) duo on "Be More flamboyant"/"thats cool i respect you more"( Jerry Lee Lewis-cum-Scotty Thurston in Stooges 31 jan 73! Metallic KH!),then the live debut of "Pizza Delivery Moves" (Captain: I envision the piano to be kinda "LA Woman" on verse)....lastly, Ken/captain/Leon do "Hey Jude" with me trying to emulate Wilson Pickett and drawlin' it like Leon Russell (in my new Leon Russell tophat....and "what do you think of that?") ("Leopard skin pillbox hat"; Zimmerman's "Stream of conciousness on steroids" Bringin' it all back home Liner Nodes!). Til spring, I think is second Thursday of each month, wanna see this get happening, but glad it's not "trendy"; get to see more Hopelessly Obscure acts!"......

Friday, October 18, 2019

Electric Buddha
"Sonntag 13 (!) October 19. or remember when Schnockered played the Abbey Lounge and they had Schnocktober? (1999). First off, Ken and Gee Julie "TV Eye" hotel room. Scy-Fy channel had on Gremlins, release 8 June 84; if i wasnt watching Nick Cave on landsdowne street, I was surely doing that PLan Nine live album on Midnight record release party at rat. NO tyme for movies! (kinda like now with gigs galore) even if there is a cute furry critter name Gizmo. wikipedia say he a mogwai (cantonese for "devil") and "three important rules that must never be broke": no "bright lights" in the "big city",no contact with "dirty water" and dont feed (or listen!) to "after midnight" (coz "easy now" was such a great b-side!). I tole gee Julie: "see why i stay away from water? nice lil Gizmo becomes the Tazmanaian Devil!".....ok, after our mutual i.q.s became "Less than Zero",found a hipster brekkie place (they ARE taking over downtown Portland maine; aint the '80s no mo').....and also in our "walkabout": Electric Buddhas! record store/collectibles. LIKE them on Facebook and we DO have a photo! I coulda bought the whole store! But got a 4-speed '60s looking record player perfect for 45s. Gee Julie happy she got a Jhabba the Hutt lunch pail. sealed Kiss bublegum cards in case you're Ken kaiser and just so much cool what is to a baby boomer 'antiques"! ('60s/'70s/'80s). Besides booking more kenne bands up Portland I just wanna shoppe there! Final quote of the week; i were tahkin' (BRA-ckport accent) to Gee Julie sayin' "yep, we got that new kinda dollars.....thousand dollars" and collectible clerk goes: "Beverly Hillbillies; first episode!" Shee-it, if'n you kin quote Beverly Hillbillies episodes like ah kin, I'm a shopper there for life! saw some cool 45s, but yeah, record player works good and, regressing (to Apes?),if I'm not gigin' or whatnot, it'll be "My Head's in '73" "In My Room",sober, lissenin' to 45s and writin' about it in a fanzine! (short for FANATIC zine!)...oh wait, that's here right now!".....

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