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Monday, October 18, 2021

Sonntag 17 Oct 21 (JOHN KEEGAN'S BIRTHDAY!) Titane. 345 pm. senior price: $12. Cinema Francais; M. Laurent Bigot (Ugly Things auteur!) parley por moi; "a great one like her first" (RAW, 2016). I SHALL agree though Miss Lyn laughed at the camp horror bits. Young girl gets in car wreck, has titanium in her head. grows up to do exotic dances on cars; stalked by fan whom she kills with hair pin. gets pregnant FROM a car. Commits mass murder as Caterina Caselli (MUCHO amore!) sings "Nessuno Mi Puo Giudicare" (youtube) so she goes on lam , chopping off hair and binding breasts with ace bandage. Passes as a missing child years later whom was from a fire captain who shoots steroids. THEN, as drag king, joins el capitain's fire department! Captain's ex-wife sees "son" naked, as does captain (hey! lotsa full-frontal French nudity for all you Gizmos fans!) whom both declare love to each other, iregardless. The grateful Dead sang "what's become of the baby", so the young killer lady breaks water only it's motor oil! (My father the Car?) Dies in childbirth but L'Enfant has titanium spine and is covered in motor oil! FIN! And I thought Eraserhead was fucken weird...which means: catch it if you can!"... (WOW!!! - ed.)


Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Monntag 18 Oct 21 (Solomon Gruberger: 70 IF license plate). 730 PM, $8 senior, Somerville thee ate her, Halloween Kills. The word from Constantinople; both Aybike Celik Ozbey and Boji the dog say: "Evet! Git!" which, in Turkisch, is "yes! Go!". That Halloween franchise does still put chills on me (no siesta for this Senor citizen Ken! total occupancy: Count Five!). Gore/slash and to Michael Myers: "come and get me moddafocka!" SO let's highlight on a tri-fecta of music. There's an open mike in a bar: Levesque Triplets as the Singing Triplets! (they have their own Wikipedia page!). There's a ventriloquist act singing Benny Bell's "Shaving cream"! (and he's pretty bad too; GONG HIM DANNO!). BUT the camp factor is a same-sex couple name Big John and Little John whom have moved into Michael Myers boyhood home. Big John is upstairs dancing to "stop look and listen (it's Halloween)" 45 which IS on youtube. The other vinyl reference is Jamie Lee Curtis's descendants walking upstairs and seeing Big John/Little John kilt and laid out lovingly as a vinyl album with Ann Muraay "may I have this dance for the rest of my life" spins on a TURNTABLE; this 1980 45 WAS on the Urban Cowboy soundtrack which was current to the 1978 Halloween. Halloween Kills VINYL is on sale New berry Comix for $28 if you REALLY feel the urge to collect it. Again as Aybike and Boji the dog say: "Evet! Git!"


Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Dienstag 19 Oct 21; Dad's father John Wilbur McBee died 1966 near Eight Mile Road, Dee-troit, but we aint watchin that movie, we watching The Velvet Underground, KENdall Sqaure Thee-ate-er, Cambridge, Massachusetts 720 PM and it's Seven Dollar Tuesday there! FIRST person I thought of was Hopelessly Obscure bassist Jim "Winning Side" Condon (my Best Mann when I married my Best Bette and cuzzin Linda garreau whose mother bought her a copy of Loaded when she was "Princess of the Trailer Park"). "At the Rat" about '83, KENgratulations were in order coz Jim was in some velvet book; Uptight, maybe? What DID I learn?: SOME folks. micelf included, liked BOTH the Grateful Dead and the Velvet Underground; the velvets people HATED the Mothers (sorry, I will "Argue with ghosts' on that) and velvets, in black, HATED all that califawnia sunshine/Flower Power bit, predating Sex Pistols by a decade. Appearance by Lou reed's sister! LOTS of Warhol Factory folks that Jim "winning side" Condon had tracked down and befriended, so I heards lotsa drunken/stoned tails on all. "heard her call my name" in the thee-ate-er made "my mind split open".

Aybike Celik Ozbey's cat gang
The Pickwick records days; Greg Shaw in Bomp: "if anything the Gizmos sound like the Primitives" BUT I forcefed all Future/Gizmos White Light/White Heat two dollar copies with "I wanna sound like this!" (James Taylor and I share the same Eno Hugenot ancestor, so I formed the gizmos and he formed the Flying Machine!). Mo Tucker is my facebook friend and Joe Vig VIG-eo taped me meeting Lou reed. Who steals the show? "there's something about Jon Richman!" "I had a friend had the velvets album, so I traded him my Fugs album"...a tale I heard from Pep "I stayed on Mo Tucker's couch" Lester, whom I met at a COUNT PARADISE rocknroll Not-so-Spectacular (though Philip "Milhouse" DID bootleg me for Pep Lester and pals or some such). Also, from Jon:"Sterling Morrison taught me how to play guitar', so if I and Frank of the Cornwall Rowes (my mother decends from Berkshire Rowes ole chap) jammed with Jon the once, that's one step closer to the velvets! (Lou's handshake was so fuggin' LIMP that I had to put der sturm und drang into my cover of "white light white heat") last MOSt important note: Jon's friend with Fugs album', as told by Pep and himself WAS Mister Jay Dobis, now a resident of Turkey, whom turnt me onto Reptilians from Andromeda....Boji the dark barks about this movie: "Evet! Git!" ("yes! Go!" in both Turkish and dog; ready to disperse Aybike Celik Ozbey's cat gang in Constantinople!"


Thursday, October 21, 2021

day of Wodin 20 October 21. Kendall Cinema roulette with my eight dollar passes von arbeit. 650 pm: Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings. Recommended by a Cambodian-American co-worker "special effects; martial arts" ("swimmin' pools? movie starz?) it's a marvel comix movie (I bought a Hulk comic when they buried my father on L. reed's birthday and then the banana album came out, but Kenny was more into Marvel in 1967 (age 10) versus 1973 velvets ("At 17"!). As for the martial arts, I said Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon AND THAT actress is the "ant' (Rochester ax- cent) of the two kids. There's a maze through a forest ala Labryinth and weird fuggin' never ending story critters; google a "hundun"! ("Morris" is on Wikipedia; "a legendary faceless being"; lots of Chinese lore in this!). The LADIES are kickass in this with martial arts stunts and maybe I'll leave you ith this: "you are all from those whom have came before"; such ancestor worship ONLY means: "I believe in reincarnation"! I saw this movie straight-edge, but keep the mushrooms at home man..."Mary don't take me on no bad trip"!"....


Friday, October 22, 2021

day of Thor 21 oct 21. Davis Square theater seven pm $8 senior discount til 935 pm of Dune! A Buffalo NY marine lent me the book about '78 and I'd read it on guard duty (recording Moin World on weekends off!) so all I can say is "epic' sci-fi, kinda Star Wars-y etc. special effects yeah yeah yeah. BUT what made "my mind split open" was I had WMBR 88.1 Breakfast of Chimpanzees on and I went Ape hearing the Primitives "Do the Ostrich"! FOLLOWED by "European son", banana album (Bananas ARE the Breakfast of Chimpanzees!) and my "I still owe 23 payments and $300" Apple phone ONLY broadcast the Ostrich guitar through the lil phone speaker, Lou's vocals were as obscure as a vocals/ instruments Beatles mix of left/right channel...Decision; Lou's Ostrich Guitar was like Bo Diddley meets happy the Clown! Which leads to Schmel herbie Hind posting on wall: "elvis was murdered" on Coast to Coast. If you REALLY wanna hear this one, Elvis was too constipated to have had heart attack in toilet! A lotta bad gastric issues, bad diet, peanut butter and banana sandwiches et al. MAYBE it's on Coast to Coast youtube archives or some such..So Dead Elvis, Dead Lou but they WERE alive Fiddy years ago when I listened to early RCA Elvis and/or Velvet Undeground "In my room", 8452 Ridge Road Brockport NY, Ridge Road being an old Indian trail..."Useless Information" by the Move! ("isn't it amazing")"...


Saturday, October 23, 2021

day of Saturnalia 23 Oct 21. With movies theaters re-open I been re Miss on cd reviews. Salvatore B. Viglione My Way; home recordings began in 4 Aug 71! Covers could be a Sunday on WJIB 740 AM; classic country and big bands and crooners. So "My Way" sang quite well but what I REALLY enjoy are the ole WNYR Rochester NY classic country toons! "release me"; "my woman my wife"; green green grass of home"; "are you lonesome tonight"; "Back street affair" and "have you ever been lonely"; FORGET Eddie Arnold! THIS is the album your maw oughta put on to do housework! Also a very nice interview with Sal Vig; seems like quite a nice chap. DO buy this! AND DO go see max Boras as Spinal Tap and Gretchen (Shae; Knockups) and the banshees as Christine the Strawberry Girl; that is the Jungle, free, 8 pm sunday 31 oct 21 Halloween night! And whilst I listen to vanilla Fudge Near the beginning on youtube, that means mad painter practice and two gigs next month: friday 19 nov 21 O's bar in sunderland mass and Saturday 27 Nov 21 Middle east bakery/corner. Covers we "have" to learn: "Lil Willy"- the Sweet und "can the Can'- Kleiner Suzi! Eric WOULD have been hysteric if Solomon Gruberger (70-IF) played those covers mit moi as batteur back in '74; ramones WERE gigging out but not O. rex! Two years later I'm mailing the ramones a Gizmos e.p.; and to quote metal Mike saunders; "Life's been going downhill ever since!" (also to the Korps in '83; 'trust me I like Pat beantar")"


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