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Sunday October 18, 2015


Muck and the Mires
Crash Safely, Midway: Phil Aiken opened up solo and his keyboard playing very Ian MacLagan but his band! Jefferson Davis of love love on drums (plays like tom leger of fighting cocks!), Ed Reamer on bass (Band 19? or is this his 20th?) and fucken Billy Loosigian on guitar doing his Jeff Beck stuff on a Tele; the jams kinda resemble that jeff beck orange album! (my kinda rock!) (Carl Biancucci also!) but the mindblower: Mott's "golden age of rocknroll" with chris toppin (love love) and Jen and Michele of Dents on 3-part harmony! this song was a JOY! but Muck and Mires kicked ass, the Knickerbockers on white light/white heat; "just like romeo and juliet" done Ramones Acideaters tempo but with harmonies, All Kindsa Girls dancin' but for last toon, Evan takes off rickenbacker and morphs from John Lennon into Joey Ramone for "comando"! wicked awesome set! I like the Dents "best thing i ever did was get rid of you" toons sung in a joan jett "fuck-off" style, Jen adding great harmony and the guys had done Bi-Polar Coaster, but that was heavy jammin', this is more song structure, very kickass...had to catch the ruggles station shuttle bus, turnt into pumpkin at midnight, but what a FUN night!".

Monday October 19, 2015

more baseball on WEEI; NY Mets are/were a solomon gruberger favourite, though if you read the NY Post sports page, So l REALLY was an ole Brooklyn Dodgers THAT is the Brooklyn Dodgers influence on "NY PUNK!". 0100 and i cant resist COAST TO COAST, tonight's story was on CIA/NSA "whistleblowers", so a former CIA officer who, of course, wrote a book, was talkin' 'bout how the NSA knows/collects all anti-american rants, so i'm FLATTERED that they read the column of this former Marine guard at Ft. Meade...ok, I wrote most of HELLO WORLD guarding our country against Commies and whilst WAITING for my security clearance in Quantico Va. late '76 (tell Ken Kaiser THAT was 39 years ago=11 feb, me and Kaiser=39 years! i looked for 39...i found 39...)...(get stoned and lissen to fable grazer!)..oh, yes, '76;MANY a Gizmos toon written on guard duty and i DID guard that fucken tank at fort barrett with my M-16, walkin' in circles for four hours and DID write "Amerika First"....there we go, no Un-Amerika First Activities on me! AND I got an honourable discharge! other kinds of discharges....that was a "come on from the 'ho's on 7th avenue"! (There Goes Rhymin' Highland!) Tom and Jerry (simon and Gizfunkel as everly brothers!) on dick clark on youtube!)"

SILENCED has a facebook page, all about CIA whistleblowers SILENCED by the government as heard on Coast to Coast...this movie playing overseas but barely in US! It IS a Ken-spircacy, right?"

Tuesday October 20, 2015

triple thick dress rehearsal for Roky covers, 1130 pm set time on sunday (oct 25) and i end set with my 3 numbers...then WEEI had more baseball (lou gramm's bio: he is/was a Mets fan but started out with Dodgers in gates NY where ma's grandmere Veilleux was born!) THEN coast to coast "how to talk to an alien"...a new book....if you ever meet one of course...and believe in them...priming micelf for BLEIB ALIEN Sunday! and Mitch Murphy DOES read this jive! (surprised at the folks whom read my neo-Bangs rants but again; aint nuthin' i wouldn't say to your face! or as Ken Kaiser said at practice whilst i was talkin' "oh no! it's like being in the same room as the column!" When we have the Ken Highland memorial concert (is Glider playing?) DO read my rants as a eulogy! and play "give me my flowers while I'm livin'" by slim and the supreme angels!".

Slim and the Supreme Angels

youtube has a BBC thang titled motor city burning: detroit from Motown to the stooges....cant EVEN tell you how awesome it is plus where Dad's mother lived in west Detroit; all this from a previous column PLUS my dad and his mother living near Grande Ballroom in 1940...Motor City in my BLOOD! (and whenever I jam with Tony Kaczynski, of course!)"..

Wednesday October 21, 2015

Guitar Player features two folks I know! (and friends on facebook!) Andy Babiuk of Chesterfield Kings has article on Beatles gear; can you imagine if they did one on me? "Ken Ono Gizmo played whatever guitar he could get!"....and Ted Drosdowski of Scissormen, played at zeitgeist gallery (now lily pad) with him, great north Mississippi blues player and GLAD he's getting his due! WEEI and more baseball, sounds like Mets are ahead and Coast to Coast had more JFK assassination: "Lee Harvey Oswald was a patsy; after he got out of the Marines"...AGAIN, i recommend norman mailer book on Harvey's marine career, only I wasn't swayed by communism, it was punk-rock Live at the Rat and since the NSA DID go through my trash in Laurel, Md. (where George Wallace was shot!), they already KNOW this....priming up my paranoia for my RoKenne debut sunday 1130 pm with triple thick!".

Cory Wells
Cory Wells - Three Dog Night

Cory Wells, three dog night RIP: won a trivia contest on WCMF Rochester NY early '69, won suitable for framing; Cory had a GREAT blue-eyed soul voice and was from Buffalo! PRE-Dog Night was The Enemys, seen in Riot on sunset strip AND on the Beverly Hillbillies! Lou Gramm, Greg Prevost nor I can make that claim...died Dunkirk, NY, so born western NY, died western NY and toured a whole big ole world in-between"

Thursday October 22, 2015

WEEI and Mets goin' to world series! WRKO: jim bohannon show had interview with author about Vatican spies AGAINST the Nazis, sounded quite interesting for conspiracy theorists and Coast to Coast AM had George Noory talkin' to Professor Griff; George had even been in a black church in Dee-troit and raved about the music...all true facts!".

Friday October 23, 2015

WRCA at midnight has a lady's "Time machine" and I caught chuck berry's "Maybelline"! and other fabulous '50s oldies in AM mono, man! coast to coast was discussing progressive mind control or such; always interesting! and reading Guitar Player, Andy Babiuk, Rochester NY chesterfield kings, owns a guitar store, Fab Gear, but he DID get his start at House of Guitars! for Beatles Gear, he talked to Beatles geeks AND Beatles themselves..a VERY gratifying "hobby" to say the least!"....

Saturday October 24, 2015


I Crashed Safely at middle east, so...Fireking as usual are Cheap Trick via Detroit with Bun E. Carlos wearing a fez on drums! last night Tony Kaczynski ADMITTED how one of his songs was stolen from Bread's "Baby I'm a-want you" (I THINK) and even better: "No Bread haters in this crowd!" Corin Ashley and I certainly enjoyed some POWERFUL pop! been watching unuatural axe since they blew away the police at the rat 1978 and MRS. Tommy White (from CLEVELAND!) agreed with Ritchie bashing a beer can and drawing blood on forehead as he sang "the creeper" and "saved Highland's Brains"= a Kleen-Kut GG Allin and Tommy White rolling on floor soloing like "Moe Larry cheese"...craig adams of DENTS told me there was NO practice and dead boys "aint nuthin' to do" was a break during Watts but Township opened with a Wishbone Ash on don kirshner's rock concert ca. 74 double lead thang, then some progressive rock like GRANICUS (whom I stumped Tony Kaczynski with!), then a hard-riffin' Head east riff; lead guitarist looked like 1974 ken highland mixed with early '70s metal mike saunders playin' a les paul...since all their influences were post-Dolls/pre-Ramones (that '74-'76 wasteland!) I WAS teenage at a concert in Rochester/Bloomington and I'm So Glad Gee Julie said "let's stay for these guys!" very TALL, LANKY, asian-looking dude on bass with James Gang Joe Walsh-era hairdo/mustache, (That would be John Sheeran- Ed.) ...I thought, height-wise: Gary Hain, Uriah Heep! Go see these guys, they're a few years after Major Stars in the "punk didn't happen" sweepstakes!"....


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