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Monday, October 25, 2021

Saturnalia 23 OCT 21. More Mad painter practice/fun. Go to Mad painter page for listing of "winter mini-tour'. As for the cd Steve PAINTER doing mad Painter cd cover; LOVES the recordings and says: "Spooky Tooth/Procul Harum/ Krazee World of Kenne Highland' which echoes my 2018 live review of Alex Gitlin's keyboard skills on Hammond organ: SO 1968! learning some covers for Middle east corner the Saturday after Thanksgiving. "Little Willie"-sweet, think I did that in O. Rex plus "kleiner Suzi's" "Can the Can". Al Hendry TOTALLY gets the Carmine Appice drum roll on the Vanilla Fudge version of "to liebe somebody". Alex Gitlin said kenne's Air Force at Pete's sounded like Roxy Music; mostly from TWO BGN staff, John Keegan on sax AND Captain Easychords-keyboards. lastly, Schmel Herbie Hind drove the RIGHT way down a one-way street and then blasted kiss's Dressed to Kill at 11 pm; no Boston Groupie Cats were harmed during this disturbance of peace!".....


Tuesday, October 26, 2021

"Monntag 25 Oct 21. "Rainy Days and Mondays" make ME sing (to micelf! Aphrodite's Child's "Rain and Tears" WHICH mad painter has jammed on. MY favourite was the follow up 45 "End of the World" (both first album in Greece, 1968). having coffee number FOUR at coffee break, I geeked out on this progressive Greek '60s band AND their discography which led to the Second hand Songs website. "covered by Patty Pravo", Hopelessly Obscure to me but Alex Gitlin knows ALL that music on European continent. Patty Pravo born Italy 9 april 48 ( in-between JIMMMM DANNNDDDYY and June Millington, us Aries making GREAT front people!) her career began age 18, 1966 and she was backed up on Italian-language rock hits by the Cyan Three, a brighton UK beat group, ole chap; blokes are good! I will (on a slow news day) expound further on her 45s but walking home in rain, I passed what WAS Bukowski's and EVERY Wednesday is DRAG BINGO! (I usually practice but not this week!) Ciao and mucho amore Patty Pravo!".....


Wednesday, October 27, 2021

"day of Wodin 26 Oct 21. Turner classic 0500 after coast to coast AM. The Face of Another, 1966. Japanese New wave in black and white! Points of reference: Hiroshima Mi Amor and maybe Truffaut. It's on youtube and wiki. Western fashions show ME who's Mod and premise is a guy gets badly burnt, they make him a mask and he sort of fools his wife who left him. (I also drank coffee and FELL ASLEEP before 0700!). good music in the clubs too! (SWINGIN'!) Harvard Film Archives had a Japanese film from this era once, the businessmen getting SHITFACED in Tokyo. Ok, you get the drift! To think I usedta watch Turner Classic in my South Carolina trailer; MAYBE even in black and white!"....


Thursday, October 28, 2021

day of Wodin 27 Oct 21. So, at Drifter's Tale (used to be Bukowski's) was Drag Bingo. Arriving, I had no reservation and they WERE full (after a Nor'easter). Getting my irish on the war path, I went to the Druid, 'ad me bangers 'n' mash 'n' beans (photo) to the tune of Oasis/Soft Cell and katrina and the waves. Captain Easychord was like the squirrel that stores nuts for the winter and had bought a ticket online. He texted me photos (below)...

Patti starting the game
Costumed Bingoers
A Joker


Friday, October 29, 2021

day of Thor 28 Oct 21. The 69 bus to Inman Square, Cambridge, mass. led me to Drifter's tale formerly Bukowski's. I missed Drag Bingo but went for supper. No coffee, but tea (throw it in the harbor!) was $1.47 and for $21 got a giant sausage thang with sauerkraut pickles etc (they call it "My sausage is better than yours") which my dad's seven pages of y-male DNA to Deutschland LIEBE! (SEVEN pages worth! Pennsylvanian Duetchen). Bruins on "TV Eye" and yes I DID like pasternk's fight! Green Bay football on other BUT "why watch then Classic Ruins when you can watch the Bruins?" (a reversed 1982 ken Kaiser joke). lastly, as Jimi played "all along the watchtower" (check the b-side of that 45!), waitress comes up with a big-ass bowl of "I want candy": "would you like to go trick or treating? Nostalgic candies from the NINETIES!" I woulda dug out my plaid Cobain shirt as sure as he and I descend from a New Netherlands Walloon arrived 1624 (read about it in Vulcher! We also cousins to Captain Don Van Vliet!). Not a bad bar but when I was these 20-something age, I could EAT AT HOODOO BBQ at THE RAT after work..."Goddamn I do declare" I miss the "good ole days" of Ronald Reagan...(lived on OTHER side of Charles River and three out of four grandparents sailed from London on the Increase in 1635 and landed in Harvard Square! Dealin' with the dead!"......


Saturday, October 30, 2021

"Saturday 30 Oct 21. As you read this Max Boras WILL be at the jungle FREE handing out new cds and being Spinal Tap! Also on this FREE bill is a Nirvana band AND Gretchen and the banshees! I'm running late for mad painter practice but this month (November) gigs: Friday 19 nov 21 O's Bar Sunderland mass 8pm and satuday 26 nov 21 Middle east corner with mad painter AND: captain easychord! Come on down!".....


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