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Monday, October 26, 2020
Saturday 23 oct 20. Mad Painter practice and studio for Kenne songs Saturday 7 Nov 20. Alex Gitlin started playing keyboards on Queen's "Somebody to Love" and Gee Julie sang and schmel herbie hind (guitar), me on bass and Al Hendry (drums) faked it. Alex nearly got runover by an arschlock (I HATE fucken bicycles!) saying "bike lane/bike lane!" so I riffed on that, Alex saying "sounds like the Velvet Underground". Mad Painter went into some jams by my songs that sounded like the Jefferson Airplane at Altamont! lastly, since I'd recently bought Ten years After Undead at Somerville grooves (cheap!), folks were mentioning "Woodchopper's Ball" on my wall. I dug up "Bummerama' from the Kenne "Fiasco" album; Mark Frazier of Unattached back in '87 or so thought it sounded like albert Collins. I shared the youtube to my facebook wall. Alex Gloesslein (Furth Deutschland!) sprechen "never knew you made free jazz" (watching Wayne Kramer do Sun Ra's "Starship" at the paradise was an epiphany for my "new direction".) BUT our Scorpio King drummer Al Hendry (born 17 November!) says: "Good stuff, Kenne! sounds like Alvin Lee and Coltrane!" dang, and I was drunk off my ass in '87 in Tom Hamilton's sober, "older Bud weiser",this new shit gonna knock your socks off!"......

Tuesday, October 27, 2020

"Monntag 26 October 2020. I Am Not Gone- Tribute to Asa Brebner. Larry Newman doing all the instruments on "I'm Not going to work today". I first heard this in his car before a kenne practice so I was sold. my favourite line (TOTALLY Jay Gruberger,Afrika Korps): "Shoiley! can you bring me some chicken soup? I'm not feeling so vell". Oscar Gruberger born Stanislawy, Czectochwa slaskis, Poland; wife Tobie Strassman mother Yehudis Wolfshaut Strassman born sasiv, Zolochivs'kyi district, Lviv Blast Ukraine; the source of my Yiddish vocabulary! Buy this cd, money goes to Asa's kids!"....

Wednesday, October 28, 2020

"Til Tuesday 27 October 2020. dug out my dollar copy of Alabama Frank (1950-2001) and the Hot Cottage band (Black Rose label). I met frank through Nikki of The Lazers in the same living room that Snoopy the cat Highland died in 1996 (Halloween party?); Goody Goody Gumdrops had a gig at Linwood Grille the next month! great guy, great guitarist, many a blues jam etc. A cross between blues and surf is this cd; Fleetwood mac's "Albatross", booker T's "Time is Tight", "Lonely Bull", "Mr Moto", "nutrocker" (Kim Fowley!),"warmth of the sun" by my cuzzins, the Bleach Boys "Melancholy baby" by ("j. Gleason!!!")….of special note, I met bassist Kevin McCarthy in nineties at Sunday night Kirkland Café blues jam; he says he was in Quincy's Incinerators whom played Cantones in '82 ("pop-punk"); pretty sure he was a bassist in the Last Ones. RIP Alabama Frank!".....

Thursday, October 29, 2020
"day of Wodin 28 October 2020, discovering Miss Lyn's Lizotte ancestors came from bass-Normandy whilst ma's Veilleuxs were avec Dippe; since Rollo landed there in a three-digit century, Wodin WOULD be worshipped! a millennium later, I reach into a "Pandora's Box" of cassettes and find I have a $3.99 cassette of Keep on coming through the door....Jamaican deejay music 1969-1973. fantastic liner notes on this 1988 UK Trojan label, made in England cassette. To explain the genre, they'd take reggae backing tracks and djs would "rap' over them; ever since Solomon Gruberger taped me Judge Dread back in '72-'73, I've been a fan of the genre. There's a lot of tracks by U. Roy and I. Roy, whose albums I've seen in stores; since I pay a hundred a month for the I-phone5/MC5, youtube is a two-in-one deal! two more facts: I wished Rod Prince of Bubble Puppy and James Williamson of Stooges (facebook friends) happy birthday and they both "liked' it! "Hot smoke and sassafrass" and "search and destroy"!".....


Friday, October 30, 2020

DMZ behind CBGBs 1977
day of Thor 29 oct 20. took a listen to my sixty cent, Somerville, mass. flea market cd of the Trainspotting soundtrack cd, as heard at Phoenix Landing, Cambridge, mass. STILL haven't seen the movie! When I saw Iggy Pop and Lou Reed, I bought it but digging the britpop and electronica; release date 9 july 96 formed Goody Goody Gumdrops Columbus Day that year maybe). but chronologically my tri-fecta: "walk on the wild side" was my first 1973 lou reed purchase but after tiring of it "perfect Day' REALLY grew on me as fave, so a b-side in a movie: YEAH! "Nightclubbing" was off Iggy's berlin/Bowie album The Idiot released 18 March 77. besides being in the middle of recording Music to kill By; Boston rocked! Real Kids: Rat 12 march 77. live at rat review CBGBs 26 march 77! (with DMZ covering "Loose"!). "Lust for life" was released 29 Aug 77, but Afrika Korps live at Cantone's was 21 aug 77 and since I held MY album in MY hands 18 aug 77,i was in league with Iggy! (kinda), New AARP has a very good Springsteen article; he's last surviving member of his first band The Castilles and wrote "Last man Standing"; Ig also is last Stooge, I'm last O. rex...the boss/the Giz and the Ig! another tri-fecta! Ig's Berlin/Bowie albums: "a cross between james brown and Kratwerk"; I wanna go THAT way musically! a quarter century too late i'm diggin' on elastic and their double vocals (a 90s thang like verruca salt plus the britpop and the electronica...Wikipedia goes into good hyperlink depths about this soundtrack....I guess there IS life beyond Lou/Iggy and 1973!"...….

Saturday, October 31, 2020

Saturday morn Halloween 2020. After an hour of the Beverly Hillbillies 0600-0700, I listened to my $5.99 copy of The Best of Marlene Dietrich, a 1973 Columbia vinyl album (like RAW POWER or MOTT of course!). During the height of glam rock, a spoken poetic intro by Noel Coward would have been as camp, say, as The Other Side disco in Bay Village...AFTER he introduces Miss Deitrich, there's "Lola", "Lili Marlene" even "La Vie En Rose"! (and I'M still fond of the Grace Jones version!). IF i'd danced 'round the room like Sally Bowles, I'd not have had to "Be More Flamboyant"! On the tube to work, cruising Facebook, I find 007 died! As much as I loved Bond (AND collected the bubblegum cards!), seeing Zardoz at SUNY Brockport NY early 1975 (75 CENTS? UNDER A DOLLAR I'm sure!) THAT Plan Nine level sci-fi fiasco should surely NEVER be forgotten! Schlock Around the Clock! Next Saturday I'm at Lowell Street studios (like them on facebook!) finishing up overdubs on an "e.p.s worth of toons"....Happy Samheim, Sam hein!"...…


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