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Monday, October 28, 2019

day of Thor. 24 October 19. Cal Cali presents at Thunder Road (formerly Jasper's!) a Mess-Around of tribute bands (next week, really Halloween is Cal's Dylan tribute at Greek-American social club; Monntag 28 oct 19 GLiDER open for 999 in Providence, RI und Freitag 1 Nov 19 Michael Wheddle's 70th down at C-Note Hull! (shit, next we'll be covering DMZ's "Busy Man")....ok lemme "look at last night" (Slade) before I have Brazilian buffet and Globo TV, eye on me....Thee Fighting Fish did Neil Young and Krazee Horse; Bob Roos excelled at getting that "Cowgurl in the Sand" rampant/distorto sound I love so well on early Neil Young. "dont cry no tears" blew me away coz first tyme I jammed with Johnny Jumper Cable May '80, that and Iggy's "Funtime" were on his list of songs to cover! Neil Young not really my voice and thank Allah! that no recording was made....but Thee Fightin' Fish were "da fockin' ballz!" Secret weapon: Blonde Sara who can really belt it out, fockin' "I dont to want to talk about it"! (she sang solo or harmonise with Andy Excuse). I had that Krazee Horse lp on 8-track! Rolling Stone review; my facebook friend John mendelsohn! Next was up Sara Scaliwag, as Tom Petty! (drag acts like this belong on Heavy Metal Topless!). Tophat and "how far did you chase the NY Dolls for those red leather pants and platforms?", she sang early Tom Petty, like first three albums, opening with "I need to Know". Cal Cali doing good harmonies, MJ Quirk steady on bass, Schmel Herbie playing clean and melodic, like Petty's Byrds influences! THIS clown was happy! After that, Cal fronts his Dylan tribute: he sings/blows harp; Schmel -guitar and Captain Easy Chord-keys. Me and Clark Dark as rhythm section, getting into funky Motown/Stax-Volt grooves! (James Jamerson did all my bass lines using one digit, so i was less Jack Bruce than with GLiDER). THE Legendary Cazbat was "Happier than a porpoise mouth"; cazbats having recently jammed on "from a buick 6", Highway 61 revisited. He DID give Cal tribute. Then I did RoKenne Erikson with Triple Thick as band,"goddam, I declare!" they were so fuckin' good! Greg Flanagan was wailin' like Gary Rossington and doing Keef Richard moves as Mitch Murphy shouted out the toons. When you have folks from the other bands dancin', you know you doin' somethin' right! The Evil One album was played, but openers were 13th floor Elevator "fire engine" and lose with "you're gonna miss me" (no ceiling tiles ala Neats at Underground were harmed in this performance!). I sang like it was Jumper cables in '89 "rumble" doin' "kielbasa" and proud to say, after years of singing gospel, didnt lose my voice! lastly Baabes dressed like The Mummies but sounded like the Baabes coverin "come on up" and "I'm down". i truly had fun, if you missed it, your ozzy sang on "sabbath bloody sabbath": "you missed it!""

Tuesday, October 29, 2019

saturday 19 oct 19, once ballroom, somerville, mass. reviewed by blowfish but i'll toss in my view. Baabes through a good p.a. are the fucken balls and I just remember seeing The Stooges 31 dec 73; this is a very HIGHland compliment! Also, their version of Young rascals "come on up" done like the Damned did "Help" (FRANTIC!) I even like better than my cover on Be More Flamboyant. Muck and the Mires always sound like the Knickerbockers playing Hello World at 78 rpm and "Doreen" sounds like the Korps playing "Amerika First" at 78 but with harmonies! Forgot the song towards end, but lead guitar quoted "L.A. Woman" in a Yardsbirdian sort of way, so so far: Baabes: total 1977 and Muck-1966 sounding. ("Retro but chic";fug it, I WILL paraphrase David Johansen!). GLiDER blasted through Ramones-y rock with me playing like Jay Gruberger meets Jack Bruce (even copping his seriousness on stage!) AND, JUST for Ken kaiser's benefit; during a Schmel solo (where we usually DO sound like a punk Cream or at least Death out of the Motor City), i quoted Afrika Korps "too cool to fool" which was nothing more than Kiss's "Cold Gin" played at Ramones speed. Lastly, The Fleshtones, I opened up with Johnny and Jumper Cables and Capture the Flag at Jumpin Jack Parkin' Lot July '85 and, God bless 'em, they STILL sound like the Kingsmen played at 78 OR with the energy level of the Gizmos in Detroit August 2019. Choreography was amazing and, dare I say it, FLAMBOYBANT! I'd almost gladly trade in mah ole laigs for new, but I enjoy walkin' like an old crippled blues guy. "Love that Muddy Waters"! A great fun night, folks even coming from Worcester, Mass via Flensburg germany! (as is Frau Heidi Brenke-Malone, dj! I DID get to say "Guten abend" as I was unloading gear, passing Fleshtones drummer and Fleshtones bassist DID like my playing; him and Muck's bassist both from james Jamerson school of bass!). Lastly, Cal Cali be da man putting on this show, give him a hand....or since it's halloween...a foot!...or a head! (Sideline: 1000 or so John Funke, WMBR played "dinner with drac" by John Zacherle, a 45 i got from Circus penpal TOM TABER about '72....Novelty records are da fockin' bolls! or I aint got same birthday DOctor Demento!".....

Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Sonntag 27 october 19. brattle Thee-ate-er 330 pm-five pm. Lifeboat. 1944. tallulah bankhead stays flamboyant aboard a lifeboat. lots of anti-Deutsch world war two sentiment. A product of it's tyme. Then 615 pm mad painter practice, look for a cantab gig soon! Flynn Young stepped out so on keyboards Alex Gitlin's original based on "rain and Tears' by Aprodite's Child (a cuzzin to "whiter shade of pale") I messed around on drums, keeping tyme like BJ Wilson ("Procol Bore-um; editor" (of O. rextasy!)) then tossin' in some jazzy toms work ala Mitch Mitchell (think "Lil Wing" or "1983,a merman i shall turn to be")....well at least in MY delusions I was drumming like Mitch Mitchell! "yes,I am experienced"!....

Thursday, October 31, 2019

"Monday 28 october 19, Providence Rhode Island at Koto: 999! Miss Lyn will have her version, so i'll touch on extra highlights....999 did "Boiler" for souncheck and, like I always thought, BEFORE he was in Kilburn and the High Roads, Nick Cash damn sure heard Slade Alive! But just as much as AC/DC lissen to Humble Pie's SMOKIN'. 999's bassist Arturo explained the Ampeg bass rig to me after helping my big ass onstage (a feat of strength ONLY Andy Excuse can do! 12 ounce curls!). "oi'd appreciate it if you left the settings the way they were"; shit! 999 soundcheck sounded great, I want this sound! GLiDER did a good set as I channeled Jay Gruberger on Afrika Korps live at cantone's like always. After soundcheck, I thanked The Clap bassist for letting me use HIS bass rig; investigative reporting finds out they existed AFTER Get the Clap! by the Clap on Klen-kut records! (saw them play "cant buy me love" at a Teaneck NJ tennis court in '78). BUT the Clap was THE only punk band in Lehigh valley, Pennsylvania, so as a Indiana Gizmo, I know the feeling! (first record 1979). BEFORE they went on, and after 999 said "Nice set, feller!" (I was fucken BEAMING!) talked a bit more with Arturo their bassist who was born same year as me and saw a lot of same concerts early '70s! (Rory Gallagher/Johnny Winter/John Mayall for blues and PROG ROCK "'ave you 'eard of Camel"? THAT is Alex Gitlin (Mad Painter) and Joel Simches (WMFO) territory!) "oi live in Newcastle, but still 'ave me London accent; oi lissen a lot of folk and prog at 'ome" early '70s dude like I! There's more...we 'ad this chat as the Clap's guitarist played Ramones and Dead Boys "all this and more" during Clap soundcheck; he was good too! 999 did all the hits like "Emergency"/"Homicide" and more that I DONT remember, sounding like the records, Nick Cash quite a frontman, since I am too! lastly, 999 bassist was in The Lurkers, a '77 London punk combo running similtaneous to Afrika Korps. Cal cali Bob Cenci and Miss Lyn worked together, made this happen, I have great lifetyme memory; this was as cool as hangin' out with Brownsville Station til sun came up 9 july 74!"......

Friday, November 01, 2019

wed 30 oct 19, somerville theater,730 pm $11.00 Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Last film of a horror film fest that I missed whilst opening for Fleshtones and/or 999! (Folks came from Boston AND Providence: A TAIL of Two Cities!) ok, we all seen this and listen to Ramones song what else is NEW did i notice? Ida may: "18 aug 73"...shit, I will wager you that the Nationals will win the World Series (oh wait, they did!) that I had wrote "Kiss of a Rat", tried to figger out Grand Funk's "Paranoid" (like Climax Blues Band "couldnt get it right") AND reviewed we're an Amerika First Band Grand Funk lp, gold vinyl for Bloomington,Indiana's Beyond Our Control. Fashions: bell-bottoms, David Cassidy hair, short-shorts, halter tops...."My Head's In '73"!!! This tyme around i appreciated the soundtrack comin' out of DETROIT-built America First ve-hicles, so dig THIS! The Music of Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Music. Only seven songs but there's a youtube of the music PLUS looks like it was 1974 vinyl! Hopelessly Obscure are Roger Bartlett and Friends/Timberline Rose/Arkey Blue and Los Cyclones! ("unfortunately i have close to "zero" information about this group. Again, it is my hope that either band member or family relation may contact me on this topic"....."Sad Day" (Stones non-lp b-side!) when O. Rex is more well known! (Rock Scene!). Other film geek thangs DO agree that the Texas Chainsaw Cannibal family DID indulge in ELSE to explain Leatherface?"..


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