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Monday, October 28, 2018

Electric Street Queens (photo:@tlynn2000)

Electric Street Queens (like them on facebook!) did this kickass growlin' version of "cherry bomb" that SURPASSED the Runaways! (the Korps saw ramones/runaways/suicide in NJ Jan 78 but NOTHING surpasses Suicide getting booed offstage; i have drunkenly punched hecklers, but now, sober, only wish schaudenfreud and a plague upon their house, have a black year and VITZAMILLON! ). A lot of great female-fronted Boston bands with feisty singers! Imagine The Gala fronted by Lydia Lunch's lil sister channeling the tazmanian Devil....Blowfish regrets NOT seeing them yet! as for Venezuela native Adriana and Maiden New England, she's kept the franchise going, keeping Frank Sabbath from Chinstrap on bass but different guitar and drums. Guitars DO do that Wishbone Ah-inspired double lead but, as I said five years ago, Adriana has an almost operatic range, though Laura Branigan had a four octave range! (LIKE Boutique on facebook!). if you read james michener's Iberia, Adriana has "duende". I liked the stage rap, peppered with f-bombs of "I speak fucken Spanish not english! the next band is Slim Jim...' that was Flaco Jaime de los loco Moo Cows! Slim jim and the mad cows in My splanglish!). like the Humans, i could have "take a taxi" but caught a 42 bus to forest hills, in before midnight ala "hey hey cinderella"! again, TWO great front ladies,two great bands! and we thought it was revolutionary when Fanny happened"......

Tuesday, October 29, 2018

saturn's day 27 october 18; BGN exclusive! Iceland is returning to norse God's worship! tomorrow is day of Wodin followed by day of Thor! Fly WOW airlines, get you to rekjavik on time! The Nor'Easters was a GREAT Ralph Fatello USMC band but this weather sucked! Still, practice for Alice Highland, Midway 4-8 pm 11-17-18 (Lucille Mutty's birthday!); Jamspot Somerville, 0.3 miles from Mu Queca, great Brazilian food and bossa nova before a night of alice cooper and lyres. The band: Mike Lyons ("best guy evah!")/2000 Joe browns /John hess (awakening stick) all on guitars; rhythm section: Mj Quirk/matt Burns (I debuted this MILLENIUM with them 1 jan 2000 kirkland cafe doing "pills" as a trio). practice went quite well, then onto middle east, saw the Black Souls and.....Kim Ackland doing harmonies for alice highland! (we oughta dress her up like a tooth....)...i devoured some lamb shank so only heard Lyres through door though folks said they were really good so THAT is my review! as for that lamb that died for somebody's sins, but not mine (Yes yours you ate it!-ed)...also did finally meet Gayle Corcoran and we exchanged Dead Boys stories; a very nice lady. Lyres/Glider/Modifiers was a 630-10 pm show so i could watch world series then still take MTA home and catch the end on WAJR, Morgantown west virginny! (Dad's grandaddy's roots)...

Wednesday, November 1, 2018

Flynn Young modeling clothes

sonntag 28 october 18. dress rehearsal for Mad Painter at C Note in Hull. The last two bassists "spontaneously combusted", but having played Yardbirds songs sunday 03 june 73 on Jay Gruberger's bass, it is now thusly Gitlin, Giz and Flynn; if alex gitlin ONLY had Flynn Young on drums, they'd be a keyboard/drum duo like Attila (49 cent early BILLY JOEL lp bought at Brockport NY sidewalk sale! main street, brockport) and/or Lee Michaels and FROSTY! But before practice, clothes from Gee Julie's closet and Flynn Young's first modeling job! Then a runthrough on Mad Painters full album (youtube); Alex Gitlin had a Tim Bogert (VANILLA FUDGE) BASS but my bass influences were: Carl Biancucci as james Jamerson in Black Souls; Tim Bogert, vanilla fudge live at the Regent 2004 (?) and Glenn Hughes of deep purple this year. in other words "Funky But Chic" (especially when I had to do disco octaves; jammin' with the bruthas at marine barracks, charleston SC paid off jammin' on Stones "Miss You" with a black bassist from chicago) last note: "letter" by mad Painter: C to an E and then an A NOT "the progression" but i DO steal "suffragette city" in A after "hey man", a Jay Gruberger "Roadrunner" lick....but wait! a message from SWteven Jones whom sang that laura branigan cover with Boutique! Steven Jones from Paris (Boutique not Sex Pistols) says check out his work with Logan Sky; I'm going to Heroes tonight at Middle East so will test Dj Chris Ewan (Figures on a Beach) on this! Logan sky. new album The Electric Eye!

Thursday, November 2, 2018

Heroes Middle East samhaim, day of wodin 2018. met flynn young at the booths and we saw DJ Chris Ewen, whom seems VERY interested in the Boutique cd, so mission accomplished. flynn young "dancing with himself" and "this is heaven!" Me; "No, it's Heaven 17!". Tony Kacynski showed up as his own "Personal Jesus' (I cant even BEGIN to describe the costumes, tho one kid DID admire my Charlie dont surf t-shirt!). Tony and Rachel dancin' up a storm AND 17 Nov 18, sally o' brien's, rik rolski, tony and chris figures on beach 3/5 compromise reunion on post-punk covers! so after alice highland at midway afternoon show....Flynn was like a manic 19 year old me, saying "do you know what this song is?"; some billy idol toon i was vaguely familar with. i danced from 10-midnight but my leg started covering "Sciatic reaction". Terry Powers and HER daughter showed up and HER daughter is also into 80s et al. as i explained to flynn young: "I was out of step at your age but digging music 20 years before birth is like me diggin' robert johnson, who died way hell before i was born" place was packed, i took shitty pictures (check out Terry Powers!), costumes were great and DO go to more dance clubs coz it's FUN!!!

Friday, November 3, 2018

on samhaim,"Robin Rouge" of Boutique added another release to discography; I was 20 when first Gizmos came out, like Johnny and Edgar Winter he's "coming up fast"! 31 oct 555pm, we get 9 pm for heroes and DJ Chris ewen DOES love the Boutique cd! Would he like this? "i played some synths and drum machines for "away", which is on one of FAT SHUGGY (like on facebook!) new albums released Sam Haim. thanks so much to shuggy for including me in it!". did some research, The Rotten Snot in Forgotten Emotion, double disked album, comes with zine! odd numbered tracks are spoken word, even numbered tracks are songs". Crawlpace fans: imagine the Godz (of ESP records; this IS an ESP record!) covering "white cat heat" with Zappa's Freak-Out-era Mothers; and Robin Rouge's 80s synth/drums on a track? Lyrics in that "gross" Zappa/Menors/GG/Fugs/Gizmos area, say what you want....BUT Fat Shuggy knows how to merchadize! lp available looney tunes records, allston village, vinyl and hi fi in brookline; deep thoughts, jamaicxa plain and armaggedon reocrds, harvard square!" what gives me hope is my old age is a "expire-MENTAL" band stocking product in four actual brick and mortar stores! Old school, as they say....1976 WHO do you think stocked Gizmos records? Creem had the mail order adress! Matt Burns of V actually DID find a copy in like,strawberies,Boston;even did a 2014 tour! either way,lads,keep following in my footsteps,maybe i paved the way but remember: My Aim is True!".

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