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Monday, October 30, 2017

"sun 22 oct 17 gee julie gets email from goethe institute, 1100 coolidge corner theater $5 german movies. Der June karl marx. rated: excellent! historically accurate, marx meeting engels, engels father owned a factory manchester UK 1843; working conditions sucked back then, thus the emigration 1842 gee julie's ancestors from lembach, alsace and 1845 Hylands from Kent UK. theater was packed also at 1100. and best part was hearing 'like a rollin' stone" as credits rolled!"....

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Kenne at Large
blue cheer: who sampled, leads into "sun cycle", second blue cheer on danish rap malk de koijn's "snegzilla". loved hearing my cousin Paul Whaley on drums but also heard some good funk and that is "reciprocal thords' by bergendy (1976). and whom were Bergendy/ (hip-hop samples is how jeremy cargill of ugly things discovered the Gizmos!). 1976 i was ramones-mad, i was, over the top, missing out on Hungarian jazz coZ I was guarding the NSA and there was an iron curtain. But Bergendy is good shit! though it's ca. 1970 horn-rock but again, Commie time warp...lots of books on Hungarian jazz scene; since you couldnt sing revolutionary lyrics, instrumental jazz was ok. the Danish rappers sampled the horns but there's a good drum solo on this ten minute toon: heavy on the cymbals vs. "Moby Dick" and Bonham beating on toms...I'm gonna search out more Bergendy on youtube; they're even on e-bay and let's see the price of a Hungarian jazz album vs Gizmos/O. Rex!".....

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

sat 28 october 17, being on a "Blue cheer tear" and having access to, question of temperature; is i kin to blue cheer's drummer paul whaley. answer: yes! www. barnum. org . nti 14325. notes for theophilus whaley. his mother was a cromwell and he was part of King Charles regicide, born of wealthy family. after the restoration moved to rappahanock county virginia where it seems i was almost born and dad has roots. one son going from virginia to ohio to iowa to blue cheer begats their drummer, born san fran area. Whaley decided he'd rather lissen to greg allens fringe religion, so he sailed to rhode island, settling at head of pettaquamscutt pond in naragansett. hidden identify etc. fascinating reading. daughter theodosia whaley married doctor robert spencer, notable descendants being my great-grandmother Highland and lucille ball. if you're a real greg allen fan, you'll drive down frenchtown road to hopkins hill road west greenwich ri to see theophilus whaley grave (north of my vampire cuzzin mercy brown in exeter). Spencers lived on kenyon road, east greenwich ri i beleieve. SO, 0700, me, Paul whaley of blue cheer and lil ricky of dino desi and billy should gather at ken kasier's door for a Vincebus erutpum version of "i'm a fool" complete with facebook friend leigh stephens whammy bar the same age i started listening to blue cheer i also thought Luci arnaz was "hot"....dang, if i married her we'd be playin' "deliverance' Blue Cheer style!"..

Thursday, November 2, 2017

Kenne at Large
Dark Carnival
there's a youtube of the Gizmos doing pere ubu's "final solution" onstage in cleveland, day of the dead 2014;that "world tour" i didnt even know who won the world series! This tyme, WEEI 850 AM, right before i turn to WRKO 640 AM for beyond belief and coast to coast ("tonight! lee harvey oswald's girlfriend!")....ok i usually crash 2000 hours but wake up at night had world series on til midnight, so...Houston won! what CAN i write about houston? (dunkin' donuts: "him like kerouac"! toilet paper in my typewrite as i talk shit! hahaha!). So Houston, home of ZZ fucken Beard! (as solomon gruberger pointed out, drummer frank beard was the only ZZ member sans beard!). Maybe lot of ZZ and "arrested while drivin' while blind" happened last night; how about my 1982 26 (13 twice!) birthday party and Solomon Kaiser's great-nephew and me gittin' stoned lisenin' to Tejas on 8-track? later that year i stole the intro from "99th floor" (moving sideburns; Billy didnt have a ZZ beard then) for "she's my best bette" (covered by dark carnival). JAILBAIT JANET's brother turnt me onto Tres Gizmos and after the "foxy lady" riff in "gimme back my foreskin" it goes E chord 'coz i need one bad"...which = from "waitin' for the bus": "got my brown paper bag"...."Joe Blues" b-side to "i wanna hold your hand" (movin' sidewalks record) gulcher recording artists 12 cent donkey say the 'joe blues' vocals "sound like Kenne Highland". Besides Solomon kaiser's grave; Hello World! my grandaddy McBee's RU-198 Sacon DNA swabbed by MY cheeks is in Houston at family tree DNA; the Kenz tie to Houston and God bless 'em for winnin' the series coz otherwise that town got "rock you like a hurricane"!(a 1983 drunk in Deli Haus KH fave on jukebo.....SCORPIOS!!!!!DUDE!!!! WACKEN!!!!".....



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