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Monday, October 31, 2016

Horrror movie
Line for Horror Marathon

"Ken and Gee Julie thought about attending the Coolidge Corner horror marathon Saturday night 29 oct 16 but it was sold out! did movie roulette and caught the 945 pm of new Laura Dern movie CERTAIN WOMEN. LISTEN to John Funke and Ten Dollar Mistake but since neither of us was 62 and = senior discount, we made a twelve dollar mistake! three women in Montana and how their lives intersect, miles of David Lynch-ian Twin Peaks-ish emptiness, "Big Sky", "Miles from nowhere", "No action"...a lotta rock songs about THAT including "No Fun"! Laura Dern is a lawyer has a client who does a hostage situation at his old job but Hell or High Water was more exciting with shootouts. Laura having affair with some lady's husband but even that was sleep-inducing. Same lady kinda gets stalked by an American Indian whom lives a lonely life on a horse farm, so Lily Gladstone IS some excitement, but otherwise....Scream and Scream II at midnight were sold out (432 people capacity, i think: support independent movie houses!) and they were ALL outside in costume....guess our highlight was 0100 listening to Coast to Coast AM and George Noory, as usual!".....

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

"Gee Julie went to a Buddhist thang, I didn't go to church, instead saw Eight Days a Week and The Beatles on sunday 30 October were more popular than Jesus AND Buddha! 245 pm matinee NOT a seven dollar mistake! Opie shot a damn good movie concentrating on Beatles live touring; so the 1964 tour, speed it up and it sounds like the 1976 Ramones! Ringo is slammin' the SHIT out of his Ludwigs!! Gained new respect for a much maligned drummer. But the 1965 tour....Elvis Costello and Whoopi Goldberg had their say on it, Elvis saying "amazing how in tune they were with all the screaming", but George/Ringo just watched John/Paul body movement. learned that John Lennon and I BOTH have no mechanical aptitude so "tomorrow never knows" happened coz he Gizmoed and played the reel tape backward (something I would do!)..fucken genius...I COULD go on, but Whoopi Goldberg WAS at the 1965 shea stadium and almost certain I saw this at 99 state street, brockport NY...Beatles always best at r&b covers ("twist and shout" and "dizzy miss lizzy") and buck owens "act naturally" live is SO shitkickin', George shining on guitar...but what I ALWAYS remember and how I got a guitar five years later was "I'm Down" live, Lennon doing a Jerry Lee Lewis elbow thang on that keyboard, Paul doin' Lil Richard "whoo" ("jailbait janet" anyone?) (ok, I STOLE it!) and George slammin' that Chuck Berry rhythm during the keyboard solo and dig THIS: Chuck/Richard and Jerry Lee STILL ALIVE AND WELL and as the Coasters say "THAT is rocknroll""...

Thursday, November 3, 2016

"getting the MOST of my $25 pledge to WJIB (besides that personal postcard from Bob Bittner!) I pledged coz of the Sunday morning country oldie show and Bob DOES play some obscurities; I'm googlin' on that I-phone Five like Wayne Kramer soloing with the MC5! ("lookin' at you", 8-track solo, same as vinyl album's 8-track!). So obscure toon is Tennessee Ernie Ford and "blackberry boogie"! lyrics and chords are on line (it's in G, Ken Kaiser!) released 1962, when my dad gradiated cooley high, detroit (granddaddy McBee born 7 march 1866, basnetsville, west virginnny). a lot of blog record collector geeks talkin' 'bout Tenessee Ernie's proto-rockabilly career! (I think my folks had a 45 down south, but musta been some kinda Americana, if I remember right). Reasons this song rocks like "we're gonna rumble" in G: Speedy West and Jimmy Bryant! rockabilly hall of fame cats (Eddie Cochran did a 45 with Ronnie McBee and I'm STILL searchin' down how we's kin!). Speedy West's steel playing real swinging but my main man is Jimmy Bryant; he played violin on "sweet young thing" first Monkees album (covered at the Keg fall '77 with a Keith Campbell pre-Dceats band I THINK called the Nice Guise; Keith did a damn good raga rock solo and was on Hello World, so BOB BOTH ENGINEERED BOTH KEITH, CLANN CAMPBELL AND this grandson of a McBee (swore allegiance to a Campbell in 1500s Scotland)....and James Brown! Jimmy Bryant was also "difficult to deal with" and I'm SURE it was "pappy's corn squeezin's....white lightnin'!" "blackberry boogie" is on youtube as are other tenesse ernie ford proto-rockabilly toons, so maybe some Rockabily Yob will cover this at Jay ALLEN'S next Mess Around?".....

Friday, November 4, 2016


"why I was thinking of the Runes I don't know (boston groupie news interview) BUT the Korps as THE HEROES opened for them Saturday 13 sept 80 at boston college (007 opened; BIG 007 page done by larry laferla "our first gig was at boston college opening for Kenne Highland's band" link goes to 1978 KH interview...can we say VANITY search ("I'm so vain/I probably think this song is about me!")...So HOPELESSLY OBSCURE til now was an interview with BC paper: "the heroes opened up with "the other way around"; Ken Kaiser as Joey Ramone! "Highland lept into the crowd for "do the touch" and started into "who do you love""; "Highland lay flat on the floor and did an impromptu guitar solo"...why? ("whiskey, yer the divil, yer leadin' me astray"....) "it's like being a pro athlete....we're rocknroll gladiators" said Highland as he took a healthy swig of Jack daniels" hindsight; had just got out the CORPS, left Brockport, NY five years before and I sounded like my jock brother Tom "Herbie" Highland! gave me a jekyl and HIGHLAND personality! and THAT was the week that was! (Heroes/Big World at underground Tuesday 9 sept 80! TWO good gigs in one week! drunken gig at cantone's with the Dark: 'that's it, we made a mistake, tyme to break up the band!"......


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