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Monday, Oct. 31, 2022
Jerry Lee Lewis
"Monntag All hallow's eve 2022. 0200. George Knapp was the Coast to Coast WRKO 680 AM host Sonntag nacht/Montag morgen and he IS a record geek! i checked the playlist and hey! Dad's eighth cuzzin Jerry Lee Lewis doin' 'whole lotta shakin goin on" at 0200 in mono? WITH "Jerry Lee just died (tribute etc)"....THEN Beatles "she said she said" and MORE record collector talk; "John Lennon was reciting the Tibetan book of the Dead" AND "my Revolver reissue SHOULD be arrving anyday soon"....hey got my copy of 1968 Rochester NY Democrat and Chronicle; SHOULD i bore Lydia Lunch with this fact next week?".......


Tuesday, Nov. 1, 2022

Talk Heads
Til Dienstag dio de la tort 0200. coast to coast AM bumper music was talking heads "burnin' down the house". July '83 release; I had a 19 year old girlfriend whom werent no kin to me, got banned from Storyville AND "Billy Ruane booked me/ at the Club"...WHY do i bring this up? Someone told Alex Gitlin mad Painter sounded like cross between Carvavan (enjoyed their In the land of Grey and Pink album on WCMF,Rochester; it was about Miss Lyn's future cats!) AND: talking Heads(?!) Answer is; Evet! i find Tina and company to be pretty funky for a buncha RISD students AND wikipeda says this song was based on a P. Funk jam EVEN featuring bernnie Worrell. Micelf, I try to play bass with one digit like james jamerson on steroids, but it comes out like Grand Funk's Live Album....well, at least the guy was listening!"....


Wednesday, Nov. 2, 2022

"day of Woden, Stardate 2 November 2022. seven months til I turn 67 BUT after Fiddy years: "Michael des barre accepts your friend request"! "Back in '72",Solomon Gruberger, pre- O. Rex, musta taped me that first Silverhead album with Buck's guitarist on it. THEN my dream came true when he played "I'll show them who's modd" off be more flamboyant on R U Sirius radio. Buy this from!"....


Thursday, Nov. 3, 2022

Kenne photo
"day of THOR! 3 november 2023. age 67 i STILL gonna be busy! One of the Flashcubes contacted me about a memorial for michael weddle at sea note where the mary and john landed in 1630; i spoke to the booking lady barbara fiddy years in businesss, started at jonathon "dead boston club" swift's booking neville brothers/wlson pickett et al. so that date is easter saturday 8 april 2023 and hope to SEA all y'all at the NOTE!"......

Friday, Nov. 4, 2022

Freitag 4 Nov 2022. Busy as FRICK!

Item A Monday 7 nov 2022 mad painter in littleton mass.

#2 mad painter middle east 17 nov 2022.

#3 afrika korps live at cantone's 19 nov 77...wait, that already happened!

#4 Asa tribute march 2023 burren.

#5 mike wheddle tribute saturday 8 april 2023 c-note, hull,mass.

#6 Did a Gizmos-related podcast interview last night. and damn if i forget ANYTHING, as Scott of clann fergusson said while receording Be more flamboyant ( "Ken, you have PART timers; you only remember part of the tyme" lejeune water and Toots Maytal's ganga mon!".....


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