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Monday, November 1, 2021

Max Boras with Stonehenge
"Sunday 31 Oct 21; Halloween at the Jungle. First up was Wired For Nirvana, in reality New Hampshire's Wired For Sound. Mix of Nirvana and good thrash originals; might I mention lady on guitar solos well, uses wah-wah AND played a "Kurt Cobain" guitar so "Rape Me" was note perfect, neo-Dave Grohl harmonies and all. Dead People fact!: Ken Kobain BOTH decend from Ghislain Vigne born 1586 Valenciennes, france, a Walloon Hugenot whom settled in new Netherlands in 1624. Next up was Gretchen and the Banshees. There's a youtube of Gretchen singing "Happy House" (7 march 80 45; I was in a south Carolina trailer park with "c'mon Giz let's play "Freebird") and "Christine" (30 may 80; future MIAs Pete Lost probably answered my Phoenix ad; he liked Souxie). MAYBE Miss Lyn had the 1 Aug 80 Kaleidoscope album (Yes most definitely had that album, loved it!!-ed.) (as The Heroes prepared for the 9 Sept 80 gig at the Undeground with BIG WORLD!!!). Wikipedia says Souxie met Steve Severin at a Roxy music concert September '75; Meanwhile back in the States, WIUS dj Neal Smith was turning me onto some Alaskan Thunderfuck weed at Indiana university outdoor fest as I watched Savoy Brown endlessly boogie...GRETCHEN announced her banshees doing a gig in providence with a Cure tribute band; since Dad descends from freeborn Williams, it is indeed PROVIDENCE that this gig is happening! After her set I tell Gretchen: "I seen you play bass AND guitar in Knockups but with two guitars/bass/drums and you singing with tambourine you didn't need to BE MORE FLAMBOYANT! You reminded me of Gene Dante!" She quipped back: "I'm Gene Dante's lil sister!" Captain Cameraman (another easychord non de plume!) declared 'dis was da fockin' ballz!' (And you can see his write up & photos here on the BGN!) And Gretchen makeup was top-shelf; Elvira/Munster and even Lydia Lunch (ALL compliments!). Lastly, the man whom put on the show, the great Max Boras as Spinal Max; They had spandex and wigs like 1984 Bunratty's or ANY South Shore tribute band club and I loved EVERY minute! "Tonight I'm gonna rock you tonight" was like watching van halen cover it! (Roth-era; "da ballz!"). Bunch of originals which were Rush-like, true BUT sounded more like Yes with John Bonham on drums (another Van HIGHLAND comparison is max's bro on drums! No Kinks/oasis feudin' for them!). Max would leap into crowd in Spandex, finger-tap; this band would do well playing with any of Sabbath Drums tribute bands! Drum solo by bro echoed "Moby Dick". Lastly, you haven't lived til 1) you've seen captain easychord bumpin' and grindin' to "Big Bottom" and 2) seen three dudes do the garden gnome jig during "Stonehenge" (captain got Stonehenge (pi symbol) so if you see it onstage...As promotional technical advisor (read: Colonel ken Parker!) I declare this whole night a success! Cal cali farewell party too til "I live for the springtime"!".....


Tuesday, November 2, 2021

"Monntag 1 Nov 21. 8 pm. Bats in the Belfry. "El Dia de los Muertos- day of the dead-...and Bats Halloween/ Samhain part two". LIKE this show on Facebook AND WMBR schedule DOES have TRACKBLASTER which, for a collector like me, lists WHAT D.J. Selector plays! Mexican Goth featured prominently; must investigate further BUT 937 PM to 955 Pm Mistress laura (that's "Goth lady" to you! "what am I now? Goth lady"...if the pointy black shoe fits...)….it was "Goth-Prog!" (but not from Prague) WCMF Rochester NY Fiddy years ago turn down the lights, sweet darlin' "In my room"! "Epitath" (on a 45!) by King Crimson from In the Court of the Crimson Ken (playing for hah-vud not those Eli's); then "aspirations" by gentle Giant off the 1974 The Power and the Glory (NOT competing with Raw Power or Too Much Too Soon that year but in 2021: BALLZY! (Ambrose Slade album) followed by "Turn into earth" a yardbirds Gregorian chant on "Turn into earth (the stereo album); I bought my mono copy of Over under Sideays Down at Somerville Grooves but hey! besides Hopelessly Obscure album track, Al "year of le Chat" Stewart DID cover it in 1966 on Immediate! (God bless Google...)….BUT let's ALSO give it up for Rick Biskit Roth! If 6 was Nine 0500-0700. trackblaster says; "additional DISCOGRAPHICAL, biographical information was added by Lawrence Azrin" and Blowfish knows THAT guy LOVES records! (who doesn't?).What made MY getting ready for work morning was 0703-0708, banana album (yes, I bought it, started a band, have an Eno ancestor...)…"There She Goes again' (based on the 1962 Marvin gaye hit "hitchhike") (MY notes: covered by me on my Gemini on a Full Moon Dino records cd AND Air Force vet marvin gaye and I BOTH born 2 April DC area); UND July 1966 (I was still readin' Boys Life! before I heard them in 1980) "i'll be your Mirror", der sanger ist Christa paffgen,Tort und Ich liebe (Cologne NICHT Flensburg!) "b-side of "all tomorrow's parties".."I'm Not sayin'" das ist gut Paffgen musik! lastly, my WMBR facebook propaganda says next week is donation week; keep them on the air coz Oedipus gave me my Boston debut in '76 on WTBS! (well don't write any rubber checks; listen to Rubber Soul or Rubber City Revels! "The Midwest can be be alright"!".....


Wednesday, November 3, 2021

"day of Wodin 3 Nov 21. 0600. America First Movie Classics. Alice in the Cities 1974 Wim Wenders movie. "a german journalist and a girl left in his care embark on a search for the child's grandparents". release 17 May 74. I had a high school "date" for Cinderella Liberty at the Strand Thee-ate-er, Brockport NY; nothing as high class as this. Starts out down southern America and the Count V's "Psycholtic Reaction" plays on transistor radio. Journalist goes to an O. Rex-era NYC and meets mother and daughter. he flies to Amerstdam with der kinder and mutti never shows. Then it's "where does Oma live in Deutschland?" LOVED hearing the town's listed alphabetically in Deutschland with Can as soundtrack music (a United Artist Greg Shaw promo album in '72 for my high school fanzine). (Ich liebe Kraut-rock music!) There's also a scene where a kid is hanging out as a jukebox plays "on the road again'. And the 70s European fashions....(hint: everyone dresses like Abba!). Miss Lyn taped it maybe she say a few words: "a few words": Miss Lyn,BGN"...….

Thursday, November 4, 2021

"day of Wodin in der abend 3 Nov 21. Kenne Highland's Air Force practice. Highlights; Blue Cheer's "Peace of Mind' (Randy Holden is my facebook friend!) after a "milk run", we "shot down the Red baron" and were 'on target" (I'm getting a nose job to look more beagle) ("Draped Snoopy Bust"-ed.) . Schmel herbie Hind uses a capo on the third fret doing "Twin cities of the mind" picking, Al Hendry adds a spash of cymbals, Larry Newman adds deep bass, Captain easychords adds Doors-y flourishes and John Keegan echoes Schmel's guitar on tenor sax. I belted vocals in a "psychelic cables' way (reviewing micelf before Ugly things has a crack!). Another Ken/captain toon; "No Wife/No Kids/No Problems" : 'you really got me" played backwards sounding like Alice Cooper's "return of the spiders"; verse stole from Kiss's "Two Timer" and middle-eight is "the good's Gone"; now if only my facebook friend Shel talmy would produce this (and have jimmy Page do Schmel's solo THOUGH in the middle eight, it's beck/Page yardbirds OVER a "Good's Gone' riff! "Alice Cooper was a yardbirds/Who derivative ala the Count V"; my facebook friend Jon mendelson reviewing Alice Highland's "Love it to death"!"....

Friday, November 5, 2021

"Freitag 5 Nov 21 ("remember....the fifth of November!"). Miss Lyn shall be GRATEFUL that I make the DEADline before Hippie Hour at the Midway Café, so here's all my gigs for rest of year. Friday 19 Nov 21. mad painter at O's bar, Sunderland Mass; WILL Dino Records show up? Saturday 26 Nov 21: middle east bakery/corner: Mad painter and captain easychord! Show up! Don't be a Turkey! oops! Sunday 21 Nov 21. Mess around, plough and stars 4-7 pm. From 6-7 pm Lt larry Newman USMC will present artists on Asa Tribute volume two. I think the Scorpio King would be 68IF; car will be parked on mass. Ave. as we do the Soft parade like red Hot Chili Peppers acrost the way. HEAR Kenne Highland und der Air Korps (Afrika Force? Afrika Bombata?) do "I'm in Love"! LASTLY,ole chap, I'm no givin' you SHITE on Boxing Day; get yer bluidy arse to Newburyport Brewing Company (Robin Lane IS playing there!) and that bill is mad painter/kenne Highland Air Force. We're all basically same band, different names, like Parliament/Funkadelic which is what I ALWAYS wanted to do! No recording this year, let's see what 2022 brings....see y'all there!".....i


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