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Monday, November 2, 2020
"Sonntag Morgen" 1 nov 20. Warshin' mah drawers, coffee, channel surfin'....Coyote Ugly! sure why not....4 August 2000....I drunkenly remember maybe playing Abbey Lounge with Kenne Highland I missed this movie. 20 years later with Lockdown laundry (HOLY SHIT! a new song!)….well...actually "Jersey Girl", a songwriter with stage fright (I have ONE thing in common with her) ends up slinging drinks at a New Jack City bar and dancing up top the bar. for THAT, I even semi recommend the soundtrack album! "Unbelievable"-EMF (check Tom Jones version!), "The Power" by SNAP! and lastly, "Pour Some Sugar On Me" (DEF LEPPARD; hair-metal now becomes male pattern baldness metal!). This is party all the time Clinton-era, pre-9/11, pre-Trump, pre-Co-vid, pre-mask New Jack City....90s nostalgia almost!".....

Tuesday, November 3, 2020

Lazy Sunday, afternoon day of dead 1 Nov 20 coz that's when Somerville Grooves opens! (Mark Lindsay sang: "In my community". Besides purchasing 13 items, Triple Thick Mitch walked in. Me, him and owner; it was like a sober record convention at the Abbey Lounge! I'd unearthed a reggae "dee jay" cassette where dj's "RAP" over "riddims" (how 'bout dat mon?) and Mitch told a tale of going to Jamaica, mon and there were ALL these pressing plants...lettuce
remind you that Miss Lyn DID go to the pressing plant in Maryland to pick up Ken Kaiser's "Jersey Girl" 45 "Ich Liebe du laurie". Mitch was FONDLING some albums (it's soooooooo sensual!) and I nearly got my groove back sans Stella: "look! there's the first Bee Gees album
for five dollars!"...No Circle Jerks records were bought; and there WAS
a Playboy records label! Reed (Lapin of In your ear) between that copy of Grandmaster Flash doin "white lines"!".....

Wednesday, November 4, 2020

Penny Lane
Sunday 1 Nov 20, will never be the same": watching Rick Steves travelling to North Wales. dad's ancestors made their Brexit from Wales to Philly during the William Penn and the Quakers daze. I can tell you for a fact (Ono!) that my favourite Beatles John and George had welsh ancestry why d'yer think George had all those melancholy badfinger-y toons?). My Welsh ancestors seem to be from central and southern wales BUT "in the good and the bad books that I have read", Lennon's mum ("JULIA"! and ALL of what I say is meaningless!), her mum was from North Wales, so good to see the strict Baptist areas John's aunt Mimi descended from (almost like me Puritanical mum: "guitar's alright but you aint made no money from it!"). (well $1000 from Sweden's Sator covering Gizmos "Kiss of a Rat"....)….SO with not that much surprise, "and right acrost the border is Liverpool!" (or 50 miles or sutch; like Brockport Ny and Canada). SO the HIGHLIGHT of left-over Portugalia supper was having a Beatle tour guide explain the landmarks in "Penny Lane"! been waitin' since like 1967 to see that...or as ma says "Penny Lane" was popular right around the tyme your father died Kenneth""......

Thursday, November 59, 2020
day of WODIN 4 Nov 20. Asa Brebner tribute I Am Not Gone. "Let the Bygones Be"- Kimberly Starr Pfister. Pat Wallace of the Swallows on guitar. John Pfister- bass, vocals (cuzzin? spouse? between both ex-wives I'm akin t' 'em FOUR tymes over! wi' mah first-born comin' out a playin' "duelin' banjos!"). Tim Jackson- the band that Tyme Forgot on drums. ok, notes in Highland-glyphics. 'is that a synth"? a bit of "dream Weaver"by a Spooky Tooth ex. very '70s commercial, late '70s AM hit circa 1978 marine barracks, Fort Meade Maryland guardhouse radio. pre- Pat Benatar/Joan Jett, so no raspy vocals, very smooth. I wrote Juice Newton BUT then decided Christine Perfect on HER Fleetwood Mac toons ("I first heard "over my head" and thought it was fanny!"-Solomon Gruberger circa 1976, letter to some Krazee gizmo marine). Even more: Jennifer Warnes! and only I and I, mun, remember JENNIFER doing "easy to be hard" (NOT used in a Viagra commercial....YET!!!!!). So, tho, I don't know jacksheiss about this lady, she has some good players, it's got a good beat, I give it an 87 (ALWAYS leave room for 13!)".....


Friday, November 6, 2020

Ken Hensley
Friday on my mind 5 Nov 20. sadly Ken Hensley of Uriah Heep (keyboards) died months after lee kerslake (drums) died; Mick Box is all that remains of the "classic" lineup. my Heep-dom started with a pre-Angry Samoans Metal Mike Saunders raving about 1971 metal in Flash magazine, to wit: Look at Yourself. Carmine Appice, my Vanilla Fudge facebook friend says Ken was big Fudge fan coz of the Hammond B-3 organ. Mick Box, guitar, also admits to listening to a lot of Fudge back when Heep was formed (ditto for deep Purple; reasons I am in mad painter!). Saturday 7 Nov doing more recording Lowell Street (Kenne Highland's Airforce) so THAT is the news and check out my youtube channel also! See y'all next week, at large!"...


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