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Monday, November 6, 2017

friday 3 nov 17, eye exam hipster capital, somerville mass, davis sqaure, utne reader, '90s, passed by somerville theater; Mansfield 66/67 (Trailer) playing 7 pm! like it on facebook! i liked $10 to sit down versus human sexual response prices. ok, Ken/koffee/Kerouac, let me roll the twin reels of the mind with a bunch of non-sequitars: 40 inch bust/high i.q./"divine was jayne mansfield meets godzilla"-john waters/mary woronov of chelsea girls/ann agnusson of bongwater who i saw NYC 90s with JOHN CALE!!! (which wife/cuzzin dragged me to that....).....the pink Mansfield mansion! she was born a year before dad but died same year; that's young/MAMIE VAN DOREN!/the girl cant help it movie; "i grew my mustache to be like lil richard"-john waters ("they all stole from me! whoooo!!!!!!"_R. Penniman)/she begat Law and Order actress with a Hungarian! (Hungarian rock section coming soon: Hungary Groupie News!)....anyway (and this is SO Jim Condon, hopelessly obscure bassist RIP), she meets Anton LaVey, church of Satan, who lived in a black house in San Fran, same tyme Blue Cheer was startin' up and KENNETH ANGER (saw him in person harvard film archives; i'm such a....FAN!!!!) downplayed Anton like he was the carnival organist that he started out as; Demonic Camp? shit there's SO much here and again: $10! one week only! like Ozzy sings on Sabbath Four: "you missed it!"...soundtrack is some rare edition pink vinyl type thing and last song by is like how Waters used Link Wray b-sides in HIS films. A fucken plus movie!"......

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

"saturday 4 nov 17;the BGN needs a version of billygoons sports palace so this is it!!!! achtung! on facebook; FC Bayern-Pack Mass. und jah? the Korps has roots in Bavaria, das ist our team! (i'm discusing german "soccer" for you 16 vestal virgins). the "pack' sent me an invite to champions boston in the posh marriot, 110 huntington avenue (and turns out Ma and Huntington have same mutual Huntington ancestor but we'll save that for Dead People facts). you can facebook the Pack (I also like terry knight and the pack but that was a childhood disease). seems they have another branch in ole magoun square but this is closer! quite a posh sports bar actually but found outlet table, coffee, soup ($7; had a big supper waiting at Mare, north end which my cuzzin Miss Lyn will review- (Oysters, zucchini blossoms and LOBSTAH!! What more is there to say?-ed.)) but in my comfortable setting: Bayern THREE: Dortmund NIL! advert on telly said FS1 (which i get on direct tv on mobile) has more Bundesliga coming up; Bundesliga ist gut! Sport und musik ist wunderbar! "earschplittenloudenboomer" by steppenwolf! German DNA acting up! and now for a remote from flensburg groupie news and here's Pierre le coutre: Hier regiert der HSV!!". und von bamberg, Harry Vee of the broken jug who covered "rain of death": "Nur wenn Kuhne den schiedsrichter kauft so wie letzten Samstag". Pierre von Flensburg: "Pah!!".....even if you dont sprechen sie deutsch it's like the Korps discussing the Bills and the Giants; one of the Bills bars is the harp, near Chet's; giants fans on guy fawkes day met at the greatest bar; Ken Kaiser should join this facebook group! as for the Jets: "we meet at MJ O'Connor's in boston's back bay, park plaza hotel to cheer on gang Green"....fuck that i'd rather LISTEN to Gang Green!!!!! "Non-alcohol!" for all those dry drunks out there! "I'd rather drink than fuck!" they stole from Kenne Kaiser! "A is the way"!".....

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

"sunday 5 nov 17; guy fawkes day it was. 1100, $5.00, coolidge corner theatre, new films from Germany . LOMO-the language of many others. Q & A with director Julia Langhof, whom friended me the next day. She and this film on facebook. " the film centers on the 17 year old blogger Karl, senior at a german high school, who spends most of his tyme gathering images and videos for his blog "the language of many others". life suddenly seems to have a purpose when he falls in love with fellow student Doro, but he suffers crushing disappointment when she drops him. disillusioned, karl lets his life increasingly be controlled by his "followers" in a dangerous game between life and death". ok, so my view: when the "followers' "talk" to him through a bluetooth, it's almost like he's hearing voices. Gee Julie may have asked director Julia a question re; bad parenting (the parents are SO fuggin' bourgeois; what WOULD der Jung Karl marx say?!) and how "millenials" are so "plugged in" (this was Julia talking; guess it's universal. Karl's mutti was a musician but became addicted to those stupid fuggin' games). Julia (mein freund von facebook!) also said she found "Karl" in a jeans commercial and, ladies, he is a "hunk"; kinda Dennis Wilson, whom my sister likes despite it being her cuzzin and Julia DID mention or else it was audience member, cf. to brando/dean, brooding, sexy etc. when his parents take away his computer coz he posted a photo of him shtupping Doro (he, 17, her: jailbait, janet? parents more concerned with "status" than underage sex crimes;inside a lavatory; "martin ist ein arschloch";so ist mutti und papa!). ok, so punch line: Brooding Brando type loses access to computer: REBEL WITHOUT A BLOG!!!! hahahahahahahahahahahaha!"

Thursday, November 9, 2017

"KENtinuing guy fawkes day sunday 5 nov 17, Gee Julie goes to yoga in harvard square and I opt for irish bar, due to Irish DNA and happier'n shit! that would be phoenix landing, Mass Ave, owned by a bloke i knew from Druid. did a google on "soccer bars"; the irish bars do premiere league, looks like germany does have two bundesliga bars, north end would be place to italy.....but i walk in and it's Real Madrid versus LasPalmas (Canary islands, Dad has DNA match THERE also!). looking at my notes on facebook wall; the channel Phoenix landing had was BE IN sports channel. owned by al jazeeri which is maybe why the "football" players have Fly Emirates shirts? is this an Isis plot or something? have Chump ring up the Kremlin and contact me c/o the NSA. ok, this pub's location to MIT= an "international" student crowd so that and $14 for chicken curry plus spanish "football" was the cheapest ticket I never bought to europe! (Gee Julie even drove me door to door, whch was b-side to CCR's sweet hitchiker"!). it was a lovely afternoon, texting my sister cousin who "cheers for Zizou and was making manicotti and listening to bad 70s music (a Highland trait! No DNA test for that!) but to close this out, Harry Vee, der sanger von der Broken Jug that covered "rain of death", Sports palace, Bamberg groupie news: "been to the Bernabeo stadium early 2000s, saw Real vs. AC Milan, was a friendly match, only 70, 000 people (instead of 95 to a 1000 when it's sod out) came"; BUT since Harry canst sprechen sport und musik, in '90s, for Bomp, he did a compilation Surfbeat Behind the Iron Curtain AND let's let Solomon Kaiser's great-nephew get in the last word or note like he did with Jay Gruberger: "no surf in vladivostok bay!" and wasn't that Finnish surf band movie really the Strangemen in disguise?".....

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