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Monday, November 8, 2021

"Saturnalia day 6 Nov 21. ok I was on and found Patty Pravo covered Aphrodite's Child "end of the world' (my FAVOURITE song by them!). Let's go to "popular covers by Patty Pravo". Oldest is "Ragazzo Triste' released on October 1966 album of same name; she was 18 and a half. She does "The Pied Piper" an oldie that Miss Lyn used to hear in her Ford Fiasco in Charlestown South Carolina when Jimmy carter was president and Tom petty was on the jukebox. The 1968 album looks interesting, again in a Nancy Sinatra way. So what IS "Ragazzo Triste"? that's "But you're mine"-Sonny and Cher, first release October 1965. Seems to be a French ("Ca Ne Fait rien car je t'aime" by frank Alamo UND Deutsch: "Wir gehen uner'n Weg Allein": benny und Petra, January 1966 which was a BIG hit in Flensburg AND Friesland! (Ich ist sprechen sheiss! haha!) Sonny and Cher song from their second album The Wonderful World of Sonny and Cher; it's gut music if Sonny favours Ringo both fashions and schnozz. "I got you babe" had already happens but Cher sings "I don't care/if your hair isn't combed all the tyme"...Merde! if she married Gregg Allman, I got a chance! They also rewrote the "laugh at me" theme, getting refused into restaurants (hey! I got turned away from Drag bingo for not having a reservation...oh flutter...KENNE and cher (put my name more bigger)….youtube wont let me hear Patty Pravo version but also is the 1981 Ivan Cattaneo version AND 30 June 2015 Angela Di Cosimo version! Fiddy years later! Royalties to Chaz Bono! (or does Cher get the "Armenian discount?"")....

"Saturnalia 6 Nov 21. A splendid Mad painter practice! Learning some crowd pleasing covers: Kleiner Suzi's "Can the can"/ the Sweet's "Lil Willy" and Uriah Heap (of scheisse) "Circle of Hands". I'll list upcoming gigs but DO check out Mad Painter page with more info!"...


Tuesday, November 9, 2021

Til Tuesday 9 Nov 21. 0600. Turner classic movies. A Dog Of Flanders. 1935. black and white of course. 1800s Flanders (to which my father's father has y-DNA matches), dogs were used to pull milk wagons. Orphan boy and grandfather rescue one said dog, played by a german shepherd name Lightning, grandson of Strong Heart! Always good to lift one's leg on a dog's family tree. Kinda looks like Rin Tin Tin. Since America, First was in a depression (use Prozac!), this is a "feel good" movie. Poor Flemish orphan with artistic talent also falls for rich man's daughter whom favours Darla Hood. A happy ending and the Boston groupie cats weren't crying like the previous night during Chicago PD; "TV Eye on me"!"..


Wednesday, November 10, 2021

"day of Wodin 10 Nov 21. 0130. Coast to Coast AM was playing, IN MONO, Freddy and the Dreamers "I'm telling you now", a March 1965 45. George Noory was going on about it and judging by that date, I musta seen freddy "do the Freddie" on Rochester TV at 99 state street, Brockport New York. Maybe I will binge out on youtube on Freddie and the Dreamers; why not?"....


Thursday, November 11, 2021

day of Wodin 10 Nov 21. Kenne Highland Air Force practice with two former marines, that's me and bassist Larry Newman, on marine Corps birthday. basically we did our set plus Schmel herbie Hind on guitar showing us all the parts of Blue Cheer's "Piece of Mind". John Keegan on sax and Al Hendry on drums WILL be spending Miss Lyn's birthday watching Steely Dan. Captain Easychord snuck in some toons for 26 Nov 21 at Middle east since Larry and Schmel play with him. One toon REALLY was like a Ziggy Stardust outake! I'll give the upcoming concert report at end of column but we also rehearsed the Asa toon for the mess round at The Plough Nov 21st; that's me sing; schmel-guitar; larry-bass, keegan-sax. Keegan did some kinda Pentatonic scale but I made the song PENTacostal, clapping hands like it was up gospel to make up for lack of drums. back in '81, on a Sunday Blowfish caught me lissenin' to reverend Cleopus Robinson on a Sunday ("da-doo-ron-ron") so you kinda know what to expect"....


Friday, November 12, 2021

"day of Thor 11 Nov 21. Dad's father was in meusse-Argonne at 1111 that day when (the) Kaiser was defeated. Micelf, back into combat (here's the WWI flying ace realizing red Baron was shot down April 1918 and my grandfather's 53rd Pioneer battalion didn't arrive in France til August). Richard Mirksy of the Wayouts offered and my squadron accepted: Friday 14 jan 22. Club Bohemia. Hixx/ bunch of jerks/ Highland Air Force. it's been a couple years but like ole Doug macArthur "I shall return!" ("old punk rockers never die; they just get tribute cds like TWO, count 'em, TWO volumes of the Asa Brebner cd!). SO, as promised (what? you want me to discuss Coast to Coast AM last night?), here's gigs you missed or DONT miss when Sunday you read all this, you: Friday 19 Nov 77 was Afrika Korps/ baby's Arm but 44 years later I play bass with mad painter, channeling Jay Gruberger at O's bar, Sunderland Mass. Sunday Nov 21st, Asa Brebner, 68 IF, I sing "I'm in love" with reduced squadron at Plough mess around 330 pm -630 pm, "I Believe to my soul". Thanksgiving and the Saturday after, 27 Nov 21, Middle east bakery, Mad painter and captain easychord; between both bands, I think THOSE Allied forces have all but John Keegan on sax, though he could be taking some r & r in Tokyo with "My Woman from Tokyo"....Sunday and Saturday mass. Ave. tour! Hope to see some of you all unless you have Covid/Joe Vig pair a' noia!"....

Saturday, November 13, 2021

"Saturn day 13 Nov 21! ok, as promised, let me review Greg Paquette Single Stone cd released 20 April 2018 c/o Joe Vig. my notes: (disjointed as usual): nice Americana. http://joeviglione-goingtrackbytrack. actually already kinda does my job BUT: I dig: "Steppin' Out"- Steel Pulse cover; this is good old skool reggae mon! There's a seamless Who medley of "Behind Blue Eyes" and "Baba O' Riley" bringing back fond memories of lissenin' to my Who's Next 8-track fiddy years ago. "talk to me soon' has screamin' double '60s psych leads, which I am a sucker for. "Setting Sun" has a fiddy years ago santana feel. and "Into the Sunset' (on youtube!) crosses Spirit with Free's "Mouthful of grass". "you don't call me no more' also a rocker. So, in the end, first half of cd acoustic Americana, latter half rocks out more; kinda like James hang rides again with the sides reversed (electric/acoustic, side one, side two). lastly, did some more research and Greg was in Option One, a 1987 local band whom discogs lists as The First Single, 12 inch vinyl single. kinda a Lines-type cover (lady in thigh high black leather boots et al.) of "you said never" b/w "If I knew". recorded at Normandy Sound in Rhode Highland and fact!: Greg Paquette worked at Normandy with Leroy Radcliffe and Tom Soares. JUST to get a handle on what was equal to my first album on Stanton Park, Shake the faith recorded a 45 here along with Option Good. in all, good Reagan-era 80s rock! See you at Middle east Corner Saturday 27 march 21 with mad painter and Captain Easychord doin' that 70s thing! (No relation to cream's "doin' that scrapyard thing"".


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