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Monday November 9, 2015

decided to catch a hardcore show at midway afternoon: testicular pain/injury/deranged youth/honest john. didn't get there til 6 pm, so missed the first two but deranged youth had quite a mosh pit including a young lady kickin' ass! between playin' guitar with teeth and a "my generation" kick-over-the-drums ending (did their GRANDPARENTS watch Monterey pop?), a dude SKATEBOARDED in the pit! all this after Bills beat Miami 9-0! ah, the testosterone of youth, what HAVE I begat?! ("afrika korps play faster than the Ramones!" buzzcut hair-do...ok, so I fucken invented hardcore and unless one-a them mofos was a US Marine, y'all caint say didley-squat!) music over p.a.: Kiss "got to choose" (stole for "we are the only real people"!) and stones "lil red rooster"; as a kid in Mohawk played air guitar Jillian Higgins at bar and I watched Bruins over islanders 2-0 and talked...SPORTS!!! and she's a Gizmos fan! (shoutout in double live Gizmo!) I tried explaining to her how dad's stepfather's first wife was a Higgins, so we WERENT a-kin...."brown
Midway pug

Midway pug
sugar" and Honest John went on, giving shoutouts to the previous bands, everybody slam-dancing (LOVE the choreography! it really IS poetry in motion, watching everybody chase each other in a conga line!) deranged youth/honest John's singers both sound like Tazmanian Devil (calls to Gee Julie: "look what you're missing!" and lastly the Midway pug walked acrost bar stools wearing his ear muffs to sniff me...I'm being followed by a one-headed Pug! Jilly says angela sawyer's open mike had a lot of standup comedians and only one musician, so this WORD UP, YO! get some playahs down there! "something happened to me yesterday"! (I LOVE that PUG! photo op!)"..

since my Kennedy-era filling fell out, I had "Unfinished Sweet"/"takin' care of business" with Geoffrey Davis (Oberlin '83!), THE rock'n'roll dentist! I see Pat Barreat who "heard about the dance party you had Saturday night"; a friend of hers spins at Machine Mondays; Pat had also been to The Otherside and AND (one more tale), ABC played Spit/Metro, she was working, singer comes into room, changing, discovers her and "screamed like a gurl". also ian hunter's guitarist was at Handymen Friday at tavern at end of world!...THEN James Straight with two rock facts: HOLY HOLY is coming to Wilbur thee-ate-er which is Tony Visconti-bass, woody woodmansey-drums, two guitarists= mick ronson and Heaven 17 vocalist as Bowie performing Man who sold the world and other ziggy classics! The SMITHS came on as "muzak" (will Miss Lyn switch dentists?), then Cher's "dark lady"! James Straight: "I'm used to seeing this song performed in drag!" this is NOT your parent's dentist! then Dr. Davis and I discussed the value of ABC and B-52 vinyl albums! yes, even THE DENTIST is fun for the fun-filled adventures of me; Ken Highland. (taken from '70s Saturday night live in SC trailer; "that's me; al franken" me being his favourite person! it's Kenne's world, y'all just live in it!"...

Tuesday November 10, 2015

stone soup poetry at out of the blue gallery? (new home since TT's close?): fuck that shit! GRASS FED in Jamaica plain, veggie whatever and beet fries....and WWE wrestling on the Mean screen? I DID tell Gee Julie that this meat-eating sport didn't mix with this vegetarian meal but one guy was 270 lbs.; me: "I weight that!" Gee: "Kenne, he's all muscle"...(she always does the deadpan alice kramden to my....JACKIE GLEASON!!!!! (smiling now, trying not to burst into laughter!). BUT the WWE Divas! I told Gee Julie she should become Julie The Taz as a pro "wrestlin' woman" (a mighty, might Tupper original!) and let's not forget Paula Worsley (WMFO) "Love TKO" on GG Allin! (granted I had them ladies dancin' to a who cover bad at hard rock Saturday, but Tabers, tabers! I could strike it rich puttin' 'em in the ring! "Don make my heart sing"....and 0400, Coast to Coast about "remote viewing" and the guest said "at ft. meade about '85, we did remote viewing and there were no POWS in the camps there "at FIRST he said, "it was an alphabet agency, i wont say which" but since THEY TOO read the BGN (alphabet fanzine), there's that Highland/Buckley original written at Ft. Meade when we were guards: "if you're ever down Maryland way, come down to the NSA/all you communist hippie freaks/come and see our security leaks"! L/Cpl. donal m. buckley and l/cpl. KE Highland DID write "Joyce" (Kleenkut), b-side of Ken Kaiser's "I love you laurie"! shit! it's the marine Corps birthday! Semper Fi to me my dad and my sister!"

Wednesday November 11, 2015

was sorry to hear that my cousin Linda Garreau Highland II; whom reigned as Linda II during the Bill Clinton years (yes, I DO marry my cuzzins!) is in hospital; it's a classic ruin toon. (on ace of hearts). so maybe I'll write a PRE-eulogy and "give her her flowers while she's livin'" (slim and the supreme angels!). I actually sang about it in "princess of the trailer park" but joe coughlin did a 29 dec 91 (it was a sunday) Christmas party at midway café; Johnny Black discovered they were both from Keene, NH (GG Allin also from granite state!), jumper cables had done a "my girl"/"waitin' for the man" mash-up, so two velvet underground fans met; Linda's mother (my cuzzin!) first gave her Loaded when they lived in a double-wide in Keene (I inserted that in her mother's eulogy). so that's only the BEGINNING of the tail, but be careful if you marry Kenne Highland! I already have two dead gurlfriends! it'll be like the robert mitchum movie where "love" and "hate" are tattooed on his knuckles and a woman screams "BLUEBEARD!"...or I should hope Gee Julie doesn't die my beard blue!"....
check out Greg "Stackhouse" Prevost site and go to "meet me"; it's his amazing SIXTY years of rocknroll (and he's a scorpio!) tale; let's just say since I didn't meet him til we were both 18, the Rochester NY memories of Rochester rock are brilliant! hey! We even had a band called The Quirks! so check it out if you wanna see "The Real Me"; SO glad to have opened for chesterfield kings on 24 march 83, storyville!"...

I am now "following "Jayne Rogers" (whom is Jayne County), a friend of the hospitalized Linda Garreau Highland II and you should "follow" her too! used to read rock scene in Seymour library, state street, br NY (remembering Brockport NY facebook group) and was a THRILL to meet her in '90s (she stayed at my place and used my plunger for Toilet Love atthe MIddle East down!!- ML) after mucho 1975 Brockport, NY "winner by elimination" reading of rock scene column...can we say "culture SHAHK"?!?!?!?"...

Thursday November 12, 2015

Angela Sawyer

Angela Sawyer
Brattle thee-ate-er; angela sawyer from Weirdo records selling you tickets and playing Weirdo-type music! danny fields movie/rocknroll high school double feature; right as I'm groovin' to "Funhouse", "I heard Him Call My name", my olde occupational school printin' classmate John J. Pusateri! (Chili, NY, pronounced: chi-li, like the Chi-Lites!) he's actually known thalia zedek since '85, loooong tail on him movin 'here and me via Bloomington and marines, but Ken Kaiser NEEDS to know John saw Rock On! gittin' printed by me and ALAN BAASE and Carl Biancucci sent away for it coz of Greg Shaw and Crawdaddy '73 and....13 degrees of kenne highland! photo of me and john and wall; yes, he knows greg prevost and yes, he DOES love records! also in audience: wmbr/wzbc djs/betsy badges and a Disc Digger clerk (descended from Roger Williams who found Rhode Highland with "in-cestors; of me and alice cooper!). patricia ragan (she's on music to kill by as "Barbara Q. Ribs") and I met danny fields when ramones played Childe Harold, DC, Friday 16 October 76 and he told her; "move to NY", she did, PUNK magazine etc. there is a still of ed hood, who not only was a Warhol "star" but saw afrika korps! from 1939 to ramones with all those Elektra records artists like doors etc., then the stooges/MC5, a cassette of lou reed lissenin' to and LIKIN' the ramones...I COULD go on but ask me in person! (hahahaha!) saw rocknroll high school with Ken Kaiser in 1980, MAYBE a midnight movie? but Danny Says is required rock GIZSTORY! and he did datebook/rock scene etc. so danny fields basically turnt me onto ALL my favourite bands! (and "ask wayne" in rock scene, but now I'm "following" Jayne Rogers)".

Friday , November 13, 2015


Jane County Rogers
Jayne Rogers (Jayne County) accepted my friend request! the Black Souls WILL be charging admission saying "Jayne County slept here"(see ML's note above, it's now the Acklands' house)! but, like slade sez "look at last nite": me, gee julie, miss lyn at machu pichu watching soccer! (chile 1-columbia 0;"dont cry for me argentina!") run into fireking's smitt e. smitty sans fez (13 points in scrabble!) "down on the street" and we went to P.A.'s Lounge for international pop overthrow. lemme plug Oberon Rose, from Connecticut and look at my notes, written by monkey paw: tall Jack White clone in black hat (Oberon) playing a tele through a Vox with solid rhythm section. very poppy, i even paid $10 for cd and button coz, in a moment of bernie sanders/colonel sanders socialism, they probably needed gas money and when WOULD i see them again, right? Gee Julie made me a splendid breakfast and she helped review the cd (in college she reviewed Human Sexual Response and they gave her a ride home!) so i feel it's first Big Star record with alex chilton as George; first song opens with "my sweet lord"/"she's not there" minor chords...gee Julie: "i like it but why do they have to sound like the Beatles?" (other wives would have divorced me!) so check 'em out, Smitt E. Smitty who HAS been on THE DIRTY SHOW in dee-troit liked them "ahl-so" (also, if you're not from great lakes). richie parsons had some good pop; did i hear echoes of Fresh Raspberries ballads? frank dehler on bass, brother cleve was doin' jerry lee-cum-Mott the Hoople keyboards, he colourises ANYTHING he plays; drumemr was Ed Reimer, who was bass in band 19! (?!?!?!?!) "FEELIN' BLUE AND GREY" was a cover by richard lloyd, richie told me "matthew mckenzie is all over this!" buffalo was beatin' the jets 9-3 when i left (final score was a 27 win for the bills, now 5 and 4!), took me an hour bus/train to "take me back 'ome" (more slade!) and a buncha guys that looked like the chesterfield kings from concord NH went on and sounded damn good but blowfish/keegan were there...concord NH...that IS GG allin's stompin' know I WOULDA asked if they hadn't said on stage 'we're from NH"....good pop from NH and Ct.! very '70s Bomp issue of power-pop type pop and that is a GOOD thing! Greg Allen SHOULD have been on this bill, "ahl-so"!".....

Saturday November 14, 2015

P.A.s Lounge, international pop thang, missed Corrin Ashley but as i told him "mike love liked ya! yer all set!" sat with Trick Wallace, caught Michael Oliver and the Sacred band, Trick and I were the "judges": "it's only love" guitar solo, a slow Tom Petty number with intense organ, some emmit rhode sunshine-pop; is it "be my lover"? Trick said "do ya" by Move! "sweet jane approximately", elvis costello and attractions ending. Trick: "he seems like a Big Star guy"; damn sure wearin' a #1 record shirt! filming for the power-pop movie! The Forz, all age 19-24 (one born 2 april!) start out like muck and the mires playin' "96 tears"; using John Lennon guitars like the cover of Something New; Beau Brummels harmonies, they'd opened for the Woggles but "Psychotic Reaction"!...told Paula from WMFO "they're stretchin' it out like the Spiders!" (alice cooper teen band opened for Yardbirds in Phoenix!) ok, i'm sold! followed by "bad boy", "need a shot of rhythm and blues" and nazz's "open my eyes"! 45 due 3 december, playin' hard rock cafe ass end of the month! Big City rockers: Atlantics songs but the supergroup is Fred Pineau and Fireking! Tony Kaczynski singing "lonelyhearts"? Ken and wmfo's Paula were "dancin' with the 'tards!" (i LOVE to mention Paula and warned her: "fergit lester bangs! i'm truman capote!" "oh, truman, oh truman"-thunders "in cold blood"!) soundman played "better off dead"! John Powhida used Fireking (were they THE BAND? is this my last waltz into insanity? Levon Smitty? Tony Robertson?) John Po and Tony K. REALLY had the Clock Strikin' 10 with their 1979 Cheap Trick influence and harmonies! covers: "forget all about it" from nazz nazz! (red vinyl!) AND ELO's "ma ma ma belle"! (SMITTY ON COWBELL WEARING FEZ!) Trick Wallace on bass and Amber

The Flashcubes
on vocals! I THINK i've seen her singin' country with stan martin? Fireking had a VERY sold Trick/Smitty rhythm section and as I ALWAYS say Cheap Trick with MC5 energy, Smitty fluctuating between Dennis Thompson and Bun E. Carlos. 1.4.5. ALL Syracuse NY boys (Flashcubes!) just a power trio, Paul Armstrong on les paul/marshall, goin' kinda 1968 heavy;tossin' in Beck's "rice puddin'"! goin' "Out of Our Tree" i was....ending was Paul Armstong singing "god save the queen" and he LOOKS like Cook/Jones! ducky carlise on drums, engineered gemini on a full moon. Paul and i discussed the Bills game which he DID watch and he gave me a cd, which i'll review later; i DID mail him a copy of "i love you laurie" back in '78 from turner road, holliston; (where Miss Lyn grew up) readin' the power-pop issue of Bomp..."flashcubes?..syracuse" "dear Paul: I'm from Brockport"..he saved the letter! flashcubes even played the roxbury inn on main street brockport NY! great to see him! despite friday the 13th in france (coast to coast at 0100 was already spreadin' conspiracy theories, of course), I DID have fun! so go to IPO next year, folks!".....

Sunday November 16, 2015

Bomb Squad Larry

Bomb Squad Larry
midway p.m. show: bomb squad larry is olde-school, Blowfish-style punk with Pete Cassani of Peasants on guitar (peasants and upper crust at store 54 sat. 21 nov 15!); Pete used a lot of wah and fuzz so I heard Amboy Dukes/Damnation of Adam Blessing, that kinda 1968 "HEAVY"; he had done Beefy DC, but I forgot if he was Angus or Malcolm? oh wait I think Bill Close of the Freeze was Angus..also, coz other guitarist is a record collector, did a song by the Nots (?). EVERYONE in Salem should see Charlie don't surf (clash cover band) Saturday 21 nov 15 with Ken Highland's Fringe Religion! (actually Greg Allen i do the tribute band!) there WILL be a photo of me and terrydactyl clone "Joe Strummer" (Jim Foley agrees!) and they do first two clash lps great and even the later stuff that left me lukewarm they do BETTER! ("MIck Jones" dedicated "rock the cashbah" to me; he was in the Informers, played Media workshop in '80 with lou Miami/boy's life etc.). "police and thieves' was WAY more exciting than the Police stretching out "Roxanne" at the Rat October '78 (Johnny Angel: "I'm bored; i'm going to the club to see the Nervous Eaters!"). also "radio clash", these guys had a good James Brown and the JBs groove! met mailman carl; 30 December 15 cantab gig? as Notre Dame won and Rocky the Midway pug padded by, Alternative Ulster was a Kenne Highland clan tribute band! kilts/pipes/bodhran/gtr/bass/drums from Kingston NY (Ulster county!), bassist wore first Damned album t-shirt and reminded us he was Scottish (though he said "hosers" too; Scottish-Canadian, I got enuff-a that bloodline)...and olde school punk: "blitzkrieg bop", "London's callin'" (with "joe strummer"), "I am a laze sod", Sham '69, "teenage kicks", and Sabbath's "Supernaut" ALL with the pipes blaring! can we say Dropkick Murphys, only more plaid? also "let's have some Bono hate";Bono-bashing like I woulda done: "grounds for divorce"! I told Nick Blakely (clan Lamont!) that I LOVED 'em, so facebook "like" all these bands, a splendid afternoon!"...

did a double-header and caught John Powhida's international airport; talked to the "REAL" boss of the Midway, and Saturday 2 april 16, my 60th birthday shall be All Day and All of the Night! Ken Highland: This is your life, featuring almost all my lineups and a lotta guest stars. WWIII could happen, caint count on 70! so saw Johnny Black, Cables COULDA had that dictators gig at great scott 30 jan 16. so Cables for 60th, as JB points out "that guitar solo sounds by steely dan". J. Frederick Simas and I watched John Po; Peter Moore on keys, Jim Hagerty on bass and I had a nice talk 'bout "Ohl-binney" Albany NY) and 1313 mockingbird lane (I think that Brood-era '80s). a lotta Todd Rundgren, a lot of Zappa-type quirky subjects, a lotta talk about "upstate" NY! "I don't drive, so I took a bus to Ithaca and was reading about how Strawberry fields was a real Beatle playground, so where was I in 1975 in Ohl-binney? "Ridgefield Park"...also a blue-eyed soul ballad "this is Sylvester meets Meatloaf" I related to this fucken guy with his stories? and AMBER sang some toons: she's totally ellen foley in both orchestra luna and meatloaf, very "operatic" maybe, high/clear vs. Kim Ackland/Black Souls "deep/husky/soulful" (more my style, obviously but Jon Po is damn good!). "the best rock writer in town was Joe Coughlin!...sorry to brett milano, if he's here ...sorry to steve morse if he's here" make this review Meltzer-esque;looks like "Bama was "rollin' with the tide" and this gig was a Heisman Trophy gig! (OF COURSE you get the HIGHLAND trophy, once you win the TOILET BOWL; my basketball skills are ace in dribblin'; ON THE FLOOR O'the batrhroom! Jon Po, many tymes: "i'll be 50 in may!"; hey, i'll be 60 in april; MIDWAY!!!!!!!!!"...


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