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Monday, November 18, 2019

"Sonntag 10 Nov 19. 0130. Coast to Coast AM hosted by Toronto's Richard Syrett of The Conspiracy Show (ZUMA radio, 740 AM, Toronto!) and in mono on my lil gray battery radio I hear Mott's "all the way to memphis" and byrds "my back pages"! lil tinny radio, mono; this guy plays the BEST bumper music, gives you some music FACTS, then discusses extra-terrestial conspiracies etc. I forgot what was the topic. MOTT ON AM RADIO! At noon, Apple Cinema, cambridge, $9 matinee caught the animated Addams Family. Highlights: Lurch and Thing "tri-et" (Three hands?) on Booker T's "Green Onions" (he plays it with two hands, Thing did melody, Lurch played bass). Also Wednesday meets a "normal" gurl and attends junior high, they become friends, so Morticia (my real wife!) is aghast that Wednesday wore COLOUR and not black and the "normal" gurl with Martha Stewart mom (she hooks up with Uncle Fester; there's hope for me yet!) goes "Goth"; Mom aghast but cartoon gurl looked pretty cool! Feel-good movie, see it. Lastly, Mad painter practice. Alex Gitlin is over the MOON with his interview by Joe Vig in THESOMERVILLENEWSWEEKLY.BLOG .Alex debuted a new toon, kinda 1976 Elton John and 1965 Rubber Soul, good pop song. Gee Julie harmonised through a mike so now we can get three-part Uriah Heep/Three Dog Night/Vanilla Fudge harmonies (ALWAYS wanted to do this! Dont forget (youtube) Lou Grammatico and Poor Heart from Rochester NY!). Final "fun" song was "Mammy Blue", which us Yanks know as a Stories song. Schmel herbie Hind doing some excellent guitar and Flynn Young wailin' on drums as usual. Look for a Club Bohemia gig soon!"......

Tuesday, November 12, 2019

"Montag 11 Nov 19. events. 7 pm. "The "Greeks Speak" series will welcome poet, George Kalogeris who will present his most recent publication. Gee Julie and I were unanimous, this guy writes great poetry: just Greece and World War II and an old victrola that the Germans played Mozart on (this after they commandeered his family home as German headquarters, "Nein rebetetika! Der musik ist MOZART!!!"). I want to set it to music! At the reception, spoke with other Greek-American poets about music/genealogy/history....yes, I had a terrible tyme. There. Freitag, ist ein concert of Byzantine music and there's a Greek version of the oud; I mentioned Schmel herbie Hind's oud collection and Armenian record collection "oh you should bring your friend!" My Puritan ancestors at First Church Congregational will demand an EXORCISM! Greek Boston. events and facebook. groups. negreeks which is "Greek Events in new England Public Group| Facebook" should explain why you see culture vultures like me circling around high-class receptions like so-much carrion on the "side of the road/and stinkin' to high heaven!"......

Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Til Tuesday 12 Nov 19. I had a copy on Roulette of The Choir doing "It's cold outside" (covered by Stiv) but since "I have my books/and my poetry to per-tect me" why NOT, in the wake of SNOW_MA_GEDDON!!!!! (sky's either fallin' or cryin',one) why NOT get off the 87 bus in Union Square Somerville mass., buy 13 items at grooves record store ($28! $2 each average so LIKE them on facebook) plus supping at Macchu Picchu next door? i only went home and blasted james Brown 45s from Cheapo records, Mass Ave....TWELVE (I am #13! like The Prisoner!) "liked" my post, score was boys: 8; Gurls: 4 (couple whom were 'involved" and long-sufferings partners of MALE RECORD COLLECTORS!!!!!)....anyway, ye Scalliwags, let's look at me booty! (you also have the option of shakin' or kissing same!): albums by Jesse belvin/ swan silvertones and ike and Tina's 'Nuff Said (album after Proud Mary and all the "soul-rock' versions of rock hits I love so well....really DID like that neo-Sly era! wah-wah guitars and big floppy hats etc)....45s: Jose Viana! ("Latin 45s"). "pictures of lily" AND "tired of waitin' for you"! (who/kinks, DUH!). average white band "cut the cake" (interviewing Elvin Bishop before Skynyrd out Indy Monday 23 June 74,as i drank his Bud, he told his press conference: "I got a dang drummer thinks the sun rises and sets on the average white band's butt hole"....well it DOES!!!!!) ISLEYS doin' "twist and shout". 98.9 (Margo Thunder attended madison Park, Roxbury; yes I DO collect roxbury soul 45s AND I can point you Donna Summers gurlhood home!). "do you love me"-Contours. "got a job"-miracles. cassettes: best of buffalo springfield, a early 1970 favourite since THE last album I got IN THE MAIL (record club) in '69,walkin' through snowdrifts deliverin' papers that were 8 miles high, was Crosby Stills and Nash...and as you're "Helplessly Hoping" I'd shut the funk up: cassette of Zep's Physical grafitti, "bonus track: 'ramblin' riverside" whatever"...dude! some stoner, man,taped the cd onto a fiddy cent homemade cassette! At this point, those homemade/handmade cassettes are becoming quaint 20th century peroid pieces! Either they or I shall end up on Antique Roadshow, yesssssssssss.......".....

Thursday, November 14, 2019

day of Wodin 13 Nov 19. club linehan-a-go-go practice for saturday 23 Nov 19,Geezer's garage night, quincy,Mass. We're doing a Gizmas show so Gizmas songs WERE brought up and Gizmas equals one year of lady Caroline singing! A couple Count songs were practiced and "the beat goes on" gittin' pretty jazzy at end....Kevin Linehan sang monkees "circle sky",I sang Roky Erikson's "I walked with a zombie",John Keegan sang Velvet Underground 'what goes on" and when lady Caroline sang Pretenders "Precious",bassist Joe Quinn got a big bass moment! Business as usual with CLAGG and gigs are: geezer's thanskgiving (23 Nov 19) plus a Gizmas thang PLUS: MIDWAY CAFE!!!! 9 Feb 20! MJ Quirk birthday party!!!! ("27 IF" twice)...Moore details coming! (that means Jody Moore knows the details? and Happy Birthday to my "Scorpio Queen" cuzzin 20 Nov!".....

Friday, November 15, 2019

Thor's Day 14 Nov 19. Leon Rich had his Busker's Night at Outpost 186 and quite a variety! Shawn Deidre delighted with "Love Train" AND "rollin and tumblin",so her jazz-trained vocals on soul and blues was a delight. Leon Rich backed some folks on "barbara Allen","if i had a hammer" and "the Seeger songbook"; quipped Captain Easychord; "From Bob Seger to Pete Seeger"! A couple from Rockíníroll daycare (there are FIVE locations!) had the lady on mandolin and guy on guitar; after we discussed having to censor yourself cussin' 'round kids, but basically that sounds like a very fun job! If i attended, I'd be baby Huey and i aint talkin' 'bout the soul singer! Captain easychord did a tri-fecta of "guilty pleasures" (AM Gold that he admitted to Stacy/DC on Heavy leather topless), they being "welcome back cotter" and Elton's "candle in the wind" and sorry i forgot the third. I always wait till last to close down and I damn sho' did....Captain Easychord did some hillbilly harmony on my bluegrass take on Badfinger's "day after day" (but wait! I got MORE bluegrass/country versions of ANY song with "cowboy chords"!). "Be More Flamboyant" by Captain's request (Friday 24 jan 20, kenne at Cantab DOING ORIGINALS, 617-803-1289 for requests and ya better fucken be there! Lastly, NEW ORIGINAL "arguing with ghosts" for those who have caught me talking to people not visible (yup, seen it many times...sometimes you are even laughing at what they said!!-editor ). verse is kinda Lou but then I ride an A chord like "Pablo Picasso" rappin' 'bout extra-sensory shit but Captain did a solo over my raga/Velvets drone in A that evoked Brian Eno! (on an upright piano)...add John Keegan's Andy macKAy sax...shit! "I tried but i could not find a way!"...Folks laughed and applauded and "your new band is gonna be a powerhouse!"-Leon Rich. wasnt O.rex already in Rock Scene in '76 bands to watch out for? (BEST watch out, that fo' damn sho!).IF I have this date right, Thor's Day 12 Dec 19,Inman Square be rockin'! Leon Rich Holiday Party Outpost 186 while simultaneously at Lily Pad: HAPPY THE CLOWN featuring Schmel Herbie Hind! GLiDER boys gainfully employed that night! Hoping to see you there!".......

Saturday, November 16, 2019

come saturday morning" 0600-0800, I awoke to 88 Rewind on wmbr. they played a survey from 4 march 61 WAAT, trenton NEW Jersey. Dad's great-great-great grandfather was a Revolutionary war soldier from there (landed in New York 1773 from Bavaria, after which, obviously, he said "Amerika First"!). 4 march 61,living in North Carolina (I got lost on an abandon chicken farm) and was a month shy of fifth birthday, entering Kennegarten that I really DONT remember these "oldies" as hits, but plenty of doo-wop plus Maxine Brown/Ben E King/Chuck Jackson "Any day now"!/Shirelles...obviously black music was where it was at! Ferrante and Teicher doing "Exodus",I THINK my folks had this record and there was the Danish guitarist that did "apache"? "baby sittin' boogie"! (DUMBass novelty toon; GOOFY GREATS!). Being locally loyal, Bobby Rydell AND Chubby Checker at number one pretty wells sums up Camelot! (JFK as mister president! does that mean Mrs. X "wants to be like Jackie Onassis/oh yea?"....)....still guzzlin' coffee, get facebook notice that Red House bassist Ronnie Scott passed at 625 pm (I was playing side three of Grand Funk Live Album, diggin' Mel Schacher on "Mark says alright" and you KNOW I'll remember this! Just like "Jack Bruce died";me: "shit i was just lissenin' to Wheels of Fire sides three and four last night!). I first saw Red House st Green Street Station and seeing a black band do Zeppelin's "Celebration Day"? "Holy shit!" (tommy Fitz from the Abbey also having the after-life after party). Red House once jammed at a Highland party, right where Miss Lyn types the Boston Groupie News...I had to pull the plug coz 0100,cops etc. Ronnie and his brother Jay would jut JAMMM!!!! When Ian Wah Groove Wah died, Sandy Beach's house, I was on the basement jammin' drums with Red House (Hendrix meets O. Rex?) coz I ASKED "WHO'S THE ENTERTAINMENT?" ANSWER: "YOU!"....did a 2014 cantab show with Red House and Ronnie gave me a cowboy hat; that was our last facebook message how it looked better on me in Mad Painter than last tale and God bless mike weddle for doin' rat Beach party: I sang this ten minute version of "killin' Floor" with Red House for some anarchy jam, some year, down Hull...well, ronnie "if i dont see you in this world/see you in the next/dont be late" and Jimi needed YOU on bass, so I'll be lissenin!"......


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