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Monday, November 14, 2016


"Leonard Cohen RIP on 11/11, which ONLY Ken Kaiser will grok. it's possible in my "Golden Slumber", George Noory and Coast to Coast said quickly "Leonard Cohen has died at 84"; any type of baby boomer knew, George, also being a boomer, WOULD mention, maybe followed by "he wrote some great songs" etc. SO....I puts on BBC radio ulster, whom are five hours ahead of us, so "if yer callin' from a bar"..well it IS five oclock SOMEWHERE, like fookin' Belfast! I "took out the papers and the trash" (didn't "get any spendin' cash"; der Haus Tier "don' talk back/yakety yak!") and Gee Julie did indeed shed a tear over Leonard Cohen as BBC Ulster was playing "Suzanne". Cohen and my father born the same year, I first heard "Suzanne" on WCMF, rochester NY the year after my dad died in 'Nam ("questions 67 and 68"!); proximity to Canada heard a LOT of Canadian artists on Rochester radio. Boot, th' interview gets bitter (ulster brogue here); "Lynyrd Kohn also had "hallelujah" as th' moost covered song; and thar's John Cale's version" other bloke: "aye, I like John Cale's voice"...."there are no coincidences"-George Noory! The Ghost of Linda Garreau Highland (no relation to the ghost of tony gold!) would CHRONICALLY play Leonard Cohen/John Cale and Momus ("grounds for divorce" only through excessive playing, of course!) and irony IS, since she was also a big Prince fan: THIS YEAR: Prince and Leonard Cohen died ONLY so Linda Garreau Highland doesn't have to hear the Gruberger Brothers with double drums by GG Allin and El Duce do "suffragette city" with Bowie! Pot IS legal now, but, Ken Highland=Ken Kesey, I am "too weird for drugs" (Matthew J. Sabo, Brockport NY High '74, taught me my first barre chords), so all I can say is....FURTHER!""

Wednesday, November 16, 2016


"as Miss Lyn and Gee Julie cooked pizza at Groupie Towers II, I had a "TV eye on me" and watched the REELZ channel. GREAT stuff too! oliver stone's JFK movie, released 20 dec 91; I met Linda Garreau 29 dec 91 and she died this year and I'd never yet seen it! quite gripping, conspiracy theories, relevant today. I remembered all that '60s history as a REAL Kid and nice seeing old footage. My Brockport NY high classmate whom taught me guitar, his brother (RIP) was tellin' me about the Zapruder film back in early '75 when we were (union and $3.17/hour!) "punk rock janitor's. Followed by a two hour Ronald Reagan documentary, his early Hollywood years quite interesting and it seems he ACTED through his whole presidency! As for our current "ruler"; if y'all aint learnt from Gizstory, you damn sho' goan repeat it, so lettuce say, both movies made me think the more things were, the more they is OR even better...when Coast to Coast AM played Steppenwolf's "Monster" one night and George Noory said the lyrics were relevant then and "final solution" to the "final solution" of Trump presidency: smoke legal pot and lissen to Steppenwolf; good ole Richard Nixon rock!"....

Thursday, November 17, 2016

G Jones
"Sunday Mornin' the 13th Comin' Down, Boston and the Big Beat, AM radio ON: to country oldies on WJIB, my $25 pledge and dig THIS: "hmm...sounds like ole George".... and it was...."Treasure of Love" by George Jones 1958, Mercury Records! lyrics online = how happy he were to be livin' with his gal-cuzzin in a "run-down shack" ala "Mean screen" by the Gizmos and guess whut? ah aint never heard this George toon afore! and it's on youtube! AND, next WMBR trivia night: he co-wrote it with fellow Texan JP Richardson! I tried fooling Kelsey Gizmo on the phone with "hell ohhhhh bay-bee" and she went "hi Kenne". answer, fashions by Mister Guy, 300 pound rockers born down south; not Meatloaf or Kenloaf...but...George (former Marine!) wrote "treasure of love" with..the Big Bopper, bay-bay! a year afore he died....also heard "move it on over" so donate that fucken Bob Bittner money: George AND Hank in a half hour and then they went off the air for a wee bit...SO WRCA, 1100, Sounds of India, their final show before they go to WLYN AM 1360 AM BUT: classical Indian music ala Ravi Shankar at Monterey and Mickey Dolenz going "wow"...heard sitars in Help 1965 so THIRTY-NINE years later "Punjabi Dhaba" is released on the Be More Flamboyant cd, though I was actually spoofing "The Gift""......

Friday, November 18, 2016


"don't ask WHY I thought about it but a quick google found out the Bollywood films shown at the allston cinema (where I saw henry miller in Reds!) has moved to apple cinema fresh pond circle. you COULD see four different films in three different dialects on a weekend...SO sunday 13 November, Ae Dil Hai Mushkil, (hindi) it's on youtube sans subtitles, there's ALL kindsa google, all kindsa google about it and the songs are also on youtube. Boy meets girl in London at a disco but only wants to be friends; unrequited love is the theme. The boy studying for MBA is "private jet rich" and asexually hangs out with a free-spirit gurl in Europe, coz "as everybody knows, A is the way!" they end up in other relationships but come back to each other. boy is an aspiring singer, one of his later relationships is a poetess; they record a hit toon about the gurl who, sadly, marries DJ Ali, but then leaves him. "ok Miss Malaysian airlines missing, where have you been?". The toon about her by way, kinda sounds like Les Variations, he's got a GREAT band backing him up. I SHALL spoil the ending: when she decides she needs him, she has stage four cancer, and I did indeed, with my mother's Chilton ancestry, "Cry like a baby" as they go "I friend you" versus "I love you". $11 for these Bollywood blockbusters and Gee Julie met me after so we spent our Whole Paycheck at Whole Foods; in 1977, bought Ramones "I don't care" 45 (covered by Afrika Korps at Cantone's!) and last tyme I even was at this cinema, Pulp Fiction was a NEW movie. Make Mine Bollywood and I can get stoned legally and forget who the president is!"....


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