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Monday, Nov. 14, 2022
"Sonntag 13 November. aint nuthin more borin than laundry! let's at 0800 watch Reelz and a documentary on Rush called Beyond The Lighted Stage! I gotta say they are so NORMAL, canadian,even kinda boring but come across as REAL nice guys, taking tyme to talk to fans and all. Drummer Neal Peart (RIP) admits he was a major Who fan in the '60s; I did like Rush best as a power trio, the synth stuff was just too.....80s! And lastly coz they did a record of covers that influenced them (like i hope to do on!) how CAN you go wrong with the Blue Cheer version of "summertime blues?" One last sidenote: my facebook friend Leigh Stephens of Blue Cheer, guitar, posted some recent music and it sounded like a cross betwen Dick Dale surf and hedrix whammy bar! maybe it's on a soundcloud, :maybe i'm a leo but, i'm not a-lyin!"......


Tuesday, Nov. 15, 2022
"Dienstag Ides of Novembre. I been following an all-woman Deep Purple tribute called Strange Kind of Women. (like them on Facebook!)

Starting investigating the members side projects and tonight spotlight is on: singer Alteria, whom you can follow. She really does project the vocals and emphasise the visuals and could pass for Ronnie James Dio's kissin' cuzzin. "Notizia Bomba! Con questo sorriso qui di dico che il 18 e il 19 Novembre suonero in Spagna con l'Orchetra Filarmonica di Praga nsieme a Mr. ian GILLAN voce storica dei deep Purple" any language 18.11 Vigo Spain and 19.11 Vitoria Spain Alteria sings with Prague Philharmonic orchetra with Ian Gillan,whom sang "smoke on the water". I watched a german concert of Alteria and strange kind of women and she can hold her own; I am Felice for her!"......


Wednesday, Nov. 16, 2022

"day of Wodin! 16 Nov 2022 0700. Cranked up my $15 2020 lockdown copy of Stones Got Live if you want it, bought from Somerville Grooves.

This 3 Dec 66 release has been listed as "proto-punk" along with Nuggets and Love's "7 plus 7 is" and listening through "2000 man" ears, the songs all played at "personality crisis" tempo with Future/Iggy vocals by jagger! I mean iggy singing with the Dolls? sounds like my songs on Afrika Korps Music to Kill By! BUT, the hidden "I forgot' track (had the album as a teen but this MONO copy has a teen's name magic markered on label! TRUE 1966!) IS: 'have you seen your mother baby" sped up AND resembling Thrills' 1978 cantones version! and JUST to quote george Noory "there ARE no coincidences!"".....


Thursday, Nov. 17, 2022

Happy Birthday Julie!
day of Wodin, 16 Nov 2022. Gee Julie and I et at Macchu Picchu, which is near Union Tavern where captain easychord was playing IPO so we were joined by Lt larry Newman/captain easychord and shel pierce. I mentioned Gee Julie's upcoming birthday and they (the peruvians) gave her flan with candles and a crown with the whole restraunt singing "happy birthday"! Try it! eat there!

Mach Bell's health was on everybody's lips AND "Good captain Clack" began reciting Mach Bell's book like it had been burnt at 451 F. to me to exclaim, THUSLY :"Thou art quoting from the Gopsel of saint mach, Doubting Thomas!" (and how many folk have saud "Jesus christ, Highland"....)...lastly Shel Pierce and I went down memory lane; "Miss Lyn? I know Miss Lyn!" (Runes interview in BGN!(yes that was Issue #27 1981-ed)) and "Kenne about 1982 you gave me a couple 13th floor elevator 45s"...Me: "I musta got drunk/i musta got drunk/i musta got drunk somewhere down the line"....GREAT fun!"......



Friday, Nov. 18, 2022

Gee Julie w/Stigmatics
"day of THOR 17 Nov 2022. What better way to celebrate Miss Lyn's birthday besides Afrika Korps live at cantone's than with drummer Al Hendry and "Scorpio Queen" Lucille Mutty (both born 11/17 but not 70)at The Middle East Up. Opening was the Douglas macDonald Clan still rockin' and billyin' like they did at a July 4th cookout in Quincy).Followed by mad Painter whom I must say closing song cover of Uriah Heep's "Stealin'" from '73 WITH the lights and a good p.a., I WAS onstage at Don Kirshner's Rock tv eye on me and Alex Gitlin, keyboards/vocals got all his '70s fetish out of system (til next show!). The Stigmatics were next, Pete loaf wearing a real Kids t-shirt; he invited Gee Julie onstage to sing a couple songs (she sang on on Stigmtatcs cd i produced whilst Phil Spector died.) lastly: New! Improved! "Thighscrapers! Brian Young on vocals, Jimi James on guitar, revolving rhythm section: Al nahabedian on bass AND, looking MORE Flamobyant with her Ronnie Spoector hairdo and eyeliner, MISS SANDY SUMMER! Kickin' ass on Stones "live with me"(spoke to Johnny Black about a Cables reunion and "I was gonna suggest we do this" but DOEs NOT TOP aL'S FUZZED OUT bass and this manic Dollsy version; ditto Stooges "1970" (better than the Damned? DARE I commit blasphemy? had enuff ancestors tied to whipping post in ye colonial trymes). Loadout was about past Boston bands; Sandy Summer i introudced to Bob of Lines Mach II, whom drummed in stigmatics and sandy was inspired to form her band Five-O COZ of the Lines! "Down on the street" Jimi james was mentioning knowing Mach "Get well soon" Bell since 1979 when Jimi was in lady Luck playing Timothy Two's in Framingham (YES! I saw Thundertrain there in '78!) Also Jimi and Al nahabedian went to URI, due north of where my tefft ancestor is buried. LASTLY, Brian Young DID ask: 'will this be in Boston Groupie News?" Shit yeah,ya goddam press 'ho....(insert clown Gizmmoji)".... Write to Kenneth Highland



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