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Monday, November 16, 2020
"Saturday 14 Nov 20, WITHIN THE DAY, I was "friended" on facebook by FANG of Paul Revere and Raiders; I also DO have Mark Lindsay! Both still musically active. Mad Painter still rehearses for studio but HAVE agreed as Uriah CHEAP to record "Stealin"" which you and ELEVEN other people can follow on my youtube page! (My votes went up by ONE! IMPEACH MISTER PRESIDENT!). And, "DO you believe in Magic" (I do!) WITHIN THE DAY Steve Boone, Lovin' Spoonful bassist "friended" me....Again, 1965 NO facebook/internet, I see these guys on black and white tv where you changed the three channels BY HAND...'what a long strange trip it's been!" (first pre-Grateful Dead record was on SCORPIO records!)"....

Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Monntag 16 Nov 20. listening to track 13 on the Asa Brebner I Am Not Gone tribute. This is "take me back" by Ralph Fatello, USMC (butt of M-14 which I went unqualified on, too busy thinkin' about playing cantones): "this is the only WOOD STOCK I saw"/ Vinny band (I was L/cpl Highland, KE, Afrika Corps/Marine Korps October '78, 30 days leave, not "in the hole". Ralph is like a lone sniper, solo on guitar and vocals and is OUT-FUCKING-STANDING! (doesn't look like Joe Shit the ragman like I do!). I hear a Lou Reed "Heroin" kinda intro, but due to Brebner being a sept of clan Farquarhson (Asa took the high road back), the rest is kind of a celtic ballad in D; would sound like the Pogues if you played it at 78 and saw God. Much touching of all is Ralph saying "Goodbye Asa"; he and I both know people on the Vietnam Wall AND in BGN's In Memorium! watching the Chet's movie at regent thee-ate-er is almost ARLINGTON cemetery (there's a nice one on Somerville border I aint been to yet!). I been a handful of tymes to dad's grave in Arlington, Virginny...didn't know six years after his burial on Lou reed's birthday, I'd be listening to Lou AND, since there's a sign to Rosslyn, Virginny, I'd be lisssenin' to Bowie's PINUPS and "Rosalyn"! my father died, all I got was a gummint check, so DONT be a Gummint Jackass: buy the cd, money goes to Asa's REAL Kids!"......

Wednesday, November 18, 2020
"Til Tuesday 18 nov 20. 0100. Coast to Coast AM and George Noory says "our guest will be John Fogerty!" "also listening is Billy Gibbons from ZZ Top". John's ephiphany was being at Robert Johnson's grave and thinking "those are HIS songs" as a Johnson reissue was climbing up charts early '90s. JC Fogarty got back into playing realizing "those are MY songs"...I feel same way, writer versus label. I slept through some, but 0100-0300 was some DAMN fine music, AM radio and mono"....


Friday, November 20, 2020

Ric & Gene
day of Thor 19 Nov 20. Got facebook friend requests or else tried with others and DIG these: Ric Provost, of Thundertrain, sent me friend request; and how's his brother, bassist Gene? ("I keep my Afrika Korps album right next to my Graham Parker albums"). Still Alive and Well and friended me also! Came across "Fang" of the Raiders, bass, STILL rockin' and friended me within the day and then I tried Jezz Woodroffe; he also friended me within the day and HE played keyboards on Black Sabbath's Sabotage (a 1975 WIUS, Bloomington Indiana promo album!) and technical Ecstasy (September '76 but we were all too busy with Live at the rat and/or o. Rex to,sadly, pay attention to Sabbath; NOW, during lockdown, I got the tyme!). lastly, I took a gander at the kenne Highland youtube site and I now have 13! subscribers; to paraphrase Elvis, 13 Kenne Highland fans cant be all wrong "thenk you very much"; Elvis was five foot ten and 250 pounds at death, I weigh WEIGH more than that! BIGGER'N ELVIS, dream come true"...

Saturday, November 21, 2020

Dave Harrison
every day is a Saturday and there's a mad painter practice BUT former Voodoo Doll Dave Harrison, now living in Rochester NY UNLIKE me has a new band out there The False Positives. He sent me a "link" (I only know Link Wray! Met him the once ollsa) which is their bandcamp page and "Closed Circuit TV Romance" is the song and, in the style of my Krazee kensumer Guide one-liners in the WIUS Tipsheet circa 1975, if I'd SPUN this VINYL 45, my comment: "Flashcubes-style power-pop with a guitar solo that goes "All the Way to Memphis""; thusly "The Thing With Two Head's" has "Head in "73!" Best thing I've heard out of western NY since the Chesterfield Kings and the Flashcubes! If Greg Shaw were alive he'd find it "Bomp-worthy". Amazing how frozen isolation begets genius! (e.g. me, Brockport NY, Gizmos songs). ok, gearing up for a Thanksgiving with a Resolved White descendant! FIRSt Thanksgiving of THAt Dead People fact"....


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