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Monday, Nov. 17, 2014

Let's Go TO The Rat "I CANNOT say enuff great things about Let's Go to the Rat at Brattle last night; I walk into Live at the Rat playing, which I heard debuted on WTBS at Groupie Towers, 2 University Road, Harvard Square, Saturday 12 march 1977, blocks from where my Spencer and Blodgett ancestors were in 1630 Newtowne. sat with Gee Julie, Rachel Lee of Psych-o-Daisies, Laura Markey of Noise and John Keegan and MJ Quirk of Gizmos! did we see Bob "the Boob" Colby? "it's either that or it's Jimmy Page" quipped the ever-clever Rachel Lee. Seeing Carl Biancucci on the big screen! Blowfish! my mental fucken cuzzin Miss Lyn! (birthday today; L. Markley queried "she's 50 right?" Go Orangemen!) Footage from my cuzin Jody Moore! (1990-1991 Rat and seeing John, Paul, George and Alpo onstage as Real Kids my first night in Boston seeing the Real Kids!) Pee-cocks footage of me drunk off my ass "we're doin' this becoz we love you!" BEST line since Kenne Rotten said 'don't you feel cheated?" I bought the book also and I have a few mentions, Kenne kollectors (this IS reading like a Wayne County Rock Scene column but my dad, born, detroit, born in WAYNE COUNTY!). ironic - spring '76 at IU for Gizmos= Atlantics at Tufts, DMZ were College Kids (read the mighty Tupper in Frenzy!), so it was "Something in the Air", Speedy Kenne! as usual, I got the last question/word in and DID close down the place coz my talkin' was inherited by my cuzzins, the Blodgetts! (landed July 1635 basically where the JFK bridge crossed "down by the stay-dium with yew", Van the Man...seeing the theatre on the Sabbath; my Puritan ancestor rolling over in ye olde Burying Ground, Mass. Ave. grave!"......

Tuesday, Nov. 11, 2014

Flabby Road It was a dark and stormy night (stealing from Snoopy now; man ,this for the dawgs!) and The World Fixer, Austrian stage, Goethe Institute play was SOLD OUT! So, Gee Julie and I stayed inside in rain and jammed on her Ephiphone acoustic "I'll feel a whole lot better" (Byrds and David Crosby IS my cuzzin!), "smile a little smile for me"-flying machine and I felt I was with Ken Kaiser: "no Kenne, it's A minor/D MINOR then D!" and lastly "Our" song (vs. reginald KENNETH's "your song"!) "kooks" off Bowie's Hunky Dory (GREAT chord patterns!) coast-to-coast AM said, during my "Golden Slumber" on FLABBEY ROAD; "these kids today dont even care that they're being followed on social media"; me neither! I do get entertained by all the KEN-spircacy theories and then they went into some "do you know who the illuminati is"; Jim Condon (RIP) lives! WEZE had some good preachin' ; Alisdair Begg froom scootland wuz talkin' aboot the second commandment and "if ye put yerself be-foor God end oonly think o' yerself, thass a sin!" though Gee Julie and I got a kick on "pootin' entertainment be-foor God" and our joke was: "aye! doont waste the mooney!" BUT, "to keep this ministry on the air"; SEND MONEY!!!! I am in the wrong damn bizness playin' the Devil's Music with the Gizmos...whooooo!!!!...."Testify!"; Bim from Obnox and sunday before rat movie, in Coop, readin', in a hah-vud chair, George Clinton's bio and his tyme in Dee-troit! "I just wanna testify"...first heard by Brockport, NY bar band in early 1975, one year B.G. (before Gizmos!)....

Wednesday, Nov. 19, 2014

Zig Zag Wanderer freezin' ass cold but things worse in Buffalo, NY with 6 foot of snow and no one from Brockport NY called; i.e.: SO WHAT? highlights of Radio Radio: some right-wing ranter on WRKO rantin' BUT rush's "fly by night" playin' in background in MONO/AM radio, diggin' it! (a Toronto band and this snow aint shit!) because WJIB has such crappy reception at 0600, to avoid more right-wing ranting on WRKO after coast-to-coast's conspiracy theories, WEZE has good preachers; alisdair begg was discussing "names" and, he bein' a Scot, joked "alisdair is the Gaelic of Alexander (Liam "Loco" Alisdair and the boom boom band?) and Begg is gaelic for little, so me name means "little beggar" and those that think that..." Gee Julie (Ontario ancestry, like me and KINdred spirits): "what? he forsook Jesus for comedy?"; then Dr. Tony Evans still talkin' 'bout Joseph and Detours to Destiny and how "God might put you on a Zig-Zag from where you THINK you're goin'!"; Gee Julie "Zig Zag Wanderer"? any gal that quotes Captain Beefheart durin' coffee in the mornin' Rocks my Fillmore and "hallelujah I just love her so"! ("brings me coffee in my Grecian echoes cup/well i know/yes i know"...."

Thursday, Nov. 20, 2014

Gun Gel Gunpowder Gelatine FREE at Bella Luna/Milky Way 21st birthday (club opened '93 and this all-female Queen tribute band debuted seven years ago on freddy mercury's Virgo birthday, 5 septembre!) I was sold when they opened with "Now i'm here" and I shall maybe go onto flashbacks of when I DID/do like Queen; "Now i'm here", i bought my lil sister Sheer Heart attack used brockport, NY plus the first two, so I lissened to them after gradiatin' Parris island 25 july 76; of course once i saw the Ramones when i was stationed at camp pendelton, I "changed", though i still followed them even up to recording the Afrika Korps albums! their singer has a very operatic range and also projects and emphasizes the visuals! (in 1980 Ken Kaiser and I had a Queen loving drummer who by that point may as well have been Spinal Tap, but again, in their tyme,!). James Matthew Burns of V, whom HAS drummed with my cuzzin GG Allin, told me that "Brian May" is an awesome guitarist and yes! she's in that Catherine Capozzi mold as fur as technique goes (as in "she's 10 foot tall/and i aint nuthin' at all")."Keep yourself alive" was a senior year Brockport NY High fave (first album) and "Brian" was a-May-zing! met a lad whom had a I-really-love-Queen blog and he had a photo with Brian May at strand bookstore in NYC. they did TWO sets and though a "school Night" and I'm "Hot for teacher", Gee Julie opted to stay, sing along, dance HAVE FUN as = the 12 days of Julie birthday celebration (and we ALL know about the 12 days of Kenne!) I wondered could they do the harmonies and it's a quintet, singer/gtr/bass/drum/keyboard and four-part harmonies on the toons! plus DAY AT THE RACES, i played the 45s on the jukebox at fort meade, Md.; dont ask dont tell! funny how "tie your mother down" sounds like johnny and jumper cables "georgia skinheads must die"...the '80s hits/crowd-pleasers was second set and encore was "under pressure" into "rapper's delight" into "good tymes" and by then I was dancin' BETTER than James Brown! "rappin'" (what is this? the 1975 fucken WIUS tipsheet?) with bassist Allison after, whom looks "wicked familah" to me, she said "oh yes you've been around the scene a long tyme" ("you're killin' me with tribute"!) and we ascertained we'd seen each other around the abbey lounge (RIP) and midway cafe. Gunpowder Gelatine IS on facebook and next gig is Johnny D's somerville,friday 12 december...yes, that IS Real Kids at midway...SHOULD I tell John Felice "well i wanted to see you BUT...." (always insert classic rock band name "guaranteed to blow your mind")"......

Friday, Nov. 21, 2014

Lynyrd Gizmo Harvard Film archives is showing Jacques Demy films, Museum of Fine Arts has another French di-rector; Brattle theater showing all these 1939 black and white classic films, saturday night is not only alright for fightin' BUT is Song Night at the italian-american club in Watertown Mass put on by Mike Lyons,who is "Glen Buxton" in Alice Highland (AND a Joe Coughlin clone!) He "asks/assigns" a toon to somebody to learn, MJ Quirk on bass on a LOT, good to WATCH him play; besides some Grand Funk and black sabbath in set which i'm glad to WATCH/play, I been assigned "the ballad of curtis loew" and "the needle and the spoon" by Kynyrd Skynyrd. Lynyrd Gyzmo plays Chicago a week later with four guitars and Eddie Flowers and I DID see Rossington/Collins/Montrose play "Freebird", Indy-nap'lis, Monday 23 june 1975 and what Queen song WAS on the charts then? (read Queen's discography on Wikipedia and Gunpowder Gelatine, all-female Queen tribute Johnny D's, somerville,friday 12 december vs. Real Kids the same night? hoots, mon, kin ah clone meself like thet Scottish sheep Dolly?"....

Sunday, Nov. 23, 2014

The Rods song night at italian-american club in watertown is BLOCKS from School of Rock (Anderson Mar,RIP) but this classic rock STAR-STUDDED "recital" was full of "grown-ups". started out with a jam on "whole lotta love" me singing with rhythm section of MJ Quirk on bass and Richard Mirsky (wayouts) on DRUMS! Tom Leger of Brooklyns is in rat movie backing up Willie (he drummed in Fighting Cocks with Jamie Jetson, Gulcher artist!) He and Mo Brooklyn did some more Zeppelin. Mike Lyons,"best guy evah" and "Glen Buxton" in "Alice Highland" is one of the Mentors of this, playing guitar/bass ALL NIGHT! Watertown's ONLY Turbo-Negro cover band played (highlight of night!); the Hixx guys did an ace frehely and lords of new church toon (everyone does couple songs). "sweet leaf" and "snowblind" by Sabbath had a female Ozzy and Lyons-guitar/quirk-bass and Gee Julie's cuzzin, Sabbath Drums doing Bill Ward "spot on", as they say in Brum! (that's birmingham and i don' mean Alabama!) followed by me singing "ballad of curtis loew" and "needle and spoon" by Skynyrd, only I belt it out gospel/blues style. speaking of Mo Brooklyn did a black crowes toon where she sounded like a Black Rod Stewart, so check her in The Rods, a Faces cover band with Tom Leger on drums! need to pair Mo and Kim Ackland together, two of the blackest Irish-american soul singers i know...maybe they're black Irish?!?!?!? hahahahhaha! all jokin' aside can't wait til NEXT song night! and whatever Mike Lyons, as Nelson Riddle, picks out for me, the Chairman of the Board/Bored (true to Sinatra form, I NEVER fucken rehearse and i still bring down the house! of course, I'm on-stage even while sleeping!"....

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