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Monday, November 20, 2017

"0200 saturday 18 nov 17, Ken and Gee Julie lissenin' to coast to coast AM of course! George Noory's guest; Howard Bloom, book, how i accidentally started the 60s. when i woke up he was goin' on about how he could have saved michael jackson; further lissenin' he worked for a buncha folks but when Kennedy got shot, was in a kubbutz in israeli! need to see if this coincides with solomon gruberger's uncle phillip berg who became madonna's spiritual kaballah guru...conversation i remember most; natalie cole/phyllis hyman/chuck mangione late '70s LA ALL running into the bathroom together...."why would two ladies and a guy all run into the bathroom together?" Not Chuck Mangione?!?!? the rochester philharmonic played brockport high school maybe '72 but he did have that smooth jazz muzak hit around same tyme as Music to kill by got released. i was standing in formation marine guard NSA heard it the once and over our lil rec center, was a jukebox with Foreigner 45s. Lydia Lunch and i never sold out and NEVER had that kinda success nor she and i EVER run into the bathroom together! (nor have we met!)".......




Tuesday, November 21, 2017

"saturday 18 nov 17 AXS on my $10 direct tv app on I-phone V: the making of LA Woman! such a great Doors album. kind of Behind the Music; "love her madly' is in A minor (I spent more tyme playing b-side "you need meat (dont go no further)" which is an OBVIOUS influence on "(She wants the) Keilbasa"); Robbie Krieger's gurlfriend was always tazzing (MY REAL WIFE!)
so "dont you love her as she's walkin' out the door?" shit THAT was the backwards message! Ray Manzarek, Army vet and RIP, also ADMITS he riffs on Blood sweat and tears b-side "house in the country" (played on WCMF rochester NY back "then"!) for the keyboard solo; Ray playin' a Vox Contiental also, very Lyres. "LA Woman" alledges Jim Morrison, like Lou Reed, inspired by raymond chandler novels ,crime, dirty underbelly of city be it New Netherlands (Lou) or city of angels (Jimbo). and "mister mojo rising" is an anagram for Jim Morrison. lastly ,on my facebook wall, Jimbo and Herr Drump (mother was a Macleod) BOTH hail from same Outer Hebrides scotland island! AND Jimbo favours his great-great plus yours truly. Johnny and Jumper Calbes/Brood, Rat, i had hair/beard/sheepskin winter coat and captain PJ ran around saying "LA Gizmo!!!" let's not forget Marc Benno on rhythm guitar and when they got Jerry Scheff,Elvis's bassist, to play on the album,Jimbo was besides himself! lastly, R, Meltzer's book 'Ho like the rest or whatever is called, when Jimbo died, R. and Patti Smith got drunk listening to LA Woman. 1971, 2017, I advocate BOTH! (sic)"....

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

"0200 day of Wodin 22 nov 17. right before george noory coast to coast AM had linda moulton howe on to talk about JFK assasination (dad's grandfather Byron Grant Highland born same day 1886, salem michigan), the ABC news said david cassidy had died. tri-fecta: AC/DC guitarist/charlie manson and now david. "broken hearted bopper"s (Guess who toon) everywhere were patridge family fans (idea stolen from Cowsills, more talented band! just ask TOM TABER!) but I was a fan pf david's solo stuff. I think i heard "rock me baby" on AM Rochester radio and the Big Beat and sneered as this Teen Idle getting "heavy" but with a heavier arrangement this IS a fraternal twin to black oak arkansas's "hot and nasty"! James mangrum still alive and well! Jim Dandy singing "rock me baby"! well allllll rahhhhhtttttt.....around this tyme Metal mike saunders was trying to convert me to Bubblegum and the butt nekkid truth and fergot how i heard this album but David DOES cover two rascals toons plus bessie banks "go now" (covered by Jo Jo laine (RIP) ex-husband). but now david cassidy album discography on wikipedia says the higher they climb on RCA was a july 1975 release and i actually reviewed it for the WIUS (indiana unversity,whom also debuted the Gizmos the next year) Tipsheet. Now THAT was a GREAT summer: me and eddie flowers lissenin' to first dictators plus nazareth/zz top....and david cassidy? Beach Boy geeks (hand raised;they're cuzzins to me): produced by bruce johnston (a lowland family in ole scootland) and "darlin'' is covered and dig THIS: carl wilson singin' with david on the ORIGINAL "i write the songs",though david's version, 1975 memory fueled by dunkin' donuts ,remembers it as more eric carmen-ish than barry manilow version. I was lissenin' to this before picking up the PO Box 635, bloomington indiana 47401 Gulcher mail? not with eddie flowers around! "be bop-a-lula' also covered but what impressed me most was david's solo in "when i'm a rocknroll star"; i've seen david jamming, pretty hendrix-ian actually, again locked into bubblegum role when he wanted to be heavy. RIP and next week: adventures in Amishville Pennsylvania! "livin' in amish paradise"-wierd al/krazee ken!"...



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