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Monday, Nov. 24, 2014

Gore Vidal and I agree! "1939: Hollywood's hottest year"! yes, this Brattle thee-ate-er series has All Kindsa Gurls that are Celluloid Heroes! (John Felice/Ray Davies: two STELLAR songwriters, next to me, of course, and CHUCK BERRY!!!!). The Women has Joan Crawford as a perfume counter gurl cheatin' with a High Society feller; her final/BEST line: "well, it's back to the perfume counter for me....this room is full of females more fit for a kennel" (paraphrasing, but if you know Greek, she said they were skelas!). Gee Julie met me for Ninotcha and Greta Garbo was Absolutely Fabulous as a Commie in gay Par-ee who falls in love with a bourgeois, capitalist brigandine (not sure if i use that word right, but he was a party, devil may care type of dude, kinda like me!) in the end, her Commie dogma doesn't hold as she realizes that The Decline of Western Civilization is where it's at. The Brattle calendar also lists that "Garbo smiles" and when she gets drunk on champagne, she REALLY "loosens up" from a Puritanical Commie (huh?) to a "Woman of the world and god, she knows it"....(aerosmith reference c/o Song Club, Italian-American club, watertown, mass.!) lotta good Brattle stuff comin' up, I bought a discount pass and there IS a cure for the Wintertyme Blues!".....

Tuesday, Nov. 25, 2014

L'Univer de Jacques Demy , a great docu-men-TERRY ('dactyl?) at Harvard Film Archives, "Godard taught me all U know" or similar quote, Jim Morrison on set of Peau D'Ane, Harrison Ford screen test for Model shop, CATHERINE DENEUVE and (typically French), an interview with an a'mour "we were discreet on the set and i shall be discreet now!" (subtitles).Gee Julie wants to view Hiroshima Mon Amour (on Pearl Harbour/Mark Giroux birth, day!) and also recommended The Pied Piper, 1972 with Donovan and Jack Wild! Harvard Film archives, check the calendar, $9 cover = a case of beer, why watch TV eye/mean screen and git Cabin Fever/Boogie fever/Wintertyme Blues?! (I also stay INSIDE when the sun shines and prefer going out in the cold when "I wanna see the sun/blotted out from the sky"...."Paint it Black, you Gizmos!" ) (we will in Chicago Saturday!)".

ping pong booking and for the Gizmos (exclusive!) and Marvin P. Goldstein; just wanna add that as is tres important for those wantin' to book the Gizmos AND, of course, some kinda BGN link (Wray?) would be good, i wanna use the tenets of Freemasonry and apply 'em to rock'n'roll and connect everything underneath, "Subterfuge mission for U-baby

Wednesday, Nov. 26, 2014

On the road again and Canned Heat vs. Willie Nelson! (I'll take Bob "the Bear" Highland singin' this'un!). Gee Julie and the Gizmo leave Boston on thanksgiving, arrive Chicago Friday and Gizmos headline the Empty Bottle saturday night. leave Chicago Sunday for Rochester NY; arrive Monday, take a 20 bus to Brockport ,NY, visit, Ma, sister, cuzzins (ALL one and same!) and don't leave Rochester Til Tuesday. internet access limited BUT "for a gud tyme" call 617-803-1289 for "live on the road" coverage with Ken Kuralt and/or Ken Kerouac and WMFO Crash Course for the Paulas WMFO, Tufts WILL get a call Saturday afternoon from Chicago! 2015 with our booking agency, I do, indeed, hope to be a "Busy Man"! quot;.....


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