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Monday, November 25, 2019

"saturday 23 Nov 19, Geezer's garage Night Quincy Mass. I arrived in tyme for Joey Fingers on piano as he and bassist did "Help Me" (as did Ten Years After) and my theme song "dont get around much anymore". Upon arrival those Scaliwags from Quincy appaluded me AMIDST shouts of "Kenne Highland!" (the WHOLE club!) so I announced my 2020 candidacy to IMPEACH MISTER PRESIDENT! A full Irish breakfast and the sounds of BubbaLoaf’s lot of funky wah-wah like Black Oak's "swimming in Quicksand" plus lotsa Zappa-esque changes. Sylvia (singer) will have a jazz record out as will Mike (guitar) also; at the Fours in Quincy near the ole Granite Rail. I enjoyed the ethereal female harmonies of Bayou Boy orchestra and wah wah on "round and round we go". Doug macDonald was fantastic, as usual, opening with "Tippy-toe across the street"; "Southie Terranium Homesick Blues" stream of conciousness "on steroids" (Schmel herbie Hind) with Bo Diddley/Cramps-type guitar. Tokyo Tramps rocked the blues like Robin Trower and I have a club linehan-ago-go set list! "love and flame"-Lady Caroline sings the Count; Lou Reed's "I cant stand it anymore","Peter Gunn", to which i know all the words, Kevin Linehan on drums sanf Monkees "circle sky"; lady Caroline worked that drunken crowd during Pretenders "Precious" ("not me baby, I'm to precious" know the rest!) That Scaliwag Sara joined us for Velvet Underground "what goes on"; Lady Caroline's "Of Yesterday" always rocks. Mike Quirk and Lady Caroline duetted on Ray Charles "hit the road Jack"; kev linehan-drums/joe quinn-bass, Highland/Quirk-guitars, Lady Caroline-chanteuse and John Keegan-sax. Stones "respectable" from Some Gurls, Caroline sings Linda Rondstadt's "how do i make you" and I blasted through MC5 'black to comm". Future/Gigs: saturday 21 dec 19 back in quincy mass; 31 dec 19-Cantab/club bohemia-9 pm and sunday 9 Feb 20,Midway cafe Mj Quirk birthday! hope i see y'all there!"......

Tuesday, November 26, 2019

sunday 24 Nov 19. Mad Painter celebrates drummer Flynn Young and singer Gee Julie's birthdays, both of whom got new hair styles!. Diggin' in a box from a deceased gurlfriend, I gave Flynn ("Mr. 80s!") A Flock of Seagulls 45; "wishing (If i had a photograph of you" b/w "Commited" UK picture sleeve! released 20 Oct 82; "if my memory serves me well" (Leslie West version of "this wheel's on fire"!) Columbus weekend I recorded "creature from the bergen swamp' at Radiobeat studios, case of $4.99 Blanchard's Beer! Sorry, Flynn, that's MY '80s! Alex Gitlin/Ken/gee Julie getting those Uriah Heep/Vanilla Fudge/Three Dog Night harmonies down real good and Schmel herbie Hind adding some blazing guitar solos! Lettuce mention gigs: saturday 28 dec 19 Brian Young's WMFO show; friday 12 jan 20 10 pm club bohemia and now..........Mister M. Bliss HAS, under legal counsel, decided that Thursday 2 April 20 will be Kenne Highland's "will you still need me/will you still feed me" birthday! Speaking of food, PLEASE donate to a food pantry, THAT is my New Year's diet plan! Mad Painter has the 9 pm spot! (they're reading it now!) Why? Flynn Young's dad was in Silver Star and the Jukebox Angels whom played my 1997 birthday at Kirkland Cafe! Mickey Bliss wants us to "party like it's 1999" so Lou Year's Eve (the Count's title!) is FREE coz all you mofos are freeloaders as it is! or "Liggers" British slang/Brett Milano band. Thinking of doing same for more varmints/Third Rail and/or other bands playing, so if you Still ALive and Well, come down to Kenne at the Cantab! Shit, I'll be doin' this shit as old as was Lil Joe Cook (my 1998 birthday party!)".....

Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Monday 25 Nov 19, got a 0630 call from Andy Pratt; "avenging annie" was a 1973 June hit whilst I was jamming with O. Rex and watching Alice Cooper/Flo and Eddie AND Secretariat won triple Crown! ("why are there more horse's asses than horses?"). Whilst watching the Pats game over the phone with the Count, he came up with Lou Year's Eve at the Cantab. Micky Bliss and I are doing a FREE CONCERT (who needs the hell's Angels when you have Jean Claude Van Damme Jr.?) 31 Dec 19. We COULD have Leon Rich/Frank Rowe/Club Linehan-ago-go/Love and Flame/Kenne Highland/ Andy Pratt. FREE admission but Gee Julie will take money for liberal/animal causes, I'm sure. (has a cashbox!). other Kenne news (damn, I LOVE this!): under legal counsul, G. Steven Anzuoni, Esq. (pro-Bono! I'm actually anti-Bono and U-2,but PRO-Bono, hell yeah!): "well Kenne, your birthday is a thursday".."will you still need me/will you still feed me!"...tryin' to regain the good ole Monican Lewinsky '90s here...lastly, Kenne band: me/Mike Quirk/Schmel Herbie Hind on Plan Nine guitars; Andy Excuse-bass; Al hendry (played with Bob Cenci!)-drums and maybe we'll even rehearse! Not sure bout John Keegan and horn section for New Year's, but birthday, I sure hope! Brian Young show Saturday (already happened) and....Johnny and the Jumper Cables practices! well, guess what (records!): Bowie: "Sorrow" b/w "My Death",'73,RCA,JACQUES BREL...bought it then coz...."my head's in.......'73!!!!!!!!!".....

Thursday, November 28, 2019


Friday, November 29, 2019 day of Wodin and Jimi's birthday 2019. Ken and Gee Julie check out open mike at the Jungle, Somerville, only "regular dude" wasnt there so it was just us and two bartenders til some young folk trickled in. Being the only two customers in club, I have a card: thejunglebooking @ plus 48 hours previous was Metal Monday! Good bar food; little does Gee Julie know that was her birthday meal; hoots mon! Onto Easy Ed at Brass Union whom said "I see you've been buying a lot of records lately' so we compared our vintage record players! (I'll send photo). Place was PACKED with young'uns and as I walked in they were showing James Brown on Shindig! I sat with Greater Boston record Collector djs such as easy Ed/John Funke/Jimmy "dirty old Boston" Boticelli and Keith from Rockit Records, Saugus, who told "Mrs Ed" (UnClean Justine clone from DC): "you know Kenne wrote "jailbait Janet" for the Slickees" (keith from Delaware and Slickees legend LIVES on!). Todd Purple introduced himself, saw my Bruins jacket (why do i wear it? COZ I'm COLD!) and even knew Bruins stats! I only like it when they fight with the Canadians on the ice....A $200 record was spun (I DAMN sho' didnt buy it!) and "Dirty Old" Boticelli (maybe) told me the version of "Nobody But ME" spun was ISLEY BROTHERS! (meaning i only heard Human Beinz version in this life til then). Last but not least from what I remember, a raved-up soul version of the ole gospel "Do Lord, Do remember Me" had EVERYONE up, shaking booty, etc, drinks in hand,"Round Midnight...always nice to mix the sacred and the secular like Brother Ray! "if the good lord's willin' and the crick dont rise" that might be it for the week, outside of a thanksgiving viewing of GRETA,"a psycholoigcal thriller" which maybe I let Miss Lyn comment on".... (Wooo boy Greta was awesome!! Psycho Hungarian lady pretending to be french lady becomes insane stalker of young girl in NYC- fingers get chopped off, people get roofied, poisoned, IS a thriller for sure!!- ed)
Easy Ed's record player
Kenne's record player


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