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Monday, November 26, 2018

frigga's day 23 nov 18. ken and gee julie caught kurisawa's seven samurai at brattle (7 pm) which let out in tyme to go to plough and stars right as The Handymen were covering Cream's "Deserted Cities of the Heart" to which, if i WERE Wayne County (where my father was born in Detroit) I would, indeed, have "CREEM in my jeans". The Handymen played Matt Burns of V's 60th birthday 2014 and maybe february next MJ Quirk brought back club linehan-ago-go....SOME of the cover ideas are same and let me praise "Krazee Horses"! (I had to tell Jimmy Boticelli, a MAJOR record collector that it was a 1973 Osmond Brothers hit plus 9 july 74 Cub Koda told me travis Wammack was on guitar). fucken Jim Janota thought he was playin' Zeppelin's "imigrant song" on drums, Bonzo-ing all over, Jim Haggerty on bass. Tony Kacynski keyboards/vocals, Chris Cote-guitar/vocals,Charles hanson playing excellent lead AND (A Gee Julie FAVOURITE!) melissa Gibbs out-Patti-ing Mrs Sonic Smith on "Gloria"....I'm a HORSES ass if it werent excellent! Too many covers to list (Tony put list on facebook) BUT their next Plough gig is Friday 21 dec 18, to it, I play a "private party" in Quincy (contact me c/o facebook for the NSA meeting place; Spy vs Spy. hint: Geezer's garage night, location to be obscured coz of...."Reasons"! a song i havent heard the handymen do....YET!!!! "it's magic" by Pilot was enuff!)....oh yeah,Tony kacynski singing "changes" off black sabbath volume four;a Hopelessly Obscure cover! ok, so either see me "somewhere" in south shore or go to plough and stars, Highland/Hanson, either way it gonna ROCK!!!!!!!

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

saturday 24 nov 18; after work got to midway afternoon show, Baylies Band was doing this two-chord 'waitin' for the man" riff (two guitars and bass) as the singer ranted on, funny as hell....only caught the one number but LIKED it! Figure From Ground are from Malone NY (hometoewn of Bob Mould, Husker Du; lil adirondack town north of albany that i AINT been to). They had four electronic keyboards/synths ala Kraftwerk, lots of experimental sounds. There's a Russian emingre lady who, besides synth, bangs on a banjo and does other notable things (otherwise it WOULD be four geeks staring at synths like Kraftwerk!) I talked to her/friended her/she thanked me for coming down and she also coroborated Alex Gitlin (mad Painter/A5) tale of Russian sailors smuggling in records when the wall was up....still need to get my Cold War medal....lastly: FABLE GRAZER!!!! (facebook>Fablegrazer) "experimental improv collective. yes!!! I know Ken Kaiser was opening for Keytar Bear so he MISSED this but the lads were in good form; Hofner bass doing all kinda Beefheart-ian thumps, Bob Moores on his Miles Davis/Bitches Brew trumpet PLUS guitar and drums (somebody didnt show up; suprised I wasnt drafted!) and Mark Drinkwater did guitar and drums. There were THREE songs performed, LOVE their LOOOOONNNNGGG jams since we played with Grex at lilypad (a Gizmos/MX-80 gig if there ever was one!). "chatting" with mark Dinkwater afterwards (a Cold War PLOY as to how to get secret information! I DID guard the NSA!); Figure From Ground will return once the Adirondack snow melts; they had played the Hearing Room in Lowell the Friday night previous (I done velvets covers there and there's rumour of Alice Highland in the land of Kerouac!). So a show i wanna plug is Til Tuesday 8 Jan 19 (two days after Kenne Highland/Mitch Murphy at tavern at end of world 5-7 pm!). It's Elvis's birthday and Mark's Blue Cheer/Sabbath heavy rock trio playing the Midway. opening act; a buncha circus freaks swallowing swords etc; Mark: "the opener IS the headliner!" if My sweet Lord's willin' and the crick don' rise, like Michael jackson: "I'll be there!" ("just look over you shoulder honey!")"

Fable Grazer

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

sonntag 25 Nov 18. Natalie Flanagan open mike tavern end of world; I have a GIG! sunday 6 jan 19, 5-7 pm, unplugged me with Mitch Murphy of triple thick opening. I DO encourage EVERYBODY to come down and sing along with me, requests etc. Hendrix's birthday, I did up from the skies/crosstown traffic (unplugged!), a howlin wolf version of yer blues, if drinkin dont kill me, pale bluegrass eyes...the list IS endless. Gee Julie's birthday was the Monday so we went pub crawlin', we did, to the Cantab and very seasoned musicians of colour doing Motown whom I've known, like 20 years: Bobby mac from way back (Marvin's "pride and joy" was his callin' card), a newer younger brother did the Temps "I wish it would rain" but when Richie Rich got onstage,he tore that place up! It was like a soul version of Johnny and the Jumper Cables (I was like Elvis watching the gospel singers and STEALIN' moves!)....there was a funky medley of theme from "Shaft" (wah-wah was superb), a superb trumpet player then a medley of a couple Temps toons, but fucken "Cloud Nine" blew my muthafuckin' mind! All those single parent Motown toons appealed to me coz we wuz the country version of that when ma was between fact, I think of the late great Mark Giroux when i hear "Papa didnt know the meanin' of work/he disrespected mama and treated us like dirt...I'm doin' fine on Cloud Nine!" maybe "papa was a rollin' stone" was the other....Sly-influenced Temptations aint no joke! LIKE Ritchie Rich and 24 karat funk on facebook, lotsa videos, old school covers (my Dad didnt graduate Cooley High '52 in Detroit for nuthin'!) and the footage of Funkadelic's "Maggot Brain" covered live AND Ritchie Rich hangin' with george Clinton....just ask Ken kaiser, when I was stationed Charleston SC, all the Soul Brother marines called me Doctor Funk! I AM funky! smell it too"
Richie Rich and 24 Carat Funk

Thursday, November 29, 2018

Kenne dancin' photo- Gee Julie
"Til Tuesday Hendrix's birthday, 27 Nov 18. Slade's bar and grille. "the vocal jazz cafe. every tuesday night 730-1130 pm featuring frank wilkins rollins ross & friends plus dj and open mike set with the band. NO COVER". Frank Wilkins discography at discogs. Discogs>artist>246561-Frank-Wilkins this piano player is no joke! amongst his production credits are a lot of Beantown records 45s AND a Teaneck NJ rap record 1980! (worthy of a Brian Coleman-ish panel/article etc). So a Gizmo walks into a bar, mixed-race DNA c/o Henry Dorton, Morgantown, WV Revolutionary War soldier of colour, checks out the scene: retro-bar, once owned by Bill Russell and I expect to see John Shaft and Foxy Brown walkin' in (" all right").....Gee Julie joins me for her and Jimi's birthday,the wings are INFAMOUS but I got fish, rice and beans and collard greens..."make it funky"? damn sho smelled funky after I's done! Frank Wilkins band (piano/bass/drums plus percussion and steel drums) reminds me how pre-Bad Brains, they had a return to Forever-type jazz/fusion band and THEN they heard the Damned! way it should be...a lot of professorial berklee beatnik jazzbo older gents there diggin' the music; FINALLY I'm LIVING On the Road! (my copy "is on the top of "Dirty Eddie" Flowers shelf"!). Band takes break, but then dj Ken and Gee Julie dancing to Michael Jackson (photo) gene Vincent leg actually felt GOOD and folks of my generation up on the floor STILL dancin',so I FINALLY got to be on Soul Train ("after I watch AB right before Soul Train"). An artist who looks like the Former Prince,furs,earrings,pony tail got up on the dance floor and "He's the greatest dancer'. 9 pm,a "school" night but gee julie "boogie oogie oogied til she just couldnt boogie no mo'" and WILL be back to Slade's! "We are the only real people"! No Hipsters! well,the bassist had a man bun....."and the Gizmo had a beard" ("swalbr"-jack Bruce #1, if Jay Gruberger still alive he'd me LOVIN' it!!!!)"

Friday, November 30, 2018

day of wodin 28 Nov 18. club linehan-a-go-go practice for friday 21 dec 18 "private party" ("write me" i give you address),some christmas "rock" toons....Lady Caroline espoused her love for Carly Simon and Led Zeppelin! hmmm....we nusta had same 1972 albums BUT...."you're so vain" in a minor wins the "I know who they're ripping off" Solomomn Gruberger award for "I know who they're ripping off!" (40 hours of NO sleep december '73,partying in harrington park NJ!)...KEVIN Linehan-ago-go went-went tro the Plough for me so here's the 411 on the wednesday Plough blues jam; saw Jim Seery, Triple Thick heading home, he DID tell me at Bob Colby's goodbye that he's the seems a 28 year old kid hosts it, they pass a bucket "hey we gotta tote all this gear here" SO support hungry, starving musicians! (like me...i "really" look like i'm starving!)....Young kids mixed with older Cambridge gents; I believe Miss lyn is "not fond" of "hippie blues jams" but some good seasoned players who probably got into blues during the "white college boom of late 60s" (e.g. Cream: "crossroads") all, pleasant enuff and kinda sounded like early Paul Butterfield albums aping Chicago blues...hate to compare but the ole black cats i jammed with at the cantab....well, Ken Highland will have to be AT LARGE there next! My december calendar filling in good! one gig but still "seven day weekend" of fun, so see y'all around and "come along if you dare""

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