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Tuesday, December 01, 2021

"Sonntag 28 Nov 21. four pm after my Willie Loco nap. Part three of New edition bio-pic! starting from 1990 or so (I googled one of the solo records). Drugs/drama: Bobby Brown! Miss Lyn even ADMITTED "That's my prerogative" was good song and the close caption lyrics basically meant "I can any where...where I chose!" Punk ethos in New jack Swing! Roxbury Groupie News facts: "Candy Girl" released same month I recorded dark Carnival's "Best Friend"! Royalties from Throbbing Lobster: ten bucks! New Edition get off tour: $1.27! Maurice Starr; a shyster equal to Colonel Tom Parker! (elvis lived in council flat also!). "don't quit the day job!"- Ken Hensley, Uriah Heap (of shit) (a Solomon Gruberger/ O. rextasy joke!). 8 pm; (make that 6-8 pm for New Edition...'and Kenne doesn't even know what day it is"....after busting my "better than James Brown" moves like I used to do 25 walbridge street, allston ca. 1981 to my Hot pants 8-track, the spirit moved me to dance to the 2021 Soul Train awards featuring artists of whom I knew naught! dancing video HAS gone viral! it's Ken Ken the dancing machine! JP morgan can bang my gong "anytime at all"!"......


Wednesday, December 02, 2021

"Dienstag 30 Nov 21. caught Citizen Jane ("crime/drama/thriller) on youtube. based on true story of a crime-solving lady. BUT (and this IS music related!) "Meatloaf Aday' is this GREAT lawyer; good acting! "55 meat loaf movies, ranked best to worst"...didn't know he was so prolific! Fight Club #1, rocky horror #2....this movie not listed but 12 sept 2009 is release date; TV movie (looks it) "TV Eye"!"...


Friday, December 03, 2021

Freitag 3 dec 21. TWO items: Dino records called and WANTED to do vinyl on the Flamboyant follow-up cd but a year's wait so it'll be cd. "I read mad painter's drummer was sick so you didn't play Sunderland mass": Kevin Smith not only reads BGN but takes out ads in Ugly Things! (part two of my Laurent Bigot interview!) AND eric pouille avec Paris and Sonic Trip podcast played some Gizmos and O. rex and that era; merci beacoup!

Saturday, December 04, 2021

"Saturnalia 4 Dec 21. I have been remiss in reviewing a Micky Bliss cd c/o Varulven; dated 21 aug 21; mad painter at Midway that night and Afrika Korps at cantones (on Gulcher!) that date 1977. I used to see Micky Bliss ads in the noise/Beat (BGN was on hiatus then but damn sho' come strong! like "Brenda Lee's "comin on strong") til I met him 4 July 91. Discogs; lists two 45s which he now sings with Johnny & The Foodmasters! (also on here). "cocktails for 2", "video lizards", venus dressed in plastic garbage" and "trapezoid" have Micky Bliss on SNYNTHESIZER! SO totally '80s like the James (RIP) 45 and/or anything by Figures on a Beach or any band that played Spit "then". Gee Julie had me "hangin' on the telephone" and said "is that Iggy? sounds like Iggy"; sez "was Micky" BUT as an influence I might say Iggy Bowie/Berlin/ "Nightclubbin'' etc; "get the picture? yes we see". Also a joy is a 14 minute five second interview with Micky by Audio radio talkin' 'bout "dead Boston clubs", playin' with Lil Joe Cook...ALL that before my tyme here since I didn't "land" til 12 March 77 (meeting Miss Lyn on her cuzzin Kerouac's birthday..."there ARE no coincidences"-George Noory! Ok let me be like John keegan and toot my own horn (I LOVE the sound of the baritone!): mad Painter doing a video Thursday 4 pm south shore same place Thighscrapers did theirs. The Saturday next 2 pm mad painter interview Brian Young's show. Laslty, 26 December 21, Boxing Day, Newburyport Brewing company, mad painter and Kenne Highland's air force SO what BETTER purchase for Boxing day than BOTH volumes of the Asa Brebner tribute! I think there's a mess around in there...I'll sleep when Warren Zevon's dead!"......


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