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Monday, November 30, 2020

Sonntag 29 Nov 20. stopped into Somerville Grooves (my only out and about musical At Large) for small business day or somesuch (Screamin' Lord Sutch?) and "Mister grooves" (Grooves owner, Charan Devereaux to you) Stooges: Live at Goose Lake 8 Aug 70. funhouse was released 7 July 70 (bought my copy October 1971, Vince's record Shoppe, brockport NY) and basically this is Funhouse, LIVE! Band is So tight (VERSUS 31 Dec 73 Academy of music, NYC or the Metallic KO album). I cannot rave enuff about this album! It's a short trek to Reptilians From Andromeda (Istanbul Turkey)! This was followed by the Focus album with "Hocus Pocus"; this dude plays all my old '70s albums! Turns out he was on WZBC in '80s; I knew the early '80s guys but he did know Dave Smalley of DYS (it IS a SMALLey world isn't it?) plus Dave Herlihy of O. Positive (whom, John Sox and Pete Lost had the manics, dave was in John Paul and the Sartes! I met him in '81 when Streets opened; Sox had to pretend he was Miss Lyn!)….ok THAT was the highlight of my day".

Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Monntag, 30 Nov 20 and Saint Andrew's Day in Scotland.
Jaime Talia is opening a record store in Marblehead mass. (there should be one in Salem and Mystery Train is in Gloucester).

Pleasant Village Records - 191 Pleasant Street, Marblehead, mass. inside of Pleasant Village, second floor above Cindy's nails and Wags and Whiskers. Not Village Plaza its the smaller plaza before Village Plaza on the left coming into marbelhead. thurs-freitag: 1-7 pm. sat/sontag: 11-7 pm. Monntag; 1-7 pm. Tuesday/Wodin day 3-7 pm.

is that 42 hours seven days a week? " better work!"- RuPaul Charles Andre, distant cuzzin of Cory Booker. Lotsa folks from Boston music scene excited; PUT YOUR FUGGIN MONEY WHERE YOUR MOUTH IS! About 1998, my distant cuzzin Linda Garreau and I were shoppin', Mystery Train, mass. Ave. and somebody said "I was just listening to Hello World the other nite….your kenne,right?"....reasons to shoppe there!"....

Wednesday, December 2, 2020
day of Wodin, 2 Dec 20, four months til I'm 65 "don't wanna be alive/ when you're 65...and kenne's back home with his beatles and his stones/ shoppin' at Somerville grooves...nowhere to move, I'm a dude yea!"...ok "let's live for today" and after Midnight express theme at 0500 signaling end of Coast to coast AM, it's brew that coffee and grab the remote! "Winner By Elimination"...Turner Classic Movies, Smithereens released 11 Sept 82! What a different world then AND story of "jersey Girl' goes "punk" so NYC looks like the NYC ken Kaiser and I used to leave jersey for also. urban decay/ '80s mention of Ronald Reagan! Richard hell is in this movie! (Miss Lyn has a tale....)...This movie IS on youtube (Spanish subtitles!) AND, since this is a "punk rock" movie, > Movies > smithereens says it "features 10 songs from artists like The Feelies, The Nitecaps , the raybeats and Richard Hell and the Voidoids". Lastly, there's a scene in the Peppermint Lounge, which I may possibly have passed out in whilst roadie-ing for Slickee Boys opening for The Blasters! About WAS a magical tyme!"....

Thursday, December 3, 2020

Sunday Morning" 0639 29 Nov 20. Von Aybike celik Ozbey von Istanbul Turkey und der sanger mit Reptilians From Andromeda. from lp Must be Destroyed. on youtube: "Don't trust Any". (and on Bandcamp) THAT sentiment equals my own "everybody's a Lyre" and koko Taylor's "never trust a man"(and "Everybody Sucks But Me!"-ed)! "Deniz Felder played the saxophone on this song". I promptly friended him and he did likewise! listen to the youtube and to me it echoes X-Ray Spex. Ken Kaiser and I were reminiscing march 1978 seeing X-ray Spex at CBGB's (same weekend Kim Kane of Slickee Boys told Miss Lyn about 999!). (I remember distinctly standing in the living room in Laurel MD and Kim Kane held up the first 999 album and said "Miss Lyn I think you'll like this one" - and we put it ont he turntable yup he was SO right!! And I remember that night seeing X Ray Specs, I pinched PolyStyrene's cheek and said "You are SO CUTE!!"-ed.) I also told our John Keegan to listen to said sax and he DID have Reptilian from Andromeda stickers; "they're on my bari(tone sax) case"...EVERYONE needs that merch! (plus BGN masks and date books!). Reptilians COULD be album of the year but there is that 1970 live Stooges album"

Friday, December 4, 2020

Steve Garland
"Freitag 4 Nov 20. Tomorrow, in a Nor'Easter, heading to Lowell Street Studios to record three backing tracks on Lil Richard's birthday (WHOOO!!!!!!). But, sadly, I just got a 2008-era Washington DCene "passing'. Through MY SPACE, I be-friended a college DJ in northern Virginny, Sean Epstein, whom played the Gizmos (I am grateful for any and all airplay!). We agreed to meet in southern Maryland at a party the Slickee Boys were playing at; I rode with Mr and Mrs Martha Hull (my cuzzin!) but her husband, Bob berberich, had drummed in Grin and we'd watched some youtube of him on Midnight Special! "Surprise Surprise", the Slickee Boys asked ME to sing "Jailbait Janet" and Sean's video man was Steve Garland (RIP this week, age fiddy, so young....)...Sean interviewed me, Steve videoed and it's STILL on youtube, which obviously, I discovered in 2008. Only met with Steve twice more; Columbus Day recording session in northern Virgnny, youtubed and comments from Larkin38: "sounds like O. rex"; that was Solomon gruberger! (RIP 2012). Close to Christmas, brought Jody Moore down there for more recording; I was late coz I was watching Alexandria Virgnny Scottish Christmas parade! (Jody Moore did a VHS of this....did I see clan Maxwell?)...we took Steve for indian food at a strip mall (cheap studio tyme payment! as in FREE!) and crashed with Mr and Mrs Patricia Ragan, whom I got to celebrate a birthday with! (Me; "this is excellent! you're still complaining!" she wrote for Punk; STILL alive and well!). I joined facebook in 2009, friended mister Steve Garland and his brother broke the news...well. hoping he blesses all future recording sessions! "Saint Stephen"!"

Saturday, December 5, 2020

Kenne is in the studio today. You'll hear all about it next week.-ed


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