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Monday, December 4, 2017

Burnt Out Case
"saturday 2 dec 17, was lissenin' to BBC four online radio, loving it. a presentation of A Burnt Out Case (1960) by Graham Greene. a radio drama done so well i want to actually read the book and NOT a fucken kindle! plot summary on wikipedia but i'll short it; famous architect wants to become Hopelessly Obscure. So he goes to a Congo leper colony late 1950s?!?!?! He then meets a palm-oil plantation owner, all British accents, then a journalist blows the whistle on the Hopelessly Obscure architect. There's also a lot of catholicism in this (as was the author) and i wont spoil the end of architect taking off to the capitaol with plantation owner's wife (though nothing "happens"). one last wiki fact: tiny bouts of contentment: rare film footage of graham greene in the belgian congo march 1959. Ma has a picture of Dad smiling his "landmine' smile in between two African chieftains when gabon got it's independence couple years later. To quote James Douglas Morrison, same Scottish ancestry as Herr Drumpf: 'remember when we were in africa?"... or worse yet to Ken kaiser; "remember when we were in Afrika (Korps)?"......


     Tuesday, December 5, 2017

"sunday 3 december 17. AMC Common at Noon (1:40 pm actually) Pan-Asian film ("I wouldnt pan ANY of them"-Gee Julie) is.....The Swindlers! Korean movie like it on facebook coz they give you the plot....Like The Grifters, everybody's tryin' to chisel each other with Ponzi schemes (Ponzi in Korean is....Ponzi! I LOVE furrin movie where all of a sudden you hear blah-blah-blah GOOGLE or blah-blah-blah Facebook coz those Amerika First brands DONT translate!). there's a "ragtag gang of scammers": two dudes and a lady, who uses her cleavage to distract a clerk during a jewlery heist! All in subtitlted Korean! I call them the Mod Squad but Peggy Lipton, though '60s sexy, was more prudently dressed! and reading my facebook wall notes, there's a touch of James Bond in these swindlers also, mostly due to elegant attire, shaken not stirred, "you're so FUCKEN suave!"....oops wrong movie!). and soundtrack geeks: "theme song is a boogaloo version of shaft" (me quoting me 48 hours ago). sounds like a Tele playing funky licks, taste of wah-wah, plus jazzy/funky organ (Hammond perhaps?) and those everloveable horns (when they sound like Chicago Transit Authority accenting the Mauds "soul drippin'", I am in HOG heaven!). sadly, at this sunday matinee, it was me and an asian couple, so three bodies does not a hit movie make as folks are watching Hollywierd pablum. Next Sunday I aim to go catch an asian film again! plus when i got out the movies my buffalo bills app said Patriots 23; Buffalo 3 so hangin' at north station Bills bar would be more depressing than passing out dog-ass drunk in my black clothes lissenin' to the Cure".....

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

"sunday 3 dec 17; now i had went to park street congregational (1811!) that morn but with Stewie's meet and greet, that bluidy rabbit was more popular than Jesus! (DID THOSE heathens at Kaiser Stadium II take communion that morn?!?!!?). But my Real Wife is.....Alexis! Gee Julie said "play some cajun zydeco" but this Hal-ene (2001 movie reference, female gender) doesn't recognize musical genres; Ken Kaiser
Kenne at Large
Kenne and Gregg
Photo:Gee Julie
had to say "play Queen' s "bohemian rhapsody"" and the Kenz became Kenz World as Gee Julie and WMFO's Brian Young proved that North Shore/South Shore, Queen knew NO boundaries! (even Brockport NY back in.....'73!!!!!!!!)......Next up, Ken Highland WAS at large, but was NOT busted by Jayne Mansfield's BUSTY Law and Order "dotter" (Gee Julie: 'tahk like western NY, collapse oll thih volls"). After a Hello World debut of "dont you want to be on the winnin' side" (Highland-Condon, c. 2017 Gizmo Music BMI); Crytpic Edge's keyboardist (Gregg Zoske) gave it a 95; she could dance to it! I tried showing via Alexis where i stole from the sonics's "the witch" (me: "a-lexa, play thuh witch bah thuh sah-nix"; like My Fair lady, 'er bluidy diction is impecaable! "I'm getting married in the morning"! forget Glendora;"the wind cries.....alexa"....)....Next up, and you can follow all my Drumpf-like tweets on my facebook wall: I go "uh-aix-a;plaiy Bluh Chairs "out of focus" and sure as shit, that "summertime blues" b-side, covered by x blank x, was playing like it was 0700, 1982, comm. ave., brighton! i neglected that Kaiser asked alexa to play "calcutta" by lawrence welk; me as Mach Bell :"dont give me no lawrence welk!/I gotta Rock!!!"....tony kacynski, Figures on a Beach, via facebook, NOT at Party of the Century (last century's party with R. meltzer and dick manitoba, read gulcher #0); "out of focus" is my favourite blue cheer song!" Let's sample THAT with Figures on a Beach! the Cheer's "rock me baby" followed, as did "fethers from your tree"; intro chords stolen for Korps "do the touch", martha hull autographed cd on Gulcher! lastly, after fifteen people (13 plus two?) LIKED my "antics", Ken Kaiser writes: "Now all my devices will only play blue cheer and the music starts automatically at 0700 at full blast. Highland! I'll get you for this!";sounds like Klink and Highland! my answer ("anybody's answer", 1969 GrandFunk rules! Blue Cheer influence!): "Ha Ha said the clown"! (a manfred mann cover by the yardbirds, b-side "ten lil indians' written by Nilsson Schmilsson!".....

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Return of Quirk
The return of the Q!
Photo:Gee Julie

"wednesday 6 dec 17. The return of the Q! (BGN headline!) after some Sickness (MJ Quirk played with Larry Lifeless?), Club Linehan-A-Go-Go returns, doing a Geezer garage night saturday 16 december, granite street cafe, quincy Mass.;an Albanian owned breakfast eatin' place that has been putting in Albanian music; wicked close to where i lived (past tense), quincy's spiritualist church and of course WMFO's own Brian Young (the Thighscrapers at an Albanian restaurant? I COULD make it happen!). Two new songs: "sookie sookie" first steppenwolf album, me and the Q double-singing (or is the word duet?) it like either the Black Souls or ZZ Tops "beer drinkers and hell raisers".....hangin' on that 9th chord and doing the Michael Monarch (guitar) climb, Light Dawns Over marblehead; slow it down and it's "purple haze"! and my favourite Jimi is his pre-Experience r&b gigs. the other toon was Elvis's "merry christmas baby", recorded on a cell phone; sounded pretty good! O. Rex on a cellphone, that's what we need! I was faked out, the Q almost did channel elvis, the joe quinn/kevin linehan rhythm section had a good bluesy groove and John Keegan on sax and me on BB King-cum-Jimmy Page solo, a lot of sustain, playing SLOW I learnt from Paul Kosoff of Free (Andy Fraser, RIP, facebook friend!) DO go to this gig! Music, only friend, until the end....(and the Lizard King wins a Nobel prize for lirks (lyrics) with me!".....

Friday, December 8, 2017

"rounding out week and return to music even: on that great day of WODIN, ah-lington thee-ate-er has sneak preview boys from nowhere; I'm in it, but priority is practicing Steppenwolf's "sookie sookie" for Geezer Night, Granite street cafe, quincy. But....beep beep beep beep beep beep....Helskinki Groupie News! Pete TNT asks what are my lyrics to "amerika first";after listening 1000 tymes caint figger 'em all out; THAT is my Out of Our Heads mono copy Jagger enunciation! Reason: they're doing Killed By Death/Bloodstains acrost US covers, much like Sweden's Sator did a PINUPS style "old punk" album featuring"kiss of a rat", with my 2% Scandinavian DNA, that's TWO Viking countries covering Gizmos songs! Pete TNT supposed to supply band info and youtube of cover; MOTO on tour in finland, they sent a photo of some kid in leather jacket with Gizmos logo. So Vikings/Gizmos, "rain of death" Broken Jug Deutschland AND...dat-dash, dot-dash, dot-dash, dot-dash, dot dash" Flensburg Groupie News:: Pierre le coutre sprechen: "not to forget the 1983 O. Rex over by eric hysteric/erich knodt RIP: Video on YouTube of eric hysteric-Kleine Susie! YES! He covered the song AFTER "califawnia gurls" that I drummed on, O. Rex's "Suzi"! pierre did this: to high(land) lite: eric hysteric's Wasted Vinyl label, VON FRANKFURT. cassette of Wasted Vinyl label, A TASTE OF WASTE, "sub-sub-sub rudimentary Germanicized cover of a tune by O. Rex about Suzi quatro. o. rex brooklyn-based '76 project of Kenne Highland of the Gizmos (whose dad had Deutsche roots both sides; MY quote!). O. Rex's lone homemade single is devastatingly rare and has never been reissued....most simple, lo-fi adoslescent records also notable is its tune "my head's in '73"....So for the WTBS arselochs that "Laugh at me" back in '76, kuss mein esel und scheudenfreud ist gut for du!"....

"at the risk of never being played on WTBS again, how cum the Krauts GET it and fucken MIT geeks dont? I deserve a Nobel fucken WAR prize!!!! O. Rex finally gittin' their due! Schadenfreude!!!!"....



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