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Monday, Dec. 4, 2022
Saturday 3 dec 2022. WHRB 95.3 0600 0r so: Lou Reed orgy! Turned on after Coast to Coast AM and caught the Squeeze album by velvet underground; Willie Loco was in the Velvets then (see photo below!). Chronologically, the first RCA solo album and I believe I have covered "Cant stand it anymore' in at least THREE different combos! transformer, always a classic; berlin: a lester bangs' fave and the piano intro on "berlin" echoes "Lie to me" by mad painter! Rock and roll animal, always a fave; I've played the Hunter/Wagner bits with both Fred Pineau and gary Soprano. lastly, after my Lunch with Lydia: "I saw Lou reed on the sally cant dance tour in rochester!". late '74, i couldnt get anyone to go to Syracuse....NOW...LOU HEADS!!!".....

Tuesday, Dec. 5, 2022

"Til Dienstag 5 Dec 2022. Gizmos formed 5 dec 75; "rain of death" recorded 5 dec 82. 2022: Hugh masakela orgy on WHRB! wikipedia reminded me that's HIM on trumpet on Byrds "so you wanna be a rock'n'roll star" and "lady friend" PLUS Eric Burdon name-checked him in that Animaslls 45 i had of "monterey" (hmmm....why do i namecheck all this is near to me?). What did I enjoy: "aint no mountain high enough" (Motown cover) off his 1968 album the promise of a future. also on album, as i remember was "grazing in the grass', released 12 march 68; didnt i see the Blue Cheer on tv then,man (played "army" with schoolmates for my 12th burthday 2 apr 68....oh wait I STILL do that!)"......


Wednesday, Dec. 6, 2022
"day of Wodin, pearl Harbour Day 2022. orgy session continues on WHRB! (do i say how much i "like" it?). 1970s jazz fusion! The classics! "here's from Miles Davis ______ Brew album"..censored that AND during Lou reed orgy, "giving head" on 'walk on wild side" censored...were we really freer under Richard Nixon?). This is TOTALLY Al hendry, drummer, at berklee music whilst I was struggling through ramones songs....Return to Forever/ weather report/chick corea et al.....I been diggin' it all day! A shoutout to WERS in '80s when in the afternoon they had "The Fusebox", nothing but jazz fusion. When I worked at marty's Liquors lotsa berklee "cats" listened to this, partied and even auditoned for Blockyard! (read your back issues of The beat! Bring Back the '80s! Ace Diamond, Bunratty's and Ronald Reagan!)"......


Thursday, Dec. 7, 2022

8 dec 2022, day of THOR! 0416 as I sing "The old man bladder blues", coast to coast AM say 'with doctor smith and the robot, the extra weight saved the spaceship from the meteor shower"....vas ist los? das ist herr Wilhelm Mumy von Lost in Space! seems like nice guy, talking to phone-in fans. A lot of memories of his career; he's done more TV then movies! From Lost in Space to Hendrix's "ESP" (maybe I bought Arschlocks Bold as Liebe in Flensburg Deutschland whilst Saint mach Bell saw Jimi in framlingham mass; know ye! tis written down in The Gospel according to saint mach! (link to book). Micelf, i always liked the Robot"......


Friday, Dec. 8, 2022

Friday 9 Dec 2022. kenne kalendar. Kenne Highland air force records saturday 17 dec 2022. Captain easychord plays Portland maine mariners hockey arena Friday 30 dec 2022. mad painter and Johnny and Jumper cables resume practice after holidays and I'll post next years year!"



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