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Monday December 7, 2015


Holly Woodlawn
"I HATE the Jets" said Ken Kaiser as we watched the Patriots game in Keegan's barn; Giants stadium in NJ from Teaneck NJ is equi-distance of boston to foxborough. having known Ken Kaiser since 11 feb 77 (a Friday!), I NEVER knew Ron Johnson had been to his house playin' cards with Mr. and Mrs. X! Jay Gruberger's replacement in the Korps (MJ Quirk) knew lotsa sports trivia aboot him and of course Elston Howard lived acrost the street! (I tried that'un on Muck Mire once, he knew of elston's baseball career) the Boston Groupie SPORTS REPORT was Bills won, Pats lost. good practice for Korps AND Alice Highland, i have become R. Meltzer or Highland S. Thompson (gonzo gIZMO jOURNALISM!) AND mj QUIRK playin' Millie Jackson as he drove me and drummer Matt Burns to MTA"

Still I'm Sad dept.: Bruce Arnold from Orpheus mentioned passing of his friend Rusty Evans, a lotta musical accomplishments BUT RUSTY (RIP) wrote "5 years ahead of my tyme"! (third bardo!)...and Jayne Rogers (County) sendin' a lotta heartfelt Holly Woodlawn messages; John J. Pusateri SHOULD know spring '73, after my life saved by rocknroll, Rochester NY station, i DID buy "walk on wild side"b/w "perfect day", so THAT IS "holly came from Miami, FLA"...RIP both!

Tuesday December 8, 2015

Born this way

Born This Way


Eddie B., who usedta spin Sweet Soul Music at the Sugar Shack, stopped by this office the other day, loving retirement from day job. we began talkin' 'bout rare soul records, as usual, and here's one Rene Sampson MIGHT have spun at the Other Side: "Born this way" by valentino!; I was gittin' stoned and lissenin' to Sabbath in Brockport NY whilst the clubs in the city were playing Other Side type pre-Saturday Night Fever disco (which, like ANY music, is better "underground" than commercial mass appeal). the point on this song is it came out AFTER Steven Grossman, but pre-dates the Village People by 3 years! (as in, saw village people on tv eye Halloween '78 in brighton, mass., chiswick road maybe even; and a dude was outside walkin' 'round dressed like a tree! also played Hello World for Margot Chelquist (RIP): "Kenne, you sing like Mach Bell"= noddy holder=lil Richard! (true source via Sir Paul McCartney)...JUST to NOT kenfuse Ken Kaiser, so "Born this way" is a rare MOTOWN release, though there was a Motown remake in '77, i believe and let's also not forget the Dynamic Superiors; youtube has a December '74 soul train performance, but again, brockport, Sabbath, weed...I missed out on all this great soul music livin' with classic rock crackers!".....

Wednesday December 9, 2015

Korps setlist: jailbait janet/winner by elimination/best bette/cave woman/amerika first/kiss of a rat/mean screen/twin cities of the mind/rain of death/don't get fresh with Mr. X/aint got no designs on yew/nobody's gurl (Patricia Ragan of PUNK birthday shoutout!)/the progression (with plastic Bertrand!) I sang/ken Kaiser-guitar, MJ quirk-bass, matt burns-drums, john keegan-sax, percussion; video by Donna o' CLAN MORAY, give us a fucken gig and we'll do setlist to ORDER! (as in requests!). mark drinkwater of fable grazer whom offered gigs, bobbing head and smiling.

Baylie's Band from rhode island: their Kenne was an interesting cat; had a MOOG that Kaiser drooled over and they opened up like an ARF ARF psychedelic band, maybe like Moving Parts? also guitar/bass/drums and singer played MOOG..."we're gonna do a captain beefheart cover"...Men in volts? jiblantos doin' "zig zig wanderer"? nope! "run paint run run" off van vliet's doc at radar station (1980!) thoughts of Arab on Radar and MX-80 were agreed upon by me and Kaiser...Kenny noticed the guitarist had a "fluffy doo-dah" '80s Haircut 100 haircut...a little Human Switchboard....Doors recitation (maybe second album)...Gee Julie called from rocket from the tombs as Mr. Moog announced "we're gonna do a song by brian eno"...the Look usedta do the one about the eternal wheel, but this was fucken "baby's on fyre"! SO glad my great-great-grandmother Highland is an ENO descendant (and God Bless Britain for accepting escaped French Belgian Hugenot refugees!) lastly robin trower's "bridge of sighs" and "fluffy doo-dah" on guitar tossed in Jimi's "3rd stone from the sun" making LESS mistakes than Ted Nugent did in "baby please don't go"..."when the music's over", put on "1983 (a merman I shall turn to be)" as Kaiser and I shot the shit about musical influences with Lenny Lashley (opening for dictators on Ma's birthday 30 jan 16!) at bar"..

Baylie's Band merch table had a book Mr. Moog wrote, plus t-shirt plus rest looked like a rummage sale of books and cds;I bought a bunch-a Fiddy cent horror books; Mr. Moog also plays with Peter Prescott (the Molls) and lives in New Bedford, saw Vatican sex kittens new wave café new Bedford valentine's day with gluons bassist as sound man...VAT was debut of mark drinkwater's power trio, guitar/bass/drums, lotsa fuzz-wah in stooges/blue cheer/dust vein;i enjoyed 'em but like the Kinks sing: "gotta get the first train home"! look for Bailey's band and Mark drinkwater at out of the blue gallery soon!"

Thursday December 10, 2015

GIZMOS WORLD TOUR: 25/26 june 2016, Burger records fest, Gizmos COULD be playing, plus a return date in Bloomington, of course and YES! I'm takin' the bus to Oakland, cali.! the stops read like "route 66"! eddie flowers: "On the Road II for boston groupie news!" age 60 and I aint tellin' you our guarantee but it'll be worth travelin' cross-country leadin' a low-life in support stockings! (Holly Woodlawn RIP and friend Jayne Rogers/County; read her writin' in rock scene in '75 in Brockport NY and she REALLY has a lot to say!"

Friday , December 11, 2015


Butterscott canceled due to Sickness (leave Larry Lifeless out of this!) get well soon joel simches! hangin'with mickey bliss lissenin' to jazz, then he pops in Sgt. Pepper; concerning his 9 December birthday: "will you still need me?/will you still book me? when you're 64?";he said my phone message sounded like Bob Dylan/tom waits but was in key!

\alice highland set: long way to go/be my lover/school's out/dwigh frye/muscle of love/18/desperado/caught in a dream/no more mister nice guy/is it my body/under my wheels.

next gig cantab Friday 1 april 16 with club linehan-a-go-go! heard the Mickey Bliss 45 from '80s AND James Brown's "shout and shimmy" and if Black Souls don't cover it, I WILL!!! G. Gordon Gritty was guitar/bass/keyboards electronic noise; nice guys, i dug 'em but had to bolt, doctor's appt. on Friday morn: lost 15 pounds, diabetes went from 6.8 to 6.3, all kindsa other good stats thanks to GEE JULIE! I even have a weight chart telling of weight loss and I told the doctor: "oh, that's when I met Julie!" 20THIRTEEN;a lucky 13 for me! ok, "this is not a love song", "I want you to know what love is", that WAS my last gig for year BUT I'm lookin' at more from alice highland/club linehan-ago-go/the korps/johnny and jumper cables and GIZMOS next year, age 60..."the best of kenne highland?" as James Brown says "No, coz the best is yet to come"! wahhhhh!!!! good God!!! gonna get down with some Bob Both sounds of James, recorded where Hello World was!

Saturday December 12, 2015


Mr and Mrs Taz
Ken and Gee Julie amused themselves watching Loony Toons on-line; sylvester boxing a kangaroo and then the ole Tazmanian Devil of course! Mrs. Taz was all made up with lipstick! aint nuthin' better'n cartoons! at midnight, WRCA 1330 AM had the electric comedy hour and I SWEAR I heard a cheech and chong routine with a "stoned-out" dj and they said his name was Bob Bittner! need to research that! then with our All Night Party, at 0300, I insisted on Coast to Coast AM with the topic being did the 1969 moon landing REALLY happen...that'll be debated like JFK, that author said it DIDNT happen and I gave Gee Julie a wee bit of Highland info: Alan Bean astronaut, clan MacBean, DID leave some MacBean tartan ON THE FUCKEN MOON, so clan literature calls it "the MOON tartan" BUTT (cheap joke comin', run like hell!) :when William Wallace had his men lift their kilts to King Edward at stirling bridge, THAT was the moon tartan! Alpo: (when he was alive, obviously!): "when I saw that in Braveheart, the first person I thought of was Kenne Highland!" Alpo DID read this column, he still does, he DEMANDS a gig with the Korps and Corolla De Ville on the North Shore!".

Sunday December 13, 2015

"despite an afternoon of James Brown's '60s King 45s, I ended up being "Too Tired" (Hopelessly Obscure on that $20 arf arf e.p.!) to catch Strangehold in Somerville...BUT 8 pm, tooned into my Good Guy buddy Jimmy Jay on WMEx (MONO, man!) and heard the Beach Boys "Bluebirds over the Mountain"! (Charlie Manson wrote a toon on 20/20;"Legion of Charlie's"..."oh, i gave that to Eleanor";Gruberger patter right before O. Rex's "califawnia gurls"!) Jackson Five "never can say Gudbuy" ("t' jane"?); a dj in Portland was FIRED for playing Elvis's "white Christmas"! love these '50s facts!; debut of a TRADE MARTIN toon; "dream lover"; Jimmy clanton's "venus in blue jeans" (he opened for sha na na march '72 SUNY Brockport; judd Williams, willie loco, stompers and elvis Costello have all graced that stage!); speakin' of 1971 Brockport: Hurricane smith "oh babe what would you say"!, ending with "poetry in motion" and "rockin' robin"! (this reads like my 1973 in praise of AM radio in rock on, copies in boston owned by biancucci and pusateri!) 9-11 PM WMEX has a DISCO SHOW! heard "aint no mountain high enuff" and also evelyn champagne king's"shame"! 11pm, WRCA country oldies: dave Dudley's "6 tons of toys": a santa truck-drivin' toon! also bill Anderson's "Po' folks";I usedta be ASHAMED my grandmother Blodgett with no runnin' water and an outhouse got a "handout" from the Clarkson NY congregational church for Christmas, so I DO relate to rural poverty! Coast to Coast WRKO, of course: Haunted Girl: esther Cox and the great Amherst mystery; this is Amherst, nova scotia! then she moved to Brockton, mass.; a lot of poltergeist talk; just call me Hans Highland! 0600-0900 is gospel with skippy white on WRCA ( I TOOK NOTES whilst "caught in a dream", so slim and supreme angels "give me my flowers" while I'm livin' and then WJIB COUNTRY MEMORIES: "flattery will get you everywhere" (this white trash woman needs some self-esteem!) AND "I think there's somethin' fishin' goin' on" coz of Her Cheatin' Highlands "Fishin' Trips"....yeah, like my dad combin' his hair to take out the garbage in North Carolina (isn't it my half-brother's birthday the 16th, tomorrow?) that's it for this week, i have NO gigs til Friday 1 april 16 but MJ Quirk and Mickey Bliss WILL "show you that you love 'em, show you that they care!"

from Tontielo, Richard J. Rooney has passed on, that's CHET, Mister Last Call...what can I say? lemme begin at the beginning: September '83, hopelessly obscure and time beings at Rat, Chet said "I came down SPECIFICALLY to see YOU, i heard you were good"...humbly, I DO agree with him, but many gigs later...maybe i'll have some flashback tales to tell as I'm wont to do, but I guess numero uno is I met Pat of smithereens there at H.O. gig late '84; when I told Pat I knew Frank Lima, I got "oh no!" (usually they say that about me!) is Mitch doing the door at st. peter's gate before you enter Chet's FINAL call? smoke a doobie, brother, lissen to coast to coast with George noory and see if Chet speaks to you from beyond at quincy mass. first spiritualist church


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