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Monday, December 9, 2019

"Sonntag 8 dec 19. WHRB. The saddest songs ever written orgy! Harvard Coop. read Flea (Red Hot Chili Pepper) book Acid for the Children: A Memoir: 'is mum's soid were Cockney went to Oz! He came to the States age four. born same month as Captain easychord! (more important than his musical career; sorry!) Mad Painter practice, that's Alex Gitlin-keyboards, me-bass, Flynn Young-drums, Schmel herbieHind-guitar, Gee Julie-vocals!

Gigs: Brian Young's WMFO show saturday 28 dec and club bohemia Friday 10 jan 20. Great practice. we want to record. NEED GIGS, so as Deacon Richard Soul said on WILD "call me call me call me!". 0350 Monday, Coast to Coast AM; WEIRD fuggin' shite about how Lee Harvard Oswald had a body double as did his Ma! (coast to coast AM site). 0500 WHRB. Murder ballad orgy! Ken and Gee Julie lissen to Joan Baez sing "Silver dagger" BEFORE the sun comes up! (The Darkness is awesome!)....I'd say that was a good weekend!".....


Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Monntag 9 dec 19. Monday Night football on WAJR, Morgantown, west virginny, followed by Coast to Coast AM. Climate Change Perspectives was 0100 to 0300, but the second hour was whack! How to Suffer ... in ten easy steps by William Arnst and it's available on Amazon! caveat your own damn self! Bumper musik: "talkin' in your sleep' by the Romantics! After a 0645 reveille, i switched to WMBR If Six was Nine and caught Back in your Life again by Jon Richman ("featuring the recently deceased Asa Brebner"), preceded by a kim Shattuck Muffs POST- humous release! I needed to clear the air! If only it were 1975 at Boston's Other Side again!"......


Wednesday, December 11, 2019

"Til Tuesday 10 Dec 19. after supping at S and S, which was Inn Square Men's Bar, Plan Nine (eric stumpo RIP) and Hopelessly Obscure (Jim Condon RIP) I gazed into Lilypad Inman. Kenny Werner AND his berklee fall ensemble (like when Ken Kaiser played with Doctor Saturn and the men From mars in college),sounding damn good AND! wikipedia: Kenny Werner had played with Archie Shepp! who'd played with John Coltrane and I LOVE the wikipedia section telling whom Kerouac name-checked playing jazz in On the Road (i.e. "we got stoned and listened to a Coltrane album" etc. )....(I even tried this at home! "eight miles high".....)......"In My Room" (yes, I have same Huguenot Mayflower ancestor as the Bleach Boys), Dynamic Superiors album and in future, perhaps, songs on this album sampled in both polish and Finnish hip-hop! WAJR, Morgantown West virginia had on high school football game and 0100 is Coast to Coast AM BUT 0300: UFOs, ETs, and George Adamski. Glenn Steckling continuing on his father's UFO work, HIS books: We Discovered Alien bases on the Moon II and Behind the Flying Saucer mystery II. I'd wager i listened 0300-0400, 0700 reveille and WHRB orgy was Acidic Silk Goat Orgy, music from the goat-ridden, acidic Black Sea. Bulgarian folk music then Georgia 'always always always on my mind"! reminded me of getting stoned with Jim Condon (when alive) listening to Pipes of brian Jones or some such from about Miss lyn's Gregorian chants lp? WKEN now has two listeners! Both feline and this morning Miss Raggs was curled up on my flamboyant top hat as my Dorothy Love-Coates and the Gospel Harmonettes on nashboro were wailin' like Lil Richard! a Skippy White purchase, in a bvox since 2013!! "Kenne, what are cats doin' upstairs with you?" if i could, I'd have them wear berets and lissen to beatnik jazz! "Three Cool Cats" !!!!!".......

Thursday, December 12, 2019

"day of Wodin 11 dec 19. club linehan-ago-go practice on Gizmas songs for Geezer's west Quincy garage party. Drove to Groupie Towers II with John Keegan and the Grateful Dead playing a 20 June 74 atlanta as we discussed the merits of "Bobby" (Weir) singing country music and "Big River" by JR Cash in particular. Rainman sez!: Bowie's Diamond Dogs tour played Rochester NY Monday 17 June and i was more into Bowie than Dead that year (doin' the twirly dance in platforms? I think Knott!). And I guess I gradjiated Brockport NY high monday 24 June 74, meet "Winner by elimination" but more important, hear "Radar Love" on Rochester radio versus two months previous in Brooklyn, hangin' with the Gruberger Brothers. Coast to Coast AM about 0300: The Quantum Akashic Field, which centers on out of body experiences, which is certainly fodder for new songs. Lastly 0600-0800, let me praise
WMBR's Pontoon Palace! Mind blown when Dave Clark Five's "concentration baby" came out! listed as "1967 psychedelic but kinda more like Paul Revere and the Raiders singing "Let Me" "be your best Bette"! I researched and i never owned the Everybody Knows album but i MUST have had the 45; THIS Five were good for "Everybody Knows" (ballad) b/w "Concentration baby" (rocker on b-side). It' s on youtube! But to cap off my morning at 0745 or so, NY Dolls "Dont start me to talkin'" as produced by Shadow Morton, THE man whom produced Vanilla Fudge. great stuff all around but I was busking at Leon Rich / Outpost 186 tonight so tickets for 930 pm for Parasite at Collidge Corner NOT needed...reason: "I'm starring in the last Movie! Dennis Hopper's stoned-out reality show 1971 as seen at SUNY Brockport back in '72; Christine Lavin as an undergrad!".......

Friday, December 13, 2019

day of Thor, 12 dec 19. Captain easychord, my facebook friend of six years! (sounds like a Thursday night at tavern end of world) joined Gee Julie and i at Inn Square Men's Deli and then we went to Leon Rich's busker night (Jan/Feb/March, second Thor's day always and DO go!). Holiday party, let me remember what I heard....Roland Pearsall "Endless Sleep" (covered by R. Gordon/ L. Wray, i think). Sharon Crumrine of Ginger Ibex, on upright piano, played a tango then tried explaining the G / C / D progression to me and said i needed to play it (the tango)...that WOULD be interesting! (I'm lucky I can manage two chords on my Portugese 45s!). Captain easychord did that John Lennon Christmas song chords are D/E/A/D !!! Ken and Captain did "be more flamboyant" / "that's cool" and "reincarnation" (he just learnt chords at supper table! ). A fellow did some Mississippi John Hurt , good fingerpickin' . oh yes! Ethan from Valhalla Kittens did a solo bass thang but when he got up to play "heard it through the grapevine" with Kevin and Sean Deidre: holy shit! and "why dont you do right"; Sean Dedidre sustained a vocal note equal to Ella or Memorex OR the Dells "stay in my corner"! No glasses shattered tho...a quick run to Lily pad for Happy the Clown and it's fuckin' goth night at the jazz club! Should i quote Gee Julie? "it looks like manray"! Schmel Herbie Hind and Sway were in Jetset in '85, but 20 (?) years later took a page out of Jesus and Mary Chain and added a drum machine and mucho feedback. The light show reminded me of Exploding Plastic Inevitable covering metal machine Muzak, a lot of drone here, deep, goth Sway vocals (he turnt me onto Heroes when it was at TT's a decade ago) and in the end, this rivaled early '80s Kill Slug! More gigs for them soon?! i talked to some of the bands and since Anderson Mar be my homegurl (RIP BUT "from Rochester") maybe I'll mix Goth with the rock bands with the buskers!!! "Let us all sing this song all together!" Obviously, I had yet another miserable , "No Fun " knight....."NOT!!!" (that '90s catch phrase was asinine but bring back it, grunge and Beavis and Butthead!!!!)".....

Saturday, December 14, 2019

Friday the 13th December 2019. "Hard Day's Night" "'waitin' for a train" (with Bobby McGee) my Facebook notice comes from Gizmo Eddie Flowers about death of Roy A. Loney, Flaming Groovies singer. summer '74, basment apartment of Beyond Our Control, Bloomington Indiana on Atwater, I think Eddie and i DAILY listened to WIUS copy of Flaming Groovies Flamingo. Later yesterday Gizmo Rich Coffee posted "thanks" to Eddie and i for turning him onto the Groovies and I remember the three of us in Rich's room (still at home) listening to Teenage Head; April '76, Highland, Indiana, i know we'd recorded first Gizmos e.p. Everyone else (Groovies fans) have their tributes on facebook, but from '74 (first hearing Groovies) to now; 45 (RPM?) years of music and rest in peace Roy A. Loney and I'll see you at the clubs next week"......


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