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Monday, Dec. 12, 2022
'Monntag 12 december 2022. i was listening to an '80s radio station in Deutschland whom played Human league and Duran Duran, so, being chairman of the bored, I pulled up Human league videos on youtube. Sheffield, Yorkshire Also BROUGHT us Joe Cocker but watching the vid, I REALLY enjoyed Susan Ann Sulley's lead vocal in "dont you want me baby" plus her dancing too. 27 Nov 81.....what WAS I recording in radiobeat that ended up on Five beers ahead of my tyme/ Columbus weekend '81 I used the Runes as a band in the studio; Shel pierce remembers "you get two takes coz you're the Runes"; not ONE Phil oakey haircut in the whole bunch!".....

Tuesday, Dec. 13, 2022

Sonntag 11 Dec 2022 0900 or so (dry cycle of Don Hendley's "Dirty laundry"). WHRB had a Beck orgy, it was neither blues nor Jeff Beck so I tuned into WJIB 740 AM country oldies, Sunday morn 0800-noon. Lotsa ole classic stuff but what sticks in my mind is the 1958 Sun 45 of JR Cash "ways of a woman in love" which I had on a 1958 album, bought in '69 ON SUN Johnny cash's second album Sings the songs that made him famous. And within 30 years, thanks to a Sator, Sweden, royalty check for "Kiss of a rat' Gizmos I got to TOUR Sun studios! Also was the 1965 JR Cash "orange blossom special", ah wuz pickin and a-grinnin during the dry cycle key of C maybe; never played it before, but I'm like the kid in Deliverance on hillbilly music! "Phone?""......


Wednesday, Dec. 14, 2022
'Sonntag 11 December 2022. Supping at bronwyn I ran into Triple Thick Mitch, who now has Ross Phasor's drummer. he had been in new orleans and showed me pictures of Euclid records (like them on facebook as Euclid Records-NOLA-Home". I DID read how in July Reed Lappin of In your ear had moved to Rhode island to partner with his Rhode island partners (if you take the 60 RIPTA Providence to Newport you'll see it, past ye Allin burying ground). So my POINT of all this, was, Mitch photos, of those recent Gizmos cassettes of 1976 releases/practice etc. all for the price of $9.99! No word on how Nick Cash's cash is going for those whom are "Feelin' allright with the Crew"".........


Thursday, Dec. 15, 2022

"day of Thor ides of December 2022. 0600 with a keurig coffee channel surfin' "TV eye" and chrisley DONT know best on USA; "Fug this" sez Ed sanders and Sy-Fy channel had Knight Rider! four seasons that i didnt own a "TV eye" and "dead boston clubs' were GREAT! debut 26 sept 82; close to when i recorded "creature from the bergen swamp' on Five beers ahead of his tyme at Radiobeat, released on Stanton park. last show 4 april 86; 2 april 86, Miss Lyn as witness, I played "Sonic reducer" with Cheetah Chrome, it's on youtube from Five beers album. GG Allin got my phone number from "Hey Kenne this is GG Allin? are you still having your birthday?". Now, two score years on, David hasselhoff gets ALL the '80s ladies with big hair in bad '80s clothes but THE STAR (like the Lost in space robot) is KITT, "a heavily MODified Pontiac Firebird transAm" (photo) that drives itself and talks! AS Miss Lyn and I told Cheetah Chrome in the '80s when he was working at Huskies: "we're gonna see Back to the Future!" BEST talking car since My mother the cAR!"....


Friday, Dec. 16, 2022

"Freitag 16 dec 2022. Kenne's kalendar real Kwik:
freitag 30 December 2022, Captain easychord plays that hockey rink in Portland Maine (sorry, lost my info).

New year's Eve, three BGN staffers in kenne Highland's Air Force play a New Year's Eve party in a Hopelessly Obscure location.

mad Painter and Johnny and Jumper Cables resume January practices and I will be busier than Fug, performing Golden Filth live".....



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