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Saturday night 12/15: Being 1/4 Canadian I walked a mile in the snow to catch Pitch Black at Mari's Place,Quincy; this was the same length I woulda walked from Ridge Road, Clarkson NY "into town", Brockport NY to the Barge Inn in 1974 and guess what; these guys did THOSE era songs! Pitch Black played the Rat Beach party in Hull,so Facebook, keep in touch; TOTALLY O. Rex/Thundertrain Head's in '73 era NOTE-PERFECT covers of missippi queen/rocknroll hoochie coo/make it/Led Zep II and three sets that i cant remember kinda.

Glenn Lauzon of Severance (who being FROM Canada,said "this snow aint shit,eh?") projected his vocals and EMPHASISED the visuals covering "Tush" (him and Pitch Black do a Van Halen cover band Fair Warning, he being the David Lee Roth).....lotsa good snowy 1974 Brockport NY fun, Sabbath Drums, that was in 2 million BC (Rat era!) was also there; his Deep Purple tribute almost off the ground!

Sunday, 12/16: due to the sunday snow, I only walked three houses to First Spiritualist church of Quincy 4pm winter solstice POTLUCK (I!) fact: Tennie Komar would do saturday gigs and THEN preach Spiritualism on sunday morn and try not to cuss! (Facebook rat beach party post,so tyin' in the Rat with Spiritualism and once I SWEAR Alpo was tryin' to contact me there!)....
tonight: the Midway, Chris Toppin residency!

12/17: Chris Toppin Midway residency not til next year, but she wants me to play,so item was check out Holbrook Gracia at President's Rock Club, Quincy; it was an Irish bar,a country bar (where I sang Johnny Cash with members of Pugsley Munion AND Well Babies), now Colin Campbell (and YES,our Scottish heritage WAS discussed!) books a punk club in Quincy! plays old punk records, has cutting-edge bands, books Unatural Axe with Blowfly and has Gang Green ($12) on new Year's eve. $2 president's ale; as bad as that $1 Rat piss!
I know Holbrook from many Hancock street open mikes; solo I did "twin cities" and "rain of death": "here's a record i put out in '85"...."I was one!" sez my audience! then Holbrook joined me on guitar and we did cry like a baby/it's all over now/gloria and folks was dancin' and I WILL be back there next week!

12/18: snowing like a sumbitch last night, BUT Tuesday has bluegrass night at Cantab and I saw Holly and Barry Tashian there once, he being The Remains; also Peter Mork, Miss Lyn's Mass. Art alumni sez he spins punk records at the Ramrod on Tuesdays! 10 pm, free,alternating djs,Peter was on brandeis WBRS....tonight I could kaoraoke at Mari's Place (quincy biker bar) or go to scottish hootenanny at the Haven, J.P.'s only SCOTTISH bar; a "very fuzzy christmas" coming there soon, looks like members of Fuzzy plus Thalia Zedek and Abbey Lounge type folks gonna be there; why, i think i'll send Miss Lyn an invite!

12/19: Karaoke at Mari's Place.Quincy on wednesday is always fun; I sang James Brown "please please please" and Ray Charles "unchain my heart" to a bunch of ladies that maybe ride motorcycles to the Midway on Thursday plus there was a kinda flamboyant dude dressed in long black coat,red shorts and green sweater that sang "if i only had a brain" from Wizard of Oz....PBR is $3 and after a couple-three, I again got that John Waters vibe of mixing The Other Side ca. 1975 with a 1975 biker bar...and I DO recomend Tra La La (the dj lady kinda looks like Xanna Dont!)

12/20: Thursdays has Hangin' with Holbrook at Paddy Barry's, Hancock street, Quincy AND the Natalie Flanagan residency at Tavern at the End of the World,charlestown. Nat opened with an unplugged (plus Tele, bass and lap steel (?)) coverin' "love in vain" and velvets "what goes on";had to catch Last Train to Quincy, so missed M.O.T.O.,but they play Pete Weiss's holiday party Midway SATURDAY. AND JV McDonough might "use" me on guitar in Magdalenes! (am i up to 13 bands yet?).....

12/21: I had a warm temperature last night,so didnt catch Hippy Hour at Midway and Pete Weiss/M.O.T.O. not lookin' good either BUT wumb PLAYS AWESOME roots rock; Albert O. PLAYED Odetta this morning and the blues show I'm certain to hear Robert Johnson/Hank Wiliams;the good stuff!

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