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Monday, December 16, 2019

ides of December 2019. mad painter practice for Brian Young show WMFO saturday 28 dec 19. Volume turnt down to work on vocals and arrangements. Alex Gitlin (keyboard) plus me (bass) and Gee Julie DID sound like vanilla Fudge, ironically right above where I saw Bogert/Appice 2002 (?). Flynn Young flawless as usual on drums and Schmel Herbie Hind doing Sabbath chords and Deep purple "pictures of home" scales; tune in to brian, this stuff gonna sound good! Coast to coast AM: "Spiritualism/UFO Abduction/Dream meanings'. Interest piqued! And 0700,WHRB, Ahmad jamal orgy; they played a 1958 album still have snap! crackle! pop! of VINYL! musta been a copy I picked up maybe at Stereo jack's

Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Miss Laura - Bats In The Belfry
Monntag 16 dec 19. Sky Saxon wrote "Pushin' too hard' whilst waiting for his gurlfriend to come out of the supermarket. I was at market basket waiting for Gee Julie so I tuned into bats in the belfry WMBR on my i-phone V. fantastic! concert report; the club formerly known as Bunratty's has a Goth night on Mondays! there's one coming soon to Thunder road also; sat 28 dec 19, same night I'm on Brian Young show with mad painter. Afterwards, WAJR, Morgantown west virginny Monday night football and New Orleans beat indianapolis. Suzi Cowsill is a New orleans Saints fan, so the Cowsills beat the Gizmos, but half those dudes could give a scheiss on Indianapois Colts football. Coast to Coast AM, WRKO 680 Am "Joseph gallenberger on psychokinesis and forgiveness" under PSYCHIC ENERGIES. lastly If Six Was Nine, WMBR nuthin' like coffee in the dark watching the sun rise as RL Burnsides sings da blooze. I SHOULD have titled this Radio radio actually; a night of diverse radio!"

Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Til Tuesday 18 Dec 19. Crappy-ass weather night but let me say Machu Picchu in Union Square Somerville serves up a BIG-ass sandwich for $10. Then "slippin and slidin" (Little Richard on Specialty) and I listened to my james brown 45s culminating in "Hot Pants". So fuggin tired on my lil radio didnt tune in WRKO 680 AM for Coast to Coast but had it on TALK 1200! well, I DID awake for "Year in Music: 1970" ("Hey boomer!") James Taylor/Chicago/Simon and Garfunkel, ready to go back to sleep....THEN: "The Doors released MORRISON HOTEL and "roadhouse blues" in mono on the AM, then "Mountain released CLIMBING" "Mississippi Queen" in mono like on Ma's old AM radio in '67 Chevy she got from my grandmother, "panicing in Detroit" coz Dad was dead in 'Nam ("1 plus 1 equals?"- Bob Seger System). Ma's quip about car : "look what I picked up in the riots in Detroit" ok sense of humour in DNA....lastly 0600 - 0700 WMBR French Kisses, heard Serge Gainsborough (born April 2! ) AND Bertrand Laurent who has translated first Gizmos record into "plunge le chat"....that should be helpful on tour in France, non? "

Thursday, December 19, 2019

day of Wodin 19 dec 19. Mad Painter got a gig at Jungle Sunday 8 March 20 and keyboardist Alex Gitlin had some questions for the soundman whom I talked to after work and he remembers the GLiDER gig! Always good to "Get on the Good Foot" in a club. So whilst there caught The Jungle Open mike hosted by Eva davenport. This looked interesting, aspiring rappers mixed with classic rock for a "racially-diverse" (hate these fucken p.c. terms) crowd. In the beginning caught some local hip-hip videos one of which had giant head statue at Museum of African American Art in Roxbury; a bushead bigger'n mine! Followed by a plaid-shirted fellow doing solo electric 12-string (Jim McGuinn? no...); Jesse Fuller's "San francisco Bay Blues"! (my last discussion with Asa Brebner was re: "you're no good" covered by some young kid name Zimmerman). Listen to some James Brown 45s at home ( and why not?!?!) and Coast to Coast AM had "Lori Spagna talked about her self-transformation and the secret powers of animals"! One caller did suggest putting down their critters but final words were to the ilk of "ok, go play with Fluffy/Apple/Odie/Pinkie/Bongo/Buster Brown/Parker" (did i leave out ANY of the Boston groupie Cats? (You left out You You aka Juniper Berry !! - ed)). Lastly a 0500 or so reveille and Pontoon Palace WMBR played Jimi's "lil drummer boy" lots of feedback and whammy bar BUT as the sun rose 0700 drinking coffee from a Sci Fi marathon mug gazing where Snoopy Highland was buried, I heard Bob Seger's "Sock it to me santa"! I had this 45 in '73, reviewed in my teen fanzine Rock On (facebook group: Zine Chatter! eddie Flowers remembers more than I!) and this 45 still 'da fockin' ballz" (Scheml Herbie Hind) because the guitar does james Brown's "papa's got a brand new bag" intro BUT vocals and guitars TOTALLY copy Mitch Ryder and Detroit Wheels, even my facebook friend Jim McCarty (STILL plays Michigan weekly and has "liked" me for sharing his gig postings!), Seger, (?) copping McCarty's guitar style (I just got "Breakout", oldies reissue, from Grooves Somerville, like them on facebook my last paycheck. Good Bob Seger at 0700 coffee and Buffalo Bills embroiders gloves make me go into freezing neo- Brockport NY weather like janis ian! (In Kenglish, that means me "at 17' and dudes....Lou Grammatico copping the Spooky Tooth version of "Society's Child" when he was in Poor Heart before Black Sheep and Foreignor....Black Sheep played my high school about this tyme '73 in this kinda weather! THAT stop a Brockport kid?

Friday, December 20, 2019

friday 20 dec 19. Club Linehan-ago-go practice for west Quincy Geezer's garage Christmas party. MJ Quirk enjoyed some finger-pickin' rockabilly thing i did on "christmas in Jail"; an accident i hope happens on stage again! Ok, l let me run down the 2020 calendar before I forget it and that's TWO Boston groupie News writers in one band, KH and JK (John Keegan!) on saxophone and even a triangle or some damn thing as Lady Caroline sang that Pretenders Christmas song. ok, saturday 4 Jan 20 cantab CLAGG with buncha jerks and stigmatics, psyched! day of WODIN 5 feb 20 live WMFO Mikey Dee/ Joel Simches etc. "lazy Sunday afternoon" 9 feb 20 MJ Quirk birthday party and then my birthday party Cantab day of THOR 2 april 20, CLAGG could be 8 pm or 9 pm. New Math says I been debuting with them "Five Years"; "my brain hurts a lot!".

Saturday, December 21, 2019

Johnny No Graves & Cash Cowboys
"saturnalia Solstice 21 Dec 19. "Takin' care of business"....Andy Excuse told me about this Fightin' Fish gig, so getting off 87 bus ran into Strangeman Johnny Odd and "Miss X" (Heavy Leather Topless lady; forgot her name and ONLY wanted to quote the MC5!). "Miss X" briefly: Her ma followed Private Lightning and her GRANDFATHER in Revere would have SASS play his house parties! Fuck am I old being KENtemporaries of Lightning and Sass...Stompers mentioned too but saturday 12 march 77 Third Rail at Club played with SEA KING, Springsteen scally cap replete on head (draped Snoppy bust!). band one was Johnny No Graves and the Cash Cowboys, female trio dressed in BLACK , singer passing for Robert Smith's sister (of Cure) and ALL Johnny Cassh covers sang supreme! band played good but fuggin' "Big River"...and I thought Big Al Anderson and NRBQ played good! (this was Spit or such about '83, Dave Edmunds show....I'd been bet I couldnt drink for a week and I won, so....Dave Edmunds Heineken! with Asa Brebner and a crazed Kinks groupie!) ("Kenne, was I there???" - Miss Lyn! YES! "got a memory like an elephant!...what's an elephant?"). I was there for Thee Fightin' Fish and Andy Excuse is very funny, banter wise. Matt Robinson solid bassist, Johnny Odd of Strangmen REALLY adds something to the beat (I been watchin' him, wigged or not, since 1995 (?) and with 25 more years playing....damn!). Lastly, my "birthday bro" Bob Roos REALLY channeled Paul Kosoff of Free during the solos, Les Paul and all, a different (my!) era....last but of business was, since Bob Roos and I born 2 april, all the Kenne bands play at 9/10/11 pm and the Roos bands (stigmatics/fightin fish/cazbats) are 930/1030/1130. Dont be a sphincter mouth! Go to the cantab day of THOR 2 Apr 20! My last plug: mad painter on brian Young's show saturady 28 dec 19; this goes to "print" the Sunday before Gizmas. Merry Gizmas to all and to all ein guten nacht..


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