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Monday, December 18, 2017

"let me lead off with NEW MUSIC VENUE QUINCY MASS. maybe they banned dancin' 'round the maypole in Merrymount, but the Granite street cafe looked like a Hibernian Hall for baby boomers saturday 16 dec 17. I'd been asked to play there by the Albanian-born owner; one SupaBowl I watched madonna at halftyme as popous drank raki (albanian schnapps;100 proof, $5 each! i actually bought the quincy townies SHOTS and when do i EVER buy a round for the lads?). there has also been ethnic albanian music nights here too, albanian version of OPA! raki same as ouso, two countries bordering "ees similar' said one waitress the once in roslindale (soc!) So Greedy Geezer took the Granite Rail and moved it to Granite street! (And here's some wikipedia info about the Granite Railway!) REAL close to Brian Young WMFO (my hint being as subtle as a flying mallet). I even caught the 703 pm 215 bus (door to door service!) and caught Paddy O on piano who sings a hell of a "wooly bully". Joey Fingers had a nice quartet, bassist sang JR cash's "get rhythm" recorded on the afternoon of monday 2 apiril 56, sun studios, we all know what holy day that was: SAINT KENNE'S DAY! Paddy O also did some JR Cash. i think Bayou Boy Orchestra came up, a Gizmos-cum-P. Funk lineup only playing Cajun/zydeco! Gee Julie MUST attend! MJ Quirk wants to nab the washboard player for black oak arkansas's "when electricity came to arkansas". Tokyko Tramps awesome as usual, Satoru was doing some Little Feat slide guitar, less of a Robin Trower sound than before; drummer had just gradiated Berklee! Me...I learnt at Beserkley! John Keegan was turnt onto the genius of Doug macDonald, so here's a bit of a rave/history: I saw Tidal Wave 1985, Johnny D's, Allston; Dougie grew up with all the Braintree Mass. natives on Boston not LA (TAKE NOTE MISTER SOUTH SHORE BLOWFISH AND this quincy location!).Doug has an Obnox-level drummer and he does a lot of Bo Diddey on his red Gretsch with a Scotland plate on the case; lyrics flow out of him like "subterranean homesick blues" only club linehan request "tip toe across the avenue" was about getting kicked out of bars in....Southie! (I was whitey Bulging at the Southie table of MJ quirk/Joe Quinn?Kev Linehan and regular customer John DiCicco (hope i spelt that right) who, though from Southie, knows everybody I ever met in the Gallery East/Channel pit at hardcore shows; to which i DID add hardcore drinkin' with every Irish-American born/raised in Boston!). and club linehan-ago-go keep getting tighter year-by-year. i saved a set list, nuff said: sookie sookie/tallahassie lassie/worlds greatst sinner/santa's back (elvis in bflat!)/ramblin' gamblin' man/born to be wild/goin' down. geezer very gung ho about this Brewer's corner restaurant "we found a new home";shit, it was janaury '76 i went to MY marine recruiter so I WANT YOU to play Geezer's garage night. contact "winston smith". especially if you're a WMFO dj! LOVED it! i joined the marines to go exotic places/meet exotic people music for them! (hey! do you want me to be ted Niemiec or TedNugent?)".....

Granite Rail Granite Railway

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Miguel d'amour
"Miguel d'amour played guitar with me on "best bette", hopelessly obscure, throbbing lobster record and 12-inch hopelessly obscure record. His landlord selling his place 31 march, "anyone looking for a roomate???". He gave me permission to give his number to ring up; 617-470-7422. Now I've branched into real estate, Miguel will pay me in "any kind of fish you like' (bacalauu!) (portgei salted cod), my weight versus "catch of the day" (300 pounds of pesce? I'll be barkin' like a damn seal!).....HELP MIGUEL D'AMOUR, dont be a pissant".....

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

"sunday 17 dec 17. groggily after Geezer's garage night, stumbling to flann o'brien's, brigham circle, it's PREMIERE LEAGUE action; NFL later maybe but I love it, yeah, yeah, yeah that Liverpool beat Bournemouth four-nil. Beatle geek fact: the Fab Four coulda gave a shite about footie! But I enjoy the atmosphere and the brogues;so there! four pm or so, Kendall cinema pass from work, I was told catch Three Billboards outside ebbing, missouri. after gigging at Geezer's garage night, quincy, I swear i slept two hours of this two hour ten movie! corrupt rural sheriffs have been happnin' since In the heat of the night but nobody ever painted three billboards calling out the chief of police. I DO admire Fargo lady's Ozark Mountain She-Devilness; she dont take no shit! I did wake up to the ole ultra-violence in a barrooom brawl as Joanie Phanie sang "night they drove ole dixie down"; soundtrack credits, i missed four tops AND Townes van zandt! another credit; Ebbing Missouri dont exist, this film was shot in asheville NC! apple-ach-ia loookin' like the kinda film but watch again when less tired for my movie column will be Sleepin' Through the Movies! (it's more surreal; and nothing to be well-hung about!)"....

Thursday, December 21, 2017

Brat Ablex
"STILL on a kick about Hungarian rock band Bergendy's 1971 album Beat Ablak ($5.88! AND a wikipedia entry in Hungarian!). So side A, track 4 is a cover of "black night" (Blackmore). What blows my mind about this album is western rock goin' 'crost the Iron Curtain. Drumming is exemplary in the Hungarian Bergendy cover; I should also as this is BOSTON Groupie News mention I once saw Girl on Top cover this the Midway, drummer was Ray Boy Fernandes. So let's "dig in the crates" on this NON-LP 45....."Black Night" released 5 June 70; cuzzin Martha Hull was a Chuck Berry toon covered by Ten Years After (is there a prize? SURE! $13 from me at Vinyl Acres (facebook) Frederick Maryland!) This 45 changed lineups, so one singer went TO Captain Beyond, t'other FROM Episode Six (some great 45s from that lot, roit!) the riff alledgedly nicked from ricky nelson's 1962 "summertime" (I still love the guitars on Big Brother version) but any damn fool can tell you it's 'aint got nothin' yet" (and Peppy Castro IS a close, personal facebook friend of mine!). The Fall "took to performing a medley integrating the song into their own comostion "cash n' carry"....will have to bluidy check that out plus 2007 Finnish power metal band Twilight Guardians;Viking rock! But i'm also a sucker for b-sides (check out on wikipedia "speed king" 1970 BELGIUM single picture sleeve!). Ian Gillian whose "space truckin'" vocal DID influence kielbasa ('is da born Govan, Glsagow.....why d'ye t'ink 'e's nsme ian?) also admits "the first that came into my head were chuck berry and Little Richard words, so i just stole them"..;this also true in "Berry Rides again" and of course ANY Kenne Highland toon that Ken Kaiser has been FORTUNATE enuff t play!".........

Friday, December 22, 2017

"I forgot i joined this facebook group but The Bond Among Us: the graham bond organization. When you have a rhythm section like Jack bruce (#1!) and Ginger Baker, pre-Cream....but todays DISCovery is "waltz for a pig'. I went out early '72 buying Who 45s a dime apiece after Meaty Beaty Big and Bouncy came out; they were all flops on amerikan first radio in the '60s! So i DID have the atco version of "substitute".....Live.Journal>classicrockmen> says graham Bond hammond organ, Bruce/Baker rhythm section, Dick Heckstall-Smith on sax....have a gud Gizmas and maybe i will cue up some Coliseum as heard on WCMF rochester NY early 1970 now that it IS winter"...


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