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Monday, Dec. 19, 2022
saturday 17 dec 2022. turned on the old "TV Eye" and had a cup of keurig with 0600 one hour of 1962 season one, drinkin' the Camp lejeune water Beverly Hillbillies! watchin' Jethro try to read...hell i was in first grade then and could read better'n him! Also, drinkin that camp lejeune water a year earlier (Kenne-garten) ole Popeye was Robin Hood and Bluto was a tax collector! I woulda watched me TV even Moore, Jody, but "some people they gotta work".....



Tuesday, Dec. 20, 2022

Kenne at Large
"sonntag 18 december 2022. bob Bittner country oldies on WJIB sbout 1000. The 1964 Johnny Cas "understand your man" was a treat, melody stolen from Zimmernan's "dont think twice it's alright!". even better,tho, next was 1946 Merle Travis "Divorce Me COD" and that DID happen! My last wife had me meet her lawyer in Boston, this,as Craig Bell DID say, recording as Gizmo: 'that's why all my exes live in texas". THUS. NO Divorce party and not ONE note of Kill Slug was played!



Wednesday, Dec. 21, 2022
Kenne At Large
Monntag 19 Dec 2022 0200. Coast to Coast AM wrko 680 AM blew me AWAY! playing the "deep (Bayou Country; had it on 8-track!) album cut" "Penthouse pauper" (covered by Molly Highland in 1980!). Listening to John Cameron Fogerty sing like Howlin' Wolf, then do these piercing BB King-cum-Link Wray licks; he really only used those the first three albums (my favourites). I HAVE heard him as a guest on Coast to Coast; maybe if i play "it came out of the sky" off willie and the Po' Boy sandwiches backwards, it'll say "E home"".......


Thursday, Dec. 22, 2022

"day of Thor 22 Dec 2022. 0600 USA TV has slept to FURTHER dephts than Crisley Knows Best with barmaggedon! (watch it on youtube!) country singer Blake Shelton
has a bar and they play drunk-ass redneck drinkin games (not that I aint but that was a South carolina trailer park in 1980!). One was throwing the axes (we got one in Somerville mass near the Jungle) with the joke being "let's play drunken axe hole!" to blake's wife gWEN STEFANI of No Doubt (lookin' GOOD in Daisy Dukes after three kids!) it's "you married the drunken axe-hole!" ok, after that Genesse Barge Inn brockport NY beer humour, it's Gwen versus Cheryl crow! who wins coz "I have a lot of pent-up aggression". there's an hour of this utter idiocy and THEN, since their music careers must be slidin' down the charts is karaoke with Gwen singing "all i wanna do is have some fun" and cheryl singing a gwen song and THEN Glen Cheryl Blake and other losers all on stage singing Springsteen's "Glory Days"! "I have seen the future of rocknroll and it damn sho AINT Bruce Springsteen!".....


Friday, Dec. 23, 2022

Freitag 23 dec 2022. If it were 1659 Puritan New England Christmas would be BANNED! (YES my ancestors were here and WORE BLACK but DID NOT listen to the Cure).SO the Kenne Kalendar filled up for next week, so.....practice, day of Wodin 28 dec 2022 for New year's eve gig at a private party ("Gimme back my bullets" b/w 'stay off my property" by hixx!) celebrating THREE years of that kitty Hawk flight of Kenne Highland's Air Force. day of THOR 30 dec 2022 Captain Easychord (one squadron of lads in my Air Korps) play at a hockey rink in Portland maine covering "baby it's cold outside"! (lame and obvious but whatever, you the dumbass readin' das scheiss)...Merry Gizmas to all and to all a $2.50 copy of first "I'm in love with Ken Highland" e.p. ordered from Creem december '76. DONT send money to PO Box 635, bloomington Indiana coz,since Lynn Hummingbird Syndicate Shipley asked "where's Bob (Richert,Gulcher) living now", I answered like first james Gang album; "coz Bob's in Hollywood Florida,man!" (AND "not here' check Tommy Chong on Bobby taylor and the vancouvers on GUITAR!)".....(and he quit rock for comedy; why "coz rocknroll's a loser's game": mott the highland!""....


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