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Monday, December 20, 2021

"Sonntag 20 December 21. 3-6 pm. Plough and Stars Mass. Ave."Holiday (such a Holiday!) " show. It was 1985 Johnny's D Allston ("Dead Boston Clubs") reunion for me! "Reagan Years" to the toon of "Golden Years". I'm looking at the pictures I took coz "alta kaka rocka" has "Partymers": I only remember PART of the tyme! ("The Morning After"_ Count V!). I see Justine Covault of Swank/malachite, Tom Baker, jay Allen (that Archcriminal!) and "surprise surprise" (think I saw the fast cover that Stones song at "dead boston club" cantones); dave Harrison! (Voodoo Dolls et al). jamming with him in my Buzz and the gang living room circa 1985 ("Reagan years...bop bop bop") "this song here shows my Elvis Costello influence". captain Easychord agrees! There has "Never been Any reason" for Dave to NOT HEAD EAST (1975 Bloomington Indiana!), a cover of lou's "Sunday Morning" and check All Kindsa Jerks did a splendid cover of "I'm always touched by your presence dear"; plastic Letters, second album; "Death to Disco"! ("soon turnt out to be a pain in the arsch"). Bomp List refugee Andrea Howlett singing the Ravers "punk rock Christmas"! "I want every Red on red record...(something) the boston groupie News!" I shared a 1986 practice space with that Skeletone ("Reagan years..oom bop bop bop")...Justine and Juanita, true Scene Queens singing with Nat Freeberg of the Flies! Then Nat solo, using a Telecaster and aping Jerry reed's "Amos Moses"! Drop the Lord bendover schtick THIS is like when

I'd see Flies/ Turbines gigs at TT the bear's! ("Dead Boston Club' name Sonia's!). The whole Stop callin' Me Frank gang ("Santa; I want every record on Rumbar! " then green on red, best for last: BOSTON GROUPIE NOISE! I mean Newz! "Berkeley Mews"!). AND to add "Compliment to Injury", the next Mess Around is Sunday 16 jan 22, and since I and captain easychord are doing solo sets, THIS MessAround sponsored by Boston Groupie News! (though Blowfish might be aground on the South Shore; "call me Gizmael!" or Russ/Ron Mael! "something for the Gizmo with everything!"; a Sparks 45 bought off of Gregory Prevost, House of Guitars 2 apr 75). This whole afternoon ALMOST as much fun as hearing Real Kids "all kindsa girls' at Bronwyn as I ate my Kraut breakfast! (since my y-DNA is five per cent Ireland, captain and I ate at the Druid; My Children were Fair and wore Flowers in their long, beautiful hair!".....

Tuesday, December 21, 2021

Monntag 20 December 21. One issue of Ugly Things #58 received. DO buy it! Part two Kenne interview with never before seen photos and quotes from Geets romo and Pep lester and EVEN a mention of jim Condon ("He's My Best Mann!") meeting Christa paffgen! a whole page of 45 years of records by me add AND buy Asa Brebner volume two! (Link, wray). ALSO a page of eddie Flowers laying down all those 21st century Gizmos reunions we did! ok, THE COUNT might be "Publicity machine" by my dead wife/cuzzin Linda Highland II DID agree that I was "publicity hound'. and as all them Blodgetts back home say 'and then she died"".....



Wednesday, December 22, 2021

"Dienstag 21 Dec 21. ok, a slow day SO https:// > artist and that artist,again, is PATTY PRAVO! her 1973 album Pazza Idea RCA Italiana PSL 10591 ("draped Snoopy bust") leads off with "I Giardini di Kensington". written by Maria Monti, Paolo Dossena and....Lou reed! go to youtube: and she's doing a 1973 cover of Lou's 8 Nov 72 release of "walk on the wild side" in Italian! starts out with acoustic guitar but when she sings....sorry, Lou (RIP) , this has je'ne'cais'qua! Melodic, operatic vocals,SO dramatic...EQUAL to martha Hull singing the Rokes "let's live for today" and Mersey Mersey Me Slickee Boys! I am SERIOUSLY digging this and so shall you! A GODDESS!!!! and "the blonde menace"! (I follow her on facebook!"......-


Friday, December 24, 2021

Gizmas Eve 24 Dec 21. Ides of Wodin 22 Dec (day after Solstice!) LOTS of KH Air Force news. a good practice INCLUDING for Mess around 16 Jan 22 John Lee Hooker version of Stooges "down on the street"; a NEW original! "God don't want me in hebbin (an' de debbil don' want me in hell!)": imagine Canned Highland doing cream's version of "Crossroads"! AND a gospel inspired Son House "John the Revelator'. Got the Asa volume two version; NO bum cuts, buy it, contact Larry newman for press and radio copies. Boxing Day at Newburyport Brewing Company was 3-6 pm but of the gigs coming up of the kenne Krewe; captain Easychord at the Jungle, brunch 1100-2 pm sunday 2 jan 21! See you there and...

Saturday, December 25, 2021

Merry Gizmas to all!"....


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