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Monday, December 21, 2020

Saturday 19 Dec 20. Mad Painter practices for Lowell Street studio Sunday 28 Dec 20. Ken Kramer kicks out James with I-phone V, tho after "insult to injury' it was "I and I phone five"! Comments: Al Hendry drums after I rhymed Charlie Don't Surf with the Smurfs; "I drummed with them!' (Surf, not Smurf). Schmel Herbie Hind guitar: 'thank you for mentioning Happy the Clown" (put into da reggae version of Sonics "psycho" mun!). Alex Gitlin, keyboards: "Is that Zappa? oh, it's kenne"....I also had Alex "tricked again" on Gee Julie's vocal on "Billy Ruane": "this is an unreleased Shocking Blue song!" Alex: "no Kenne who is it really?" Me: "she's standin' reet next t' yeh" (my grandfather's Ulster accent like Sir Van Morrison). Lotsa fun, laffs and "watchin' the cartoon channel wid da Smurfs!"; Nobel Prize winning lyrics!"......

Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Monday Monday, 21 Dec 20. wuz reading my WHRB programme guide and noted from 830 pm to 0230 was a Little Richard orgy! b-sides etc. AND people affiliated/influenced by him..."rocket 88'...esquerita etc. Using the MC I and I phone V, and WHRB website and "track blaster" (LISTS ALL THE SONGS!!!) this was basically Jazz Spectrum but not 0500- one pm. Music to Sleep By until Coast to Coast AM 0100-0500 WRKO 740 AM....."radio on!"...."radio on"...(only I only travel in my dreams)"

Wednesday, December 23, 2020
"Til Tuesday 22 dec 20.Greg Jamiol (Visigoths) messages me and at 621 pm WZBC played "can I please crawl down your chimney" off Gulcher Christmas cd. Awesome thanks! and Whatwave Dave, whatwave radio (like 'em on facebook!) London Ontaro Canada played some Kenne the other night from that Gulcher Christmas cd I forgot I did. "Flamboyant" lineup, "can I please slide down your chimney" perhaps, recorded by IZZY MAXWELL (I. Max?) We appreciate all airplay of course and London Ontario is seven miles from where Dad's grandparents got married, lotsa descendants of Loyalists ("God save the King..I mean it man!" buried there and I saw the 1912 marriage certificate; Dad's grandfather even had a Sprague American uncle! I was at the graveyard South Lyon Michigan last year,,,as far as the Crow Follows!"..


Thursday, December 24, 2020

"Still I'm Sad" day of Wodin 23 Dec 20. I got out of work 1800, waitin' for that fucken shuttle bus to Lechmere coz the suck-ass MTA still working on Science Park, when, what, on my facebook screen should appear, but All Things Must Pass (classic rock group) about passing of Leslie West of Mountain. I've been a fan for two score and ten since hearing "Missippi Queen" on ma's car radio in a 1967 Ford "I picked up in the riots' ("Panic in Detroit"!) in a driveway on lake Road, Clarkson (Blodgetts been on that road since 1816!). I am facebook friends with both Leslie's brother Larry (Vagrants bassist) and Leslie's now widow, so I sent my sympathies. Lotsa memories from Peter Frampton and vanilla Fudge etc. Rest in Peace Leslie; now you get to jam with Jay Gruberger!".....

Friday, December 25, 2020

Merry GIZmas!!!

Saturday, December 26, 2020

Gizmas Day. Sinter Klaus left me Boston Rock and Roll Anthology #21 (I was on #20) with track 12 being Mad Painter's "The Letter". SO glad this happened! There's a lot of music for Kenneth E Heinlein to "grok" but next year will do in-depth review. day after Boxing Day: mad painter in studio (Lowell Street) and January shaping up better than next year: Lowell Street in January with mad painter, my demos AND producing the Stigmatics! New year's Eve wont QUITE be Lou Year's Eve like it was at cantab and glad I DID see all those ole "altakaka rockers" bringing in 2020. No gigs but still then; make a Sgt pepper!"


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