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The Konks Final Show at Great Scott's January 29, 2011

The Konks, Triple Thick, Tunnel of Love and The Tampoffs

Konks1web.jpg 118.08 K

    I almost didn't make it to the Konks last show at Great Scott's...I couldn't get the ticket site to work for me. But pal Michele Meadows was kind enough to maneuver the site for me, good thing coz it was sold out even before the show even started.
    And no wonder...everyone came out not only to bid a find farewell to old pals The Konks but this was an amazing line-up for a show....Konks, Tamp Offs, Tunnel of Love and Triple Thick!! Perfect!

    The place was packed right from the get go...9:30...everyone got there early. Triple Thick went on first. This was Jim Seery's debut as the guitar star for the band and he did a good job too....I love Triple Thick and stage presence, no pretense whatsoever. Their music is basic and fun and for added enjoyment they've become more sophisticated over the years. But they always make me feel good. Henry was up there going nuts as usual....he's such a dedicated guy. Someone please video him!

tunnelBUMweb.jpg - 153.54 K     Five minutes after Triple Thick got off stage I see Eric Law and others getting up onto the stage and I hear "Ladies and Gentlemen we are the Konks and this is our last show." , followed by some, wailing guitar. Wait, everyone BUT a band is up on the stage...oh yeah, must be Tunnel of Love!!! I jump up on the stage and stand between Eric and Kurt to watch this crazed threesome. This is my first time seeing them and they are resplendent in their black and white striped tights and their...well their tights...that's all they wear...oh there's a cape here and a pair of black bikini underwear there but that's pretty much it folks. Much in the vein of the Konks drumming style they have a super HOT drummer...whew!!! Does he ever pound on those two drums! It's excellent. The other two guys take turns playing guitar and singing. Super high energy. Screaming and rocking and wailing, they are great to watch and the music is infectious!!!

    Tunnel of Love is a tough act to one but Tampoffs would give less of a shit about that...they were up next. The drummer was obnoxious as ever...claiming he'd never seen most of the people at this show ever at any other show. Well excuse the f*&k outta me but people were coming to say good bye to an awesome much-loved band....they may not be out all the time but they were genuine in being there. Their first three songs sounded exactly alike and I found their bass player very annoying to watch so I went to the back of the room to socialize. They sounded mush better from there. Very solid punk straight ahead stuff. They did an excellent set.

    I was lucky enough, fast enough and pushy enough to secure a good spot in front to watch The Konks. They did their usual banging and screaming and guitar wailing. I am going to miss them. Kurt Konk told me he was not planning to be in another band again, this is IT for him. He wants to spend his time working on his writing and painting, so hey that's cool. I can totally understand that. He's been in bands for years!!! I'm sure we'll be Bob and Jon in bands down the road though but how can anything compare to this band and it's awesome mix of influences and that milk crate snare drum set up?

EricKonksBanner.jpg 115.53 K
The Konks banner.     Photo: Eric Law
KOnks2web.jpg 109.77 K
The Konks.    Photo by Miss Lyn
KonksBassweb.jpg 102.92 K
Jon - Konks.     Photo by Miss Lyn
Kurt 1web.jpg 112.65 K
The Konks.     Photo by Miss Lyn
KurtandBASSweb.jpg 131.61 K
Kurt and Jon - Konks.    Photo by Miss Lyn
KurtandGuitweb.jpg 102.59 K
The Konks.     Photo by Miss Lyn
EricBOb.jpg 86.69 K
Bob of the Konks.     Photo: Eric Law
EricJonBOB.jpg 82.88 K
Jon and Bob.     Photo: Eric Law
EricJonKurt.jpg 104.25 K
Jon and Kurt.     Photo: Eric Law
EricSetList.jpg 69.08 K
Konks set list.     Photo: Eric Law
TThick3web.jpg 122.59 K
Triple Thick.     Photo by Miss Lyn
JimSeeryweb.jpg 103.19 K
Triple Thick.     Photo by Miss Lyn
Tampoffs.jpg 124.27 K
Tampoffs.     Photo by Miss Lyn
TThick.jpg 158.56 K
Triple Thick.     Photo by Miss Lyn
EricHenryTrance.jpg 79.96 K
Henry in a trance.     Photo: Eric Law
EricMitchTripleThick.jpg 84.38 K
Mitch of Triple Thick     Photo: Eric Law
EricThick Eric MitchJim.jpg 106.88 K
Mitch and Jim.    Photo: Eric Law
EricThickSewtlist.jpg - 82.07 K
Triple Thick set list.    Photo: Eric Law
EricTampoffsdrummer.jpg - 93.83 K
Tampoffs' drummer.    Photo: Eric Law
Tunnel 1web.jpg 153.18 K
Tunnel of Love.     Photo by Miss Lyn
Tunnel2web.jpg 124.68 K
Tunnel of Love.    Photo by Miss Lyn
tunnel3web.jpg 129.29 K
Tunnel of Love.     Photo by Miss Lyn
Tunnelcapeweb.jpg 166.37 K
Tunnel of Love.     Photo by Miss Lyn
Tunnel of LOVE
Tunnel of Love.     Photo: Eric Law
EricTunnelAudience.jpg 115.57 K
Tunnel and audience.     Photo: Eric Law
EricTunnelband.jpg 120.48 K
Tunnel and audience.     Photo: Eric Law
EricTunnelBUM.jpg 127.98 K
Ass.    Photo: Eric Law
EricTheEnd.jpg 120.37 K
THE END    Photo: Eric Law

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