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January 5, 2009

    Startin' out with gigs coz I've been incredinbly boring lately...I'm still adjusting to the close of the Abbey
(and did you see our photos of that show? No? Click here
    I walk by all the time and they just recently pulled the metal screen down over the Abbey front door, sad!!
This weekend, Saturday the 10th at The Cantab down in Central Square is Reddy Teddy at 9PM and Third Rail at 10PM..(ha ha, good for us old folk, we can go home and get to bed early!!)

    Friday 1/16 Magic Christian, which is members of Blondie and Flaming Groovies, along with The Prime Movers, Muck & The Mires and Watts...

    TT The Bear's Place Friday January 23rd is The Have Nots, The Allstonians and The New Alibis (any aspiring drummers out there, go see Jesse Meyer in the New Alibis!!)
Saturday Jan 24th is WOW!!! The Neighborhoods and Mission of Burma in one gig!
    Lots of people are gonna be losing it over this show! It's a benefit for Arts at The Armory too so that cool also....its at The Somerville Theater coz well, the ME couldn't hold all the insane and rabid fans that'll be out for this show!...
    Alternately, Here's one for the guys: Saturday Jan 24th BLOWW (Boston League of Women Wrestlers) and Vagiant...and Psycho.

    Saturday January 31st is of course the return of Kenne Highland with Highland/Moore at the Cantab. This is Kenne with Jody Urbati doing all the songs from the band Kins Theys Ashamed Of without the rest of us that were in the band (I played spoons!!)
there is a video on You Tube of these two playing down in Virginia on a radio station, here's "Ken HAWG" as Giroux used to call him, along with Jody
doing Pressure Gauge
and Scorpio Queen.....
and to check out what Kenne used to look like, if you didn't see it when it was first posted check out News Archive, Sept 22, 2008
    All I can say is I hope they do "Poor White Trash" of my faves, along with "If Drinkin' Don't Kill Me"
So could it be that Kenne is trying to make his way BACK to the scene again??? He's been spotted out at shows lately and is, in fact, going to the Reddy Teddy Third Rail Show this coming weekend at The Cantab, hmmm, only time will tell I guess
    Also on Jan 31st is the Reddy Teddy CD Release Party At The Middle East down with Willie Loco and the Boom Booms and Robin Lane & The Chartbusters and those fab goils: Corolla DeVille....
And hey comin' up in February John Sox from the FUs is playing in a band; Payload! and they're at O'Brien's Feb 7th!!...I ran into John this summer and I swear he looked exactly the same but with grey hair!!...
And for yur viewing pleasure we got some new viddy posts from Jan Crocker on KINODV...
    Jan says: "First new live video for 2009 is Mission of Burma from the Underground Show in 1980. "Devotion" this has been re-cut for the Matador Records release of The Definitive Editions. The 1980 show also featured The Cure that night. The Cure were obviously impressed with Burma as Robert Smith (Bobby I love you- ed.) dedicated one of their songs to them Watch "Devotion" here
    Hailing and wailing from NYC is James Chance and The Contortions. This clip comes from a show at Max's Kansas City filmed in 1979. Chance is at his snotty best here with his performance of "I Can't Stand Myself". Richie Parsons from the Unnatural Axe couldn't stand James either. He punched his lights out at a loft party on Thayer St. in the early 80's. When it came to James Chance you either liked him or hated him. There was no in between: James Chance can't stand himself!
    Thanks Jan, always AWESOME Stuff!!
    Also for some interesting live videos check out the videos Marissa Accosta posts from the Bandwidth TV cable show....lots of entertainment here
...Bandwidth TV....
The current show is Bill T Miller and Orgy of Noise (click there for the video)
    Man, I love this video!! It's supposed to be all dirge music/goth/wall of noise and then Ah! there he is, I espy Ed Moose Savage and his little ole kazoo!! The, yup, there's a close up and OH!! all I can hear after that is the kazoo and Ed tooting away...quite an entertaining juxtaposition I must say!!

    Be sure to scroill down for the newest editions to the site: Rick Corraccio's "DMZ Upheaval" and the story and pics from the Abbey Close and other stuff too!..... OK, that's it for this week and talk to ya later...
...don't forget to email me either!! Miss Lyn!


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