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January 12, 2015


   After a lack of gigs because of the holidays this last week saw the clubs busy again. The extreme cold slowed us down a bit but we had to come out of the cave for the first show at the Greek American Club in Union Sq.
   People were wanting a replacement for the much missed Radio, The Greek American Social Club is right down the street from Radio. Walking toward it I heard it before I saw it. It's funny, when you walk in you are right onstage with the band just like it was at Radio. The club is small and clean.

JacK Widow

   The Jack Widows were what I was hearing when I walked up to the club. They had a brutal driving song called The Grind that they should record soon. They are hard rock and metal. I welcomed the dose of loudness after a week without. They just formed in 2014 but all the members have been in bands for years.

Black Cheers

   Next up is Black Cheers who we've seen and liked. Dan O'Halloran sings upfront and Chris from Duck and Cover is on guitar. This was the punk I really wanted; Dan rasping out the vocals and three guitars to take care of business. The bass player was giving strong backup vocals that perked up a few songs. Another funny thing: The drums were moving forward so this older guy there put a crate of water bottles in front, when it still moved he sat on the bottles for a few songs. How's that for audience participation?
   I look around and counted about 35 people. That is pretty good for the minimal outreach for the gig. It was a nice feeling show and place; we have to hope it keeps going.

The Forz

   I then club jumped to the Cantab to see The Forz. I had heard them on Crash Course for the Ravers a while back. They come from the South Shore and play English Invasion style rock. They dress a little in the 60's fashion (boots, pegged pants) but don't make it a big thing. There second song was Psychotic Reaction by Count Five. I'm always amazed that more people haven't covered this song through the years. I was glad to see it done at last. They did a good job on it, adding a harmonica for just this song. The main attraction is their own material written like a Cavern era group. A few songs absolutely capture it. One song is a minor seventh chord being pushed around in an unusual way. In one way it shouldn't work but it does and it sounds like some early Zombies song. It's not all 100% there but this is a young group and if they keep going it could be one cool thing. There's no power like Muck and the Mires but Forz keeps the fun in the mix. The drummer is so 60's sounding it makes you realize how drumming stylyes have changed. He's heavy on the rolls and accents. The only other person doing this is Linda from Muck. The Forz have done so much right I hope they continue because they will get better with experience.


   We love the early gigs and TT's had a 6 pm show with Randy Black and the Heathcroppers. My ears and mind were still frozen when I walked in on Embrionic but their last song got my attention with Siobhan Mcauley's mighty voice. This night they had Danny Lee as a special guest on drums which made it all the better.


   It's no secret we love Randy Black the Heathcroppers. (We've raved about them before) They are subtle, sophisticated and they satisfy the mind as well as the ears. On this cold night they are like a warm fire for the soul. There seem to be new songs in the set and they switch around the old ones just to keep things fresh. I don't think in rock you can see communication between players better than in these three musicians. On the softer numbers I could see Larry on drums scrapping the symbol for an effect. Randy puts his guitar down and lets the drums and bass do the work during an amazing and soulful cover of Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood. I would love to see Matt's bass work on that transcribed in Bass Player Magazine. He was playing a series of triads and pedals, and then sliding notes while holding another one at the same time. All the while he used open strings to keep a fuller and even sound. It was a bass showcase.
   They ended with our fave - Sadness Comes in Waves. That song just gets to us. Randy shouted from the stage that every time they do "waves" they get a ton of shit from everyone. But they did it anyway and got a very loud round of astonished applause, it's really an amazing song.

   Next up was Litehouse with the legendary Matt Burns. Matt's played with a lot of people through the years as a full band member and as an oft used fill in but I don't think he's ever played better than with Litehouse. They don't take any time getting up to speed and exuding the up tempo energy and positive spirit which is their thing. Clara Wellons stakes out center stage and not only sings with a world class voice but also dances and jumps around like an embodiment of the music's liveliness. The second song is using the word 'flowing' in the lyrics and Clara's singing style and movements also seem to flow. That was a nice trick.


   Their originals are all upbeat and straight ahead rockers. The guitarist George Perkins seems to spend an inordinate amount of time on the ground and the others crouch down with him too - just an odd thing. He was out of tune for a while. People, use those tuners!! I was surprised to see Tony Kaczynski in the club (even though he sits in with Litehouse. ) because I knew he had gig next door at the Middle East Up but he came before his show and sat in on a few numbers. One was The Buzzcocks Ever Fallen in Love and that was an undeniable blast of fun. This was a nice three band line up for an early gig. There were only about 30 people there at the most.

   This week for some excellent shows ......

Tuttle    January 12 (Monday) Punk Rock Burlesque at The Midway!!! and on this very night it's their Second Anniversary so there's a special party goin' on!!

   January 14 (Wednesday) Black Helicopter, Bedtime Magic and Fire for Cavemen are at Great Scotts.

   January 15 (Thursday) Powerslut, Fur Purse, Hammer and Snake and Axemunkee at O'Brien's

   January 15 (Thursday) Kyle Neeson's Moving to California Rager! Kyle Neeson is the lead singer of Cocked and Loaded, now he's moving to California. Here's the bill: Quiggs (at 9PM) I Am Become Death (9:45) and Phantom Glue (10:30) (others TBA) Starting the night off and spinning between sets will be DJ Mark Francis of WMBR Late Risers Club

   January 16 (Friday) The Memphis Rockabilly Band is at Johnny D's in Davis Square. (This is an early show!! Doors at 5:30 show is at 7:30. It's pre-Bim Skala Bim ) Hey Carl Perkins called them “the best rockabilly band I have ever seen.”!!! And they include Billy Coover on lead guitar, sax and vocals, Roy Sludge on lead vocals, guitar, and keys, PJ Justice on upright bass and vocals and Judd Williams on drums. Not to be missed!!

   January 17 (Saturday) The Punk Rock Flea Market is at it again!! This time is at Bridge Nine Records in Peabody! This one is gonna be a big 'un. Lots and lots of cool stuff! It's going on from 10Am to 6PM...

Gig    January 17 (Saturday) Watts are having a CD Release party at The Midway also on the bill are Gymnasium, Love Love and Kris Rigers & The Dirty Gems

   January 17 (Saturday) Sidewalk Driver headlines at the Sinclair (its their record release show) - also on the bill are The Organ Beats, Worshipper and Leo Leo

   January 17 (Saturday) Up in Portland, ME the Bayside Bowl has a very interesting show and FREE: The Flipsides, Litehouse and Britta Pejic et sa Band de Cons.

   And coming up beyond this week there's....

   January 22 (Thursday) at TT's there's Creaturos, Weyes Blood, Doug Tuttle and Nightime Sunshine

CLARA   January 23 (Friday) a very Punk show at Club Bohemia at The Cantab with The F.U.'s, Urban Waste, Notox and Middle Son.

   January 24 (Saturday) A great punk hardcore oi matinee show (4-8PM) at The Midway with Rat Trap, Blastmat, Barfight Champs, Pus and Aftermath. this is an all ages show.

   January 25 (Sunday) - Fireking doing their residency at The Midway. This night they have The Wrong Chaneys on the bill with them.

   January 29th (Thursday) We has a lot of fun at The Late Risers Summer Party playing trivia a year and a half ago. They are going to do it again at The Independent . The BGN team got trampled last time and we're looking to save face this time.

   January 30 (Friday) - Here's another Endation gig!! We are blown away by them every time we see them. So, at O'Brien's we have Bent Knee, Something Like A Monument, Left Hand Does and Endation - don't miss these guys they are amazing!

    January 30 (Friday) Kingsley Flood headlines at The Sinclair along with The Grownup Noise and The Lawsuits

   January 31 (Saturday) there's a killer ALL DAY show at The Midway...Mark Lind presents Boston's Burning 2. So Show One- 4PM All Ages features: The Welch Boys, Hudson Falcons, Burning Streets, Diablogato and Live Nude Girls playing between sets. Show Two - 9PM 21+ features: Stray Bullets, Hudson Falcons, OC45, New Red Scare and Art Thieves. It's $16 for an all day pass or $10 for a single show.

LRC    January 31 (Saturday) at Sally O'Brien's conveniently located in fabulous Union Sq Somerville turns into Sally's A Go Go - Muck and the Mires, Tsunami of Sound and The Shambolics. Fun fun!

   January 31 (Saturday) Adja The Turkish Queen is doing a record release show at The Plough and Stars. This will be a great intimate place to see Adja perform!!

   January 31 (Saturday) down in Providence at Dusk are Paraplegics, NoTox, Monsignor Meth, Deathstate & Creeps
and its only $5!!Here's the FB page

February 1 (Sunday) Starts the Swindlers' residency at the Midway and on this day they have Charlie Dont Surf.

   February 2, (Monday) Tigerman Woah!, Cactus Attack and the Radiator Rattlers are at Opus Underground in Salem, MA

   February 6 (Friday) There's a Winter Rock Extravaganza at the Greek American Social Club in Union Square with The Eric Barao Band,

   Claws that Catch, Right on Red and Soft Pyramids

   February 7 (Saturday)- The Middle East has The Drax (Goddamn Draculas) Record Release Show along with Aquanutz, Township, Planetoid, and Party Bois

   February 7 (Saturday) - The Midway has Bella's Bartok, The Sprained Ankles, The Pity Whores, Trashawk and Whoopi Sticks

Greek fan    February 13 (Friday)- Nice Friday the thirteenth show!!: The Cretins, Duck and Cover, Scrapes, and The Quins are at The Middle East Up this is a LeaguePodcast show

    February 13 (Friday)- Tim Catz’ 50th Birthday Party featuring White Dynomite, The Humanoids, Muck And The Mires, Worshipper and DJ sets by Joanie Lindstrom at Great Scott's

   February 16 (Monday)- Thee Icepicks (from Portland, ME), The Egos, The Boglins, & Tsunami Of Sound! are at Opus Underground in Salem, MA

   February 20 (Friday) It's the Second Annual Lux Lives celebration of all thing Lux Interior and the Cramps!! at The Midway, who better to play this night than The Evil Streaks, Thee Icepicks and The Skeleton Beats...along with Kogar the Swinging Ape.

   February 21 (Saturay) Midway Matinee with Urban Waste, Progree, Sick Joke, Honest John and Incidious - this is an All Ages show doors arte at 4PM.

Forz    February 23 (Monday) -The Ungraded, Quiggs, Duck & Cover and The Runouts are at Opus Underground in Salem, MA

   February 28 (Saturday) One can never get enough Roy Sludge and he's at Johnny D's in Davis Square.

   March 6 (Friday) Opus Underground and It's Gonna Get Weird continue to produce great shows up in Salem. Tonight is no exception: Whiskey Kill, Diablogato and The Red Pennys...a very good bill!!

   March 7 (Saturday) and talk about good bills - this one is EXCELLENT! Sean Coleman comes back to Boston with his band the Quazars along with Little Lesley and The Bloodshots and The Red Pennys

   March 8 (Sunday) Mark your calendars! Gail Corcoran is putting on an all ages show at the Midway Cafe featuring... The Sheckies, The FUs, Jimmy Jacked, and Jagger Holly (members of the Hollywood Blondes and The Johnie 3!) And she's having a bake sale too!

   March 28 (Saturday) - Township is at the Midway.

   May 22 (Friday)- You have been warned - Book the flight now: Sleep Chamber!! Doing their only show in 34 years in Tel Aviv, Israel at UTC+02. Not only is this their first show in 34 years - its their LAST SHOW ever.

   July 18 (Saturday) Mission of Burma opens for The Foo Fighters and the Mighty Mighty Bosstones at Fenway Park

   and of course The New England Shake-Up! September 25,26,27 2015! Keep yourself updated at their FB page

   CONTACT US AT......misslynbgn @ yahoo.con Send us your gig listings, your news and anything else ya got!!

Jack Widows
Heath three


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