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January 16, 2012

DB5ONE.jpg - 230.64 K

    We finally made it to Radio (Luv it!!) in Union Square Somerville for the Downbeat 5 show this past Saturday. I really like Radio!'s a comfortable space, with an open area in front of the stage (my only complaint is the stage should be higher!) and a couple raised seating areas to the side and the bar in the back. When you enter the club you're almost on the stage itself - be prepared for that. The drink prices are very reasonable which is awesome and the cover is also low - $5.00 - excellent!
    And at the back of the club are stairs to the bathrooms and the sports bar/rec room. Really, it looks like a paneled basement in a suburban home...with its own bar and a couple TVs for watchin' the games. They even have bowls of Chexmix down there! The place is really cool!! We got there at the end of the Invisible Rays set and just in time for The Downbeat 5 who I must add were on FIRE this night!!! WOW!! Their drummer Eric has returned after a 4 year hiatus and I swear they have never sounded better! They played some of the old favorites and some we didn't recognigze and they threw in a nice version of the Velvet's Foggy Notion.

DB5TWO.jpg - 199.75 K

    Where the DB5 take the music seriously, Darling Pet Munkee don't take it seriously at all.
    It was a CD release party for Darling Pet Munkee lead by the guy who was in Do Not Forsake Me Oh My Darling that looks like the picture on the side of the WB Mason trucks. They had a series of vignettes along with the songs. Most of those vignettes included half naked women. It made for a memorable set. Musically they started shaky but built up a good head of steam by the end with an impressive show of controlled feedback from Capozzi who deserves her reputation. The drummer seemed inadequate when compared to the stunning show put on by Eric in the DB5. A version of the NY Doll's Trash didn't make it but their own X-Ray Specs had the low budget fun that they shoot for. The CD successfully captures the kitschy comic book aspects of their music that was on display this night.

DBdarlpetmonkey1.jpg - 55.83 K

    Two bands doing vastly different things made for an entertaining winter night. And we hope to get to Radio a lot more in the future (if we find parking)!

    This weekend..Its here: Two nights of Mission of Burma.... at The Brighton Music Hall Friday the 20th with Viva Viva and Saturday the 21st with Sheperdess ....

    Out in Worcester Classic Ruins and Lyres at Ralph's on the 21st

    Here in town we got a night of reunions at Radio with Secret Hearts and Spitz !! On Wednesday the 25th The Midway is having a live web cast of the show with Triple Thick. Just go to their website and's that for easy???

   Here's an excellent show at Cantab Club Bohemia Saturday 1/28 w/Cadillac Heart & Reddy Teddy & Hixx

DBinvisiblerays2.jpg - 116.27 K

    Just down the street, on the 28th The Darlings are at The Plough...

    And it's a busy night on the 28th because there's also a great show at The Midway - WMFO's DJ Easy Ed Presents Rockabilly and Rock and Roll with Johnny Carlevale's Juke Joint Rhythm Rockers, The Fathoms and coming back to Boston (from NYC) Sean Coleman (ex of the Swinedells, Bourbonaires ) And if you get there early you can get free 50's dance lessons with Miss Beck!! Sounds like a great night!!

   Feb 2nd The Queers are at The Middle East (up)!!; an all ages show in the afternoon and a 18+ show at night...also on the bill: Far From Finished and The Ataris

   And in March (the 10th) there's a killer show at Church with Lyres, Nervous Eaters, Satin Kittens and The Port Charles Quintet (one more chance to see Dennis McCarthy play before the Pittsburg parting of the ways) - whew!!

    HEY!! Email us with your latest news, I'm feelin' lonely here!!


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