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February 6, 2012

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    Wednesday at Great Scotts had plenty of people, or students to be exact. They are hanging out and drinking. Scotts got a good thing going if they can fill up a Wednesday night mid winter.
    The Shills are a strange sort. They play wonderfully and their vocals with harmonies are spot on pitch. The set is very tight and the songs are detailed and get intense and emotional. Yet, I have to complain. It didn't move me. They are hard to peg as far as a genre goes. They list The Smiths, Bowie, Springsteen, The Libertines, Queen, Pulp, and The Clash as influences but I didn't hear any of that myself. The crowd liked them a lot. I'll leave it at that.

Miss Lyn...
    We heard from Artie Freedman who tells us: "I have recently donated the audio and video recordings of Boston area bands that I taped and filmed from the late 1970s through the present to the Eda Kuhn Loeb Music Library and Harvard Film Archives." Yes that is great news!!...there needs to be a place to house all the memories from tyhis incredible time in Boston rock'n'roll!!

    Here's some stuff that's happenin' out there:....Sunday Feb 12nd The Queers are at The Middle East (up)!!; an all ages show in the afternoon and a 18+ show at night...also on the bill: Far From Finished and The Ataris

    Friday Feb 17th James Straight & The Wide Stance are at The Cantab....

    Here's a really awesome show (2 great nights actually) at Great Scott in Allston on Saturday & Sunday Feb 18 & 19 : it's a CD Release party for The Ducky Boys' new disc "Chasing The Ghost" , with The Hudson Falcons, Energy and Tijuana Sweetheart on Saturday and The Pinerton Thugs, Refuse Resist and Lushlife on Sunday.... Roy Sludge Trio are at The Plough on Friday Feb 28th - that would be a great venue to catch this band!

    Tony Savarino is celebrating his new CD with his Stratospherical Album Premiere and Release Show on Saturday, March 3 at The Magic Room

    And March 10th there's a killer show at Church with Lyres, Nervous Eaters, Satin Kittens and Port Charles Quintet with Boston's best drummer Dennis McCarthy coming up fropm Pittsburgh for theshow!!- whew!!

    HEY!! Email us with your latest news, I'm feelin' lonely here!!


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